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ryuofrinnst: do you know of any employment opportunities? i've found myself with a mixed set of skills with no idea what i should be looking for.02:36
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Workster arch/x86/boot is a symlink to arch/x86_64/boot but i tend to go for the later as a force of habit06:16
dasporkyeah thats the main reason i asked cause I was trying to figure out my error and i ofc copied the later06:22
dasporkjust out of habit06:23
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frinnstryuo: what languages + other skills?08:07
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dasporkso xiao mi notebook pro + crux == win10:07
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pedjaprices really dropped with Nvidia's annoucment of 2000 series, 1080ti is mere 1100€ now...11:45
john_cephalopodaYay, now nothing stands in the way of creating our own blockchain thingie!11:47
pedjanah, one day when I upgrade, I'll get AMD11:48
pedja10+ years of Intel/Nvidia is enough :)11:49
pedjaby the time I get it, they'll hopefully sort all openCL situation (not critical, more 'nice to have')11:51
john_cephalopodaI feel like getting a very small, slow system with open-source hardware as my next system. It will probably take a few years until then though.11:54
pedjafully open source hardware, from CPU all the way up? that is a pretty tall order12:00
pedjaeven risc-v has to use some proprietary bits, iirc12:01
pedjathat's the way hardware industry works12:02
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ryuopedja: the developments this year sure create an incentive to switch.12:03
ryuothe only negative news i've really seen for AMD is some boneheaded moves in Chin.12:03
pedjaryuo, you re referring to that Chinese company making CPU with their IP?12:04
ryuoThat kind of stuff has historically backfired in the long run.12:05
pedjathey have to take risks like that, imho, to get the money for r&d12:06
ryuoI think it's a pretty big one.12:06
ryuoVery high risk of getting betrayed by them.12:07
ryuoPiracy is rampant in their culture.12:08
ryuoWhy should we expect them to start respecting IP now?12:08
ryuoI imagine they'll do so only so long as they have to.12:08
pedjaChina will start making DRAM too soon12:08
ryuoI thought they already did.12:09
ryuoThere's only a few DRAM sources I've been told.12:09
pedjaidk if their fabs are online yet12:09
ryuoSamsung, Hynix, ...12:09
ryuoit's a shame that SRAM didn't scale.12:10
ryuoThat stuff is pretty interesting.12:10
ryuoI was reading one of the main reasons the commodore 64 became so cost effective was because of their early adoption of DRAM.12:11
ryuoThey designed a chip that could handle the unique requirements of DRAM...12:12
pedjaI wonder what impact will GloFo dropping 7nm production have, other then giving TMSC a monoply of sorts :)12:13
pedja'so, no 5Ghz Ryzen, then? fail' is an interesting reaction to that12:15
ryuoI think that PC performance has basically plateaued for the average case.12:16
ryuoThe only obvious break through going forward seems to be related to parallel computation.12:16
pedjawith the slow transition to ddr5/gddr6, I don't think ram prices will ever get reasonable again12:17
pedjaryuo, and ssds12:17
ryuopedja: i'm not even considering that, just raw speed.12:17
ryuoBut yes.12:17
ryuoNVMe is the only realistic option for drives in the long run.12:18
ryuoSATA3 is too limiting.12:18
ryuoIt's interesting how no one seems to be trying to improve it.12:18
ryuoI kinda wonder if a SATA4 would ever exist.12:19
ryuoSeems unlikely given the developments since SATA3.12:19
ryuoOh. Seems they've bumped the speed...12:22
pedjaIntel's ruler form-factor is interesting12:23
joacimnvme would be expensive on pcie lanes i think12:25
pedjaeye-wateringly expensive, of course, but interesting12:25
joacimespecially for people that want a lot of storage cheaply12:25
