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dasporkalso: ahhhhh finally home sweet home
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ryuomore progress in restoration of a latitude e553009:26
ryuoDell sure is slow to deploy the latest microcode though.09:39
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pedjaOzark S2 is out? if I had any weekend plans, they would be gone now11:19
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jaegerdaspork: thanks. yeah, the "ETD2303:00 04F3:3083 Touchpad" device is missing entirely from my setup13:35
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frinnstwtf. ordered fiber stuff from us amazon on wednesday. it shipped yesterday with an eta on mind-september13:50
frinnstjust got the stuff13:50
dasporkjaeger are we sure we have the same model? I just got mine this week, i know they made a silver one for a while13:51
dasporkthough i dont see a model number anywhere and i left the box at work13:52
joacimfrinnst: did that with me too. didn't expect my stuff for another few weeks, got there yesterday13:58
darfopedja: [PyQt] ANN: PyQt v4.12.3 Released13:58
joacimguess they figured out how to get stuff through customs quickly13:59
pedjadarfo, 'last ever release' :)? good that I switched to py3qt5, then14:16
pedjawell, not me, obviously, qgis did14:16
pedjajoacim, I guess they ship from EU warehouse?14:17
joacimyeah. i guess14:17
joacimi think it is their store that is sloooow in my experience14:18
joacimcan be slower than chinese ebay sellers14:18
pedjawell, they are not in the EU anymore :)14:18
joacimbeen like that since forever i think14:18
joacimused to waiting 4 weeks for stuff from the uk =)14:18
jaegerdaspork: no, I'm not sure. It's possible they're different, but I *did* see that device under the arch kernel, so that's why I'm thinking it's important14:18
jaegermight be wrong14:19
pedjapackage from .se, sent on Friday, I got on next Monday or Tuesday, and I don't even live in Western Europe :)14:20
pedjaI guess it flew thru customs14:21
darfopedja: riverbank probably thinks there will be no further changes to qt414:22
pedjait's EOL, afaik14:22
joacimmight be slow postage to norway due to the englishmen still having a big of a grudge for what happened a thousand years ago14:22
pedjaor 'stable'14:22
pedjajoacim, you invaded them, or what?14:23
joacimkinda :314:23
joacimonce every other summer or so14:23
joacimmaybe we settled idk14:23
joacimbeen a while14:23
pedjawhen I hear Vikings, I think 'Eric, the Viking' more than, well, 'Vikings'14:23
joacimi just think pirates for the most part14:24
joacimmore like the weekend warrior type. plant your crops in spring, raid when it is summer, harvest in the fall, and then you party14:25
darfohopefully it won't be deleted for some time. suspect some older (working) s/w will always use it until total rot sets in.14:25
pedjapirates, once pillaging women and raping the crops, now illegally downloading Taylor Swift 'songs'14:25
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: fuse3: update to 3.2.614:26
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dropbear: add patch14:26
joacimi procured some pixies songs last night14:26
pedjadarfo, I think all sw that I use moved to qt5 by now. I am curious, what's still using qt4?14:27
pedjaapart from Natron, vfx industry is conservative that way14:27
jaegerdaspork: yeah, I'm booted back into the arch kernel; the device is back and the touchpad works without a suspend/resume cycle... so yeah, I just need to track down which actual driver it's using14:28
darfoleo, musescore, lyx, qjackctl, v4l-utils, avidemux, xpdf, fbreader is my list. some may be able to use qt5 but I haven't updated them yet.14:30
darfoqt4 was around a long time14:30
jaegerAh HA! hid_multitouch may be the missing bit14:32
jaegerok, not the only missing bit, seems like14:40
jaegerdaspork: what do you get from 'readlink -f /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:15.0/i2c_designware.0/i2c-11/i2c-ETD2303:00/0018:04F3:3083.0001/input/input12/device/driver' ?14:41
pedjajaeger, is this the one you have?
