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parity11hi everyone11:16
parity11is there any official/unofficial CI for crux?11:16
frinnstsorry my acronym quota got filled in 201111:24
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pedja'continuous integration'?11:31
pedjayou know, when we switch to Gitlab and get the official Slack channel instead of this archaic IRC :)11:33
ryuocontinuous itching.11:34
pedjayou should see a doctor about that, ryuo11:35
ryuopedja: i doubt they can do anything. it's brought on by CI.11:37
pedjaIRC is 30 years old, and as we know, any tech older than last week is horribly broken and not modern11:38
pedjaHN thread on it is an interesting read. 'doesn't support emojis'. that's a fucking *feature*, not a bug, imho11:40
ryuoBy that logic, millenials aren't modern either.11:40
ryuoMaybe they should be the ones replaced. :P11:41
ryuoI know, these robots that were manufactured less than a week ago.11:41
ryuoThey're so recent and modern.11:41
pedjait's a little schizophrenic. they despise 'old' software, yet embrace vinyl and reel-to-reel tape11:44
pedjathis looks like a cool weekend project
john_cephalopodapedja: IRC doesn't support emojis?11:55
john_cephalopodaIf they are using a font that only supports ASCII, then that's not an issue of IRC :þ11:56
john_cephalopodaI feel quite the contrary. All recent technologies end up broken (like the CPUs with their Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, ...) while old stuff just keeps working for literal centuries, without issues.11:58
john_cephalopodaLook at the Zilog Z80 CPU. Introduced in 1976. Used until today, in the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (released in 2015).12:00
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frinnstpedja: that looks like my setup12:20
parity11yes, I mean Continuous Integration :) just to rebuild crux iso image on every commit done to ports, core, tools, ...12:27
parity11I'm asking because I'm new in crux, I thought it would be good to see how the whole system is working by tracing some CI system12:30
john_cephalopodaCI would take ages to build packages like chromium :þ12:53
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pedjajohn_cephalopoda, not the ones they made that shitty movie about, afaik13:09
john_cephalopodapedja: Hm?13:09
john_cephalopodaWhich movie?13:09
pedjafrinnst, ah, so you have that setup. iirc, you mentioned it once. nice13:09
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, The Emoji Movie?13:10
pedjaapparently, it was the first movie showed in Saudi Arabia after 35 year ban of cinema. I think thy reconsidered after watching it :)13:13
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frinnstpedja: I just use a simple usb dongle13:15
frinnstworks brilliant13:15
pedjaas a gps receiver?13:18
frinnstGlobalsat BU-353S413:19
frinnstheh amazon even lists raspberry pi as an item frequently bought together13:19
john_cephalopodapedja: Ah, you were referencing the IRC thing. I was confused and trying to remember what shitty movies there are about Zilog Z80s :D13:19
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, don't give Hollywood ideas :)13:32
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john_cephalopodapedja: "Jack got hold of classified plans of the Zilog eZ80 and is hunted by the government. Evil pocket calculator AIs are chasing him. The only thing he can trust is a Forth-based rad-hardened CPU in his intelligent backpack. Can he save himself?"13:34
pedja'Halt and Catch Fire', which is using the dawn of personal computing as a backdrop, is brilliant, though, so13:35
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, I think you have a blockbuster on your hands :)13:35
jaegerparity11: no official CI, no. I build a new ISO weekly but not on every change13:36
pedja'Ready Player One' is heavily relying on nostalgia13:37
parity11jaeger: thanks. could you please share some details? scripts maybe, or simple howto?13:37
jaegerpedja: indeed, that's its whole point :)13:38
john_cephalopodapedja: Wow, a HCF as a deus ex... That would be incredible!13:39
pedjaI'd love to see Daemon/Freedom as a TV series13:40
tilmanthose are the suarez books, right?13:40
jaegerparity11: you might be a little underwhelmed, it's pretty simple. :)
pedjatilman, Influx is pretty good too, imho13:42
tilmanpedja: i bought daemon as a present $recently; probably should have bought it for myself instead ;P13:42
parity11jaeger: thank you! I'm indeed a little bit surprised. I was expecting something... big ;)13:45
pedjatilman, have you read Jeff Aiken series by Mark Russinovich (of Sysinternals fame)?13:45
jaegerparity11: no problem13:48
pedjathey are...not so good13:49
pedjaread The Laundry series instead :)13:49
pedjaif Lovecraftian horror, spy thriller and SF sound interesting to you, of course13:52
pedjaThe Laundry Files*13:52
pedjaquite a few interesting titles here
tilmani have only read very little SF13:55
pedjaclassics, like Clark, Asimov?13:56
tilmanno, more modern stuff13:56
john_cephalopodaFor scifi, I can recommend the book series about Jame Retief by Keith Laumer.
pedjaone of my favourite genres13:56
tilmanvernor vinge, dan simmons, ian banks13:56
john_cephalopodaThose books are extremely funny and based on Laumer's experiences.13:57
tilmancurrently reading the expanse series13:57
pedjaah. I stopped after the second(?) book13:57
frinnstfucking yubikey-manager tarbomb13:57
tilmanpedja: have you read hyperion by dan simmons? i really enjoyed that one13:58
pedjatilman, ian banks? The Culture series? that has been on my reading list for a while now13:58
pedjahyperion? yes, a long time ago. I liked it13:59
tilmantbh i only read the first one in the culture series and i'm currently reading The Algebraist (also banks, but it's not part of the culture series)13:59
pedjahave you read 'Song Of Kali' by Simmons?14:00
pedjait's...disturbing. but good :)14:01
tilmanno, horror isn't for me ;p14:02
pedja'we all float down here'14:03
tilmanfuck off, that shit gave me nightmares iirc14:04
pedjaI've been reading since I was 4 years old, so I've read a *lot* of shit over the years :)14:05
pedjatilman, err, that's kind of the point14:05
tilmani think i even started reading king novels after watching It (and not really enjoying it) ._o14:06
pedjano book ever gave me nightmares. The Omen, from 1976, otoh. holly fsck14:06
tilmani don't quite remember whether it was really ngihtmares for me or "just" getting creeped out in certain situations *cough*14:08
tilmanHouse of Leaves sounds interesting, but i'm not sure i'd manage to read it :p14:09
pedjaI did. it's incredible, I highly recommend it14:09
pedjait has that creepy, subtle, atmosphere that I like14:11
pedjaand for something completely different, Children of Midnight is one of mine all-time favorites14:13
pedjaerr, Midnight's Children14:14
tilmani was just gonna say my google's getting confused14:14
pedjasorry, I badly translated the title from Serbian14:15
pedja'Deca ponoći'14:15
tilmanit's fine, duckduckgo came up with the right book, i just didn't think you really meant that one :]14:16
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pedjaddg made me lazy. 'did I spell that right? nah, ddg will fix it' :)14:25
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BurnZeZAnyone else had problems with mpv spewing “Failed to recognize file format.” when trying to play from a URL?17:49
BurnZeZI’ve had this problem for a few months, so figured maybe someone else noticed it by now17:49
jaegerAny url, or a particular one?17:57
jaegerI don't have it installed at the moment but will test18:01
BurnZeZyoutube-dl is required as an optional dependency for this18:04
jaegereven if the video doesn't come from youtube?18:04
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BurnZeZyoutube-dl started as a youtube thing, but grew to be a generic web-video extraction utility18:05
BurnZeZs/ be / become /18:06
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jaegerLooks like that's not the case, I just tested 'mpv' without youtube-dl and that at least worked fine18:07
BurnZeZOh, a direct url will work18:07
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BurnZeZyoutube-dl untangles websites to obtain the video files18:08
BurnZeZDirect URL works fine here, as well18:10
pedjapaste output of 'mpv --no-config -v' (or whatever verbose flag is18:15
jaegerinstall lua52 and rebuild mpv18:16
pedjaor that :)18:16
jaegerThat seems to fix it for me18:16
pedjamakes sense, since ytdl hook is written in Lua :)18:21
pedjasoft dependencies are fun18:22
pedjathick vm image provisioning is nice and all, but I am running short on hard disk space18:24
pedjanow my Leap VM is as big as Windows 718:25
pedjaat least btrfs is happy, hopefully18:26
pedja40gb should be enough for it18:26
pedjadebugging ovs on 4.18.5 should be fun18:33
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frinnstjaeger: are you at vmworld?19:30
frinnst looks like fun19:30
jaegerI'm not, sadly. no budget for it this year19:31
jaegerbut yeah, that does look cool19:31
pedjawhat's FT?19:46
pedjaah. 'fault tolerance'19:48
pedjawhatever that is19:48
frinnstdont have high hopes of rpi's being supported, but that would be cool :)19:50
pedjaI guess this is for something like Cavium machines?19:52
pedjawhat's the use case for that?19:54
pedjaACTION has no imagination19:55
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pedjalife is too short to build cross-compilers for arm/arm64.21:14
pedjaFedora binaries will have to do21:15
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pedja'error: template specialization with C linkage'. *sigh* fsckin CUDA...21:33
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jaegereww... the kdenlive appimage seems to be broken. wonder how much kde stuff I'd need to install to use it without the appimage22:34
pedjajaeger, no Jack and no ffmpeg errors?22:50
pedjasame here. funny, appimage is supposed to be self-contained :)22:51
pedjawhen I had some issues with FreeCAD appimage, I posted at their forum, and the developers fixed it relatively quickly22:52
pedja(their shipped freetype lib tried to use system fontconfig, or something like that)22:53
pedjaworks fairly well now22:54
pedjaI get the Jack error, to a degree, that looks like a PITA to package not to conflict with the host22:55
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pedja18.08-beta18 works a bit better, apparently23:03
pedjaand Shotcut requires Jack too. Oh, well23:13
jaegerI tried 18.04 and 18.08, both failed on the avformat/ffmpeg stuff23:23
jaegerOh, maybe I didn't try the beta23:23
jaegerSame problem with the beta, no avformat23:25
jaegeroddly the beta says "welcome to kdenlive 18.07.70"23:25
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