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dasporkHate to be that guy and pop in and ask, but should I be having any issues installing with UEFI in virtualbox? Like known issues? I got it all installed etc (reasonably experienced linux user) and I just cant get the kernel to boot. GRUB works etc, even the auto complete. but for instance linux (hd0,gpt3)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3 etc just fails s05:17
dasporkI was going to install it on my new laptop but i wanted to test out an install really quick. It really fits my use case and i really like and miss ports05:18
frinnstnot sure about virtualbox. but uefi should work just fine05:25
dasporkyeah im kinda stuck because I have no error messages. It totally should work.05:26
frinnstgrub installed fine, no odd warnings?05:26
frinnstthere might be a locale warning when running the install iirc but that should be safe to ignore05:27
dasporkyeah its all good. as mentioned i can even tab complete the 'linux...' line so it for sure can see everything05:27
dasporkusually you get a booted kernel and a panic05:27
dasporkbut in my case its just falling back to the grub prompt05:28
dasporkchecked kernel modules, but you cant even turn off stuff like ext4 etc these days. grub2 supports all the extX stuff with ext2 mod which is loaded05:29
dasporkim a really dumb person.05:39
dasporkim ashamed to admit my issue.05:40
Worksteruh don't the modules need to be built in for the root system if not using a initramfs daspork05:43
dasporkno it works.... I didnt type boot after specifying the kernel.05:43
dasporki didnt know what i was doing and i thought i did and my hubris overwhelmed me05:44
abenzpart of the crux experience mate05:44
abenztake it easy05:44
dasporkand yeah you do need the modules but in 4.14 kernel you cant even cut off ext4 and its supported by default in grub205:44
Worksteri've forgotten the boot flag before.05:45
dasporkyeah i just assumed it would go from there.... it did not. :)05:45
Worksteralso rip ^05:46
dasporki would have avoided it if grub-mkconfig had found my kernels i built :/05:46
Worksteri think you need to use$(uname -r) and vmlinuz-$(uname -r)05:46
Worksterfor grub to do that05:46
Worksteri do that for lilo so i can keep a few kernels around in case i break one on a upgrade.05:47
dasporkgotcha, it must skip just 'vmlinuz'05:49
abenzthis forced auto update model only applies for home users right?05:50
dasporkI did have one more general question though. I notice all the docs have you copying arch/x86/boot rather than arch/x86_64/boot bzImage. Whats up with that?05:50
abenzcorporate customers don't need to put up with that right?05:50
abenzstill on win7 where I'm forced to use windows05:51
abenzwill hold out till the last min05:51
frinnstWorkster: sounds like a fun couple of days06:14
frinnstand our helpdesk guy is on vacation06:14
frinnstabenz: if you use wsus you can skip it06:16
frinnstbut wsus is shit06:16
dasporkthis distro was made for me.... good bye build scripts and ~/.local06:35
dasporkhello git repo and organization06:35
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frinnstglad you got it working07:21
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pedjaMicrosoft's end game for Windows is some kind of SaaS, like Office 36512:22
pedjasubscription based. that should be fun to watch12:22
pedjaare we going full circle? dumb terminals accessing the mainframe in the cloud :) ?12:25
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dasporkIve been so far removed from windows for so long, when i see someone at a coffee shop using it, it seems hard....12:26
pedjaheh. I haven't tun Windows on bare metal for more than a decade12:27
pedjathese days only Windows I use is Windows 10 on my sisters laptop, when the update breaks shit12:29
pedjawifi, mostly12:29
dasporki have no idea how long i have been using it. ironically if MS had just offered free dev tools back in the day id probably still be using it12:31
pedjawls and friends?12:32
dasporkthe only reason i ever decided to try it was because I wanted to learn C, and a book with a linux cd in the back was cheaper than a decent compliter12:32
pedjawas it Borland compiler that was the most used back in the day?12:33
dasporki think borland and watcom?12:34
pedjaah, yes12:34
dasporkdigging the crux though, pretty solid12:36
pedjaI saw it in a CV once, under 'Skills'. 'proficient in the Borland c/c++ compiler'12:36
dasporkwas able to get the ancient awesome 3.5, pyenv, and docker running, pretty much it these days12:36
dasporkmy biggest worry is shadowsocks. Its kinda borked on a lot of distros and i cant go without it.12:37
dasporkStuck behind the big red firewall...12:38
pedjaborked how?12:40
dasporkthey deprecated some stuff in newer builds of libssl and the version from pip is ancient12:41
dasporkyou can monkey patch it to get it working, or use OS packages for it usualy12:42
dasporkif it needs a patch ill submit a build for it when im don12:42
pedjacan it build against openssl?12:42
dasporkyeah i guess openssl is what imean.12:42