joacimwould need a 500 dollar cpu just to get enough lanes12:25
joacimbut i guess goign through the chipset is good enough for most people12:25
joacimeven sata3 is good enough i think12:25
pedja'lot of storage cheaply' will, for a while, be a spinning rust domain, imho12:26
joacimanything faster than sata2 isn't really needed for harddrives12:26
ryuojoacim: the future is SSDs though.12:26
joacimsome need the performance of ssds tho12:26
ryuoHDDs are going to gradually phase out, imho.12:26
ryuostorage density is about the only strength they still have.12:27
joacimthey've not been going down in price much.12:27
pedjaisn't that what AMD StoreMi is about?12:27
ryuoThey have... In 2010 a 256GB drive was like $400. Now I can find them for $150.12:27
joacimfor a Gbps network, harddrives is good enough too i think12:27
ryuoThough that's a scale of 8 years.12:28
ryuothe SSDs for common laptop drive sizes have become a lot more affordable.12:28
ryuoI could see 2.5" mechnical drives fading from the scene in the coming yers.12:29
ryuoBut still hang on in other markets.12:29
pedjassd in the desktop, NAS with spinnig rust somewhere in the corner, is increasingly common these days, I think12:30
joacimi wouldnt even consider a 2.5" hdd anymore12:30
ryuoSeems 2TB SSDs are now $400.12:31
ryuoInteresting how much the price has dropped.12:31
joacim6TB HDDs is about 300 tho =)12:31
joacimi dont think 256GB ones are that much cheaper12:31
ryuoI was speaking 2.5".12:32
joacimcompared to what they were ages ago12:32
joacimofc. there are no 3.5" SSDs afaik12:32
ryuoOk... well... i was comparing them to 2.5" HDDs.12:32
joacimi dont feel like putting a 2TB SSD in my laptop. seems like an expensive accident or theft12:32
ryuofair enough. maybe when 2TB becomes dirt chap.12:33
joacimgoing to take a very long time12:33
ryuoSSDs haven't had the same amount of time that HDDs have to evolve.12:33
ryuojoacim: made a lot of progress in the last 8 years...12:34
joacimas a dedicated component you could stick on a sata bus? sure12:34
ryuowe'll probably see them overtake HDDs in the 2.5" market.12:34
ryuoBut when I can't be sure.12:34
ryuo3.5" though is another story.12:35
ryuoHDDs have a lot more space there to work with.12:35
pedjaSSD wearout?
joacimi dont think the price have gone down enough during the past 8 years. it isn't like an 8 year old one is obsolete anymore.12:36
joacimsomething like a asmsung 830 is still a decent ssd12:36
joacimthat one is 7 years old12:36
joacimto me it seems the price development between samsung 830 and 840 is greater than from 840 to 850 and 86012:38
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dasporkis it just me or is libinput still kinda junk with touchpads?14:05
dasporksynaptics is perfect on defaults, but the libinput one is soooo rough14:06
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jaegerdaspork: do you have a xiaomi notebook pro?14:30
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frinnstlovely lovely windows17:46
jaegerhow bizarre17:47
crash_haha funny17:57
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pedjainteresting, 'cmake --help-policy CMP0072'19:11
pedja'' is part of libglvnd, and yet cmake considers it to be 'legacy'19:12
frinnstyay amazon order has shipped \o/19:29
frinnstfiber cleaver and some other fun stuff19:29
frinnstOn sale: Ubuntu.org19:30
frinnstTo:, tek@crux.nu19:30
frinnstlooks legit19:30
pedjafrinnst, which Amazon? .de?19:47
frinnstcom i think19:53
frinnstbecause im dumb and lazy19:54
frinnstdidnt even think about .de - seems a lot cheaper for me :)19:55
joacimonce got a fairly rare game from .fr19:56
joacimthe kind that goes for 150 euro on the english stores19:56
frinnstprobably shit. but cheap enough to waste €€ on19:56
frinnstgonna do a fiber run from my dads house to his guesthouse19:58
pedjafiber seems fiddly to work with20:05
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