jaegerpedja: not quite. My issue is that the touchpad doesn't work at all unless I suspend/resume once14:43
dasporkjaeger /sys/bus/hid/drivers/hid-multitouch14:48
jaegerOK. That's all mine says, too, but that wasn't enough to get it working :/14:48
pedjajaeger, I know, just thought that maybe something in that bug might help you figure out the missing parts :)14:49
dasporksorry i wasnt more responsive i have been in hell14:52
pedjadid it freeze yet there?14:52
daspork"Mounted Secrets are updated automatically When a secret being already consumed in a volume is updated, projected keys are eventually updated as well. The update time depends on the kubelet syncing period."14:52
dasporkit actually says "EVENTUALLY"14:53
dasporkso if your container restarts before EVENTUALLY then you are just screwed....14:53
pedjacan you set kubelet syncing period, as that message suggests?14:54
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dasporkhave not checked yet, but ended up chasing a bad config value for hours. we were tracing lib code...14:56
pedjak8s, yet another 'job security, because no one actually knows how the hell it works' software14:56
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pedjaas I hear, a lot of companies that shouldn't jumped on that particular bandwagon14:58
pedjaOpenStack is so passe these day, apparently14:59
dasporkoverall it was amazing for us, this has been the first major thing we have hit and it was because we made assumptions15:01
pedjadarfo, there is a qt5 patch for fbreader, from Gentoo, iirc, but I haven't tried it yet.15:07
pedjadaspork, I am curious. are you using some prepackaged version, or did you roll your own?15:09
dasporkwe have a cluster in the office, we deploy to aliyun and aws15:10
dasporkaliyun > aws15:10
pedjaaliyun is alibaba, right?15:11
dasporkyeah, chinese aws basically15:11
pedjathey bought a shitload of Epyc servers15:11
dasporkbut they did a GREAT job with k8s, its a raw cluster and they didnt futz with it, aws EKS is blagh15:11
dasporkbut our deploy works on local, office cluster, and aliyun unmodified. EKS is a bitch15:13
pedjaso if Google's GKE becomes available in China, do you see companies using it, or is aliyun that good?15:14
dasporkall google products except translation is blocked by the firewall here15:15
pedjaI know, but there was some talk that they will enter the market there soon-ish15:16
dasporkand i dont by its a censorship thing either, its a competition thing. SKorea does it too, not bock traffic but they definitely seem to make it as crappy as possible to use.15:16
dasporkyeah i dont see it happening, too many govt interests in the current market.15:17
pedjaoff topic: have Chinese DRAM fabs started producing yet?15:18
dasporkAWS just opened up a new shiny data center recently in Ningxia completely government backed15:18
pedjaBezos will be trillioner soon, at this rate :)15:19
dasporkyeah JHICC opened one of the largest factories here in Fujian recently. They for sure already have the employees, dont know if running yet15:20
pedjaI wonder how long until people start smuggling RAM sticks to Europe15:23
dasporkStuffs already pretty cheap here in country15:23
dasporkYou never know if its 'real' but everything i have bought over the years has worked to expectations15:24
pedjaafaik, DRAM and that CPU they make from AMD design is for local market only15:25
dasporkI have a fake intel ssd that outlasted a real one so.. win15:25
pedjaHuawei and Xiaomi are pretty popular here (phones)15:27
dasporkThey both make good shit.15:27
dasporkThis xiao mi laptop me and jaeger are talking about is one of my favorite things ever.15:27
dasporkthough if mine breaks i can walk 3 blocks and RMA it, you guys.... good luck :)15:28
pedjamy g630 is still on Android 4.315:28
jaegeryeah, it carries some risk for me, living in the midwest US, but the price was great and the hardware rocks15:29
dasporkI had to bite to bullet and git an iPhone here. Really miss my nexus though15:29
dasporkbut without the google services you just get an android respin and its usually meh15:30
dasporkbut iphones dont care you can just set the store to US and get a vpn then switch back.15:30
dasporkand sorry for being chatty, i dont get much interesting english conversation in my daily life ><15:39
jaegerall good, no problem15:50
jaegerwork hours here so not talking too much15:50
pedjaHuawei is doing nation-wide fiber roll-out here (contract with our largest, state-owned ISP), and, apparently, they are not too impressed with the work of some subcontractors16:04
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pedjawho knew that one of the biggest communication companies in the world had high standards and QC16:06
pedja50/8 connection for ~15€/month? sign me up16:09
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joacimQuake Champions?16:24
joacimthe company that manages the fibre in my city has no control over it :(16:25
joacimthey'll unplug you and give the fibre to someone else since they have no control over which belongs to which customer16:26
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jaegerpedja: that seems like a pretty good deal16:45
tilmanpedja: price increases 2 times after the first 12 months? ;>16:48
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pedjajaeger, hell yeah, I pay that much for 20/4 VDSL now :)17:26
pedjatilman, :) 2 year contract, first 5 months basically free (1 RSD/month)17:27
pedjathe fly in the ointment is...I live in a small city, and no one is sure, or have any idea, when it will be available here17:28
pedjatheir deadline is 2020, but17:29
pedjajoacim, here we have one major cable and one major *dsl provider. there is a bunch of smaller ones in bigger cities, but they get their infrastructure from one of them17:37
pedjaafaik, Huawei's job is design and implementation of the nationwide fiber network, with their hardware17:38
jaegerI live 1 mile away from the edge of the service area for a fiber to the desktop provider, heh17:39
jaegerMaybe sometime in the near future (tm)17:40
jaegerer, fiber to the home17:40
pedjajaeger, one of the large companies or some municipal project?17:41
jaegerAnd they are the only one anywhere near me17:42
jaegerclosest google fiber, for example, is 4 hours away17:42
pedjaFCC is making their life hard these days :)17:42
pedjamunicipal broadband, I mean. based on what I read on Ars Technica17:43
pedjait's mind boggling that one of the major first world countries has, as some call it, 'pretty much shit Internet' :)17:45
tilmanyou mean germany? yeah17:46
john_cephalopodaIn Germany you have some choice, at least.17:46
pedjatilman, really? I always thought you have some solid choices. depends on where you live, I guess17:47
john_cephalopodaYou got Telekom, 1&1, Vodafone, O2, KabelBW/UnityMedia, NewOne and many more offering internet for different prices.17:47
tilmanrather expensive though17:48
john_cephalopodaBetter than in the USA where you only have one provider in a city, which sells you internet for however much they like to charge.17:48
pedjawhat's more common, cable or some *dsl variant?17:49
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pedjajohn_cephalopoda, that's pretty common here too, outside bigger cities17:50
john_cephalopodapedja: Hm, what?17:51
pedjaprices are pretty standard wherever you live, though17:51
pedjanew libvirt adds support for risc-v guests? nice17:54
pedjaah, yes, Lada. that's what it reminds me of18:12
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jaegerdaspork: woot, got it figured out after 79 kernel builds :P20:12
joacimanyone else have problem with mpv playback being a bit choppy when other applications are showing animations?20:27
joacimi dont get errors about dropping frames, but the playback is noticeably less fluid20:27
jaegerhrmm, haven't noticed that... what other applications and animations? Got an example?20:28
joacimany video playback in firefox20:28
jaegerI'll give it a try20:28
joacimor "somebody is typing" notifications in discord20:28
joacimmaybe my 1950x isnt fast enough20:29
joacimdo i need a 2950x?20:29
joacimcant sell this old one either now that the new one is out. might as well just give it away20:29
jaegersend it my way :)20:30
joacimidk what you'd do with it. it cant playback videos properly anymore20:31
joacimbuild a retro vm and compiling rig maybe20:31
jaegervfio or compiling, maybe20:31
joacimshould stick my old gpu in this system and start playing with vfio20:31
jaegercould be fun, yeah20:36
pedjajoacim, try mpv with Vulkan backend :)20:48
pedjaor try mpv-0.29.0, apparently it has quite a few bugfixes20:51
pedjabtw, if you are bored, Netflix has some HDR 4k videos you can play with20:56
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pedjaI think that 1950x can handle 4k just fine20:59
pedjaif it can't, throw it (in my general direction :) )21:01
pedjanot that I can afford the rest of the gear for it, but still21:02
jaegerjoacim: I don't see any issues, seems fine here21:08
joacimmight be an issue with my combination of software then21:09
joacimmpv version, mate, compositor, xorg21:09
joacimpedja: got a spare kit of ddr4 too, if you dont mind running in dual channel mode =)21:09
joacimwaiting for prices to drop, so i can get a complete set21:10
jaegertry it without the compositing enabled21:24
joacimi like the tear free experience tho21:35
jaegerwhich I can never get unless I turn off compositing, heh21:36
joacimi might as well try without =)21:36
joacimi have all fancy desktop effects turned off anyways21:37
joacimdont think shadows are implemented well in mate, and dont care at all for translucency21:37
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joacim450 cl bottle. i wouldnt mind that21:52
pedjaI haven't seen tearing with new xfce compositor for several months now21:52
joacimthinking about giving xfce a go again21:53
joacimbut think i would pick another window manager21:53
joacimie. a difference compositor21:53
joacimnot too fond of xfwm21:53
pedjaa ton of work was done on it in 4.1321:53
pedjaforcing full composition pipeline in nvidia driver maybe helped a bit too :)21:54
pedjaI had far more issues with compton21:55
joacimnouveau? or nvidia driver?21:57
pedjanvidia, I can't spell so can't install that other one :)21:57
joacimjaeger: looks like it was the compositor that caused the issues. video playback works fine with it off21:57
joacimpedja: i had to ddg how nouveau was spelt :321:58
pedjai gave up a long time ago21:58
joacimwhy is it so important that i use google. ddg works for me, eventually you learn the vocabulary you need to use to find the kind of content you're searching for21:58
joacimonce you learn the vocabulary, you can find what you want21:58
pedjaand with 10m funding, ddg can only get better, hopefully21:59
joacimoften have to justify using ddg when i use it in public21:59
joacimwant a whiskey with a nice butter note :/22:01
joacimi like the taste of butter22:02
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pedjado I install libsystemd so I could configure my mouse under Linux? nah, I am good :)23:23

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