dasporkI'm pretty sure it uses hand written cffi calls to openssl12:43
dasporkthats the issue, it uses some stuff that was removed.12:43
pedjaopenssl-1.1 broke a lot of stuff12:43
pedjawe are on a 1.0.2 for now12:44
pedjait's supported until 2020, iirc12:44
frinnstits not really up to us to support openssl 1.1. Everything still depends on openssl 1.0.212:45
dasporklooks like my debain box here has 1.0.2 and its broken there so ill make a diff and include it12:46
pedjaI was surprised to see that opensssl-1.1 is the default on Leap 1512:46
frinnstthat's brave12:47
dasporkoh yeah i have no thoughts you guys should support this. the project was kind of abandoned or im sure it would be updated12:47
frinnstguess its easier for a binary distribution to support various version of the same library12:47
dasporkI know the chinese govt came down hard on the kid and made him remove the repo years ago12:47
pedjafrinnst, makes sense for them, it has 5(?) years support, which is well beyond the EOL for 1.0.212:48
pedjaand Leap is stable, no major changes if they can help it, apart from kernel hw updates12:49
dasporkoh im wrong, debian was 1.1 also12:50
dasporkthat might be the issue when trying to install it with pip... just need to point at the right one and it would probably work12:51
dasporkwhen writing a package build and you need to make a change, for example python builds are configured with a modules file, are diffs the way to go there?12:53
dasporkI looked at a bunch of them, but i didnt see anything like that12:55
pedjawhat do you mean. 'python builds are configured with a modules file'? 'python --whatever'. or am misunderstanding (it has happened before :) )12:57
dasporkno sorry building the interp13:26
dasporkthere is a settings file, i think its /Modules/setup.dist that controls whats built13:27
dasporkbut the question was more general. just trying to figure out if most people contributing back Pkgbuilds would use sed or something, or use a diff13:28
jaegerdaspork: x86_64/boot/bzImage is a symlink to ../../x86/boot/bzImage so they're functionally the same13:40
dasporkduh that makes sense. didnt realize it since --colors was off, thansk13:41
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jaegerpedja: I was able to build kdenlive from source yesterday using packages from the kde5 repo, but haven't had time to test it yet13:48
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pedjajaeger, it has a shitload of deps, right?14:31
pedjaidk, avidemux is PITA to compile too :)14:33
pedjanatron compositor is pretty straightforward, but I have no actual use for it14:33
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pedjaI've been playing with Blender, keeping it simple, my system can't handle large-ish/complex objects14:36
pedja100.000+ verts14:37
jaegerIt did have quite a few, yeah14:38
pedjawhich is kind of the problem, because when I export from Structure Synth, models are 200.000+, even the simple-ish ones :)14:38
pedjaI need to clean them up in Meshlab, simplify them quite a bit, before import to Blender14:40
jaegerdaspork: I tend to use sed for small changes and diff for larger ones, but it doesn't matter much... up to preference, I'd say14:40
pedjased is sometimes more robust for changes14:42
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pedjadepends on the upstream, and if I can steal^Wborrow sed line from somewhere or have to make my own, with a lot of cursing and regexr.com14:46
pedjaslight variations in regex between applications can be fun14:47
pedjaonce I spent some time hand crafting regex, and it worked for input I had, but it was for the wrong app (forgot to change the variant on one of those online regex help thingies)14:51
pedjased I can grasp, simple stuff, but awk is...interesting14:54
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frinnstthis is one laggy irc server15:21
joacimsarcasm just doens't work well with high ping15:22
dasporkpedja cool, thanks15:49
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: containerd: updated to version 468a54516:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: go: updated to version 1.1116:39
jaegerpoor cruxbot, he has some trouble16:40
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia: updated to version 390.8717:00
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jaegergonna restart the bot, see if that helps. It's missing commits17:04
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frinnstit does that quite often17:33
jaegerI wonder why it does17:35
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pedjaheh. I guess sse4_1 is so common these days, no one bothers to mention that it's required in the documentation20:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: stellarium: Update to 0.18.220:32
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jaegeryay, got kdenlive into a working state21:51
brian|lfswhat does kdenlive do anyhow?22:11
jaegerIt's a video editor22:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.15.323:18
pedjawell, I know *some* answers
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