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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: glib: footprint fix00:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: glib: updated to 2.58. due to autotools bootstrap no manpages will be generated. Acceptable loss to minimize deps00:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nss: updated to 3.3900:29
dasporkOn the above internet pricing... here i have 500/500 for like 9.50 USD00:41
dasporkits kinda amazing the extortion involved in internet access00:41
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joacimpedja: is it libinput that requires that?02:17
joacimit is annoying how it seems that i need systemd to configure scrolling with libinput02:18
joacimevdev have that stuff built in02:18
jaegerer, so does libinput02:19
jaegerno need for any systemd02:19
john_cephalopodaAh, I parsed that as needing systemd in order to have scrolling with libinput.02:19
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pedjajoacim, libratbag. it's for configuring (mostly) Logitech mice10:49
pedjasensitivity, resolution, LED, that kind of thing10:50
dasporkya know i never played WoW but it runs in wine and private servers are free :)10:53
dasporknow i just have to get the spawn to play with me so i can say it was her idea10:54
pedjayou can say that you are testing if it's the appropriate environment for her before you let her play10:58
pedjaand you have to be thorough :)10:59
dasporkIt's free english lessons!11:00
pedjathere was an article in Level1 news about the man losing his Welsh accent after months talking to 'Mericans in online games for 20+ hours :)11:02
dasporkI was wondering if anyone had tried getting snaps to work on crux?11:03
pedjaI only tried appimage, most of them work fine11:03
dasporkYeah its no joke, english might be my native tongue, but my internal reading voice now sounds like a racist caricature of a chinese person from typing in pinyin11:04
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dasporkyeah all my app images work, was just wondering. nothing in there i want, i was just surprised there wasnt a port in there. makes me try haha11:10
pedjalast time I checked, snap is too Ubuntu-specific for my taste, so PITA to package for CRUX probably11:11
dasporkWell i was using debian stable before this and it came installed by default.....and did not work11:12
dasporkwould install stuff etc but no PATHs and desktop entries etc11:13
pedjacheck this out
dasporkmy only experience with flatpak was trying to install monodevelop and i could never get it to work, but it was back in the day so maybe time to take a look at it11:15
pedjaI have a mono port, works fine afaict11:15
pedjaas in I can build stuff with it11:16
dasporkfor me, for years ive just been installing whatever distro + build tools and build all my software in ~/.local. was one of the reasons I chose crux since i could just make a ports tree to replace my build scripts11:16
pedjaif you need python data science stuff, I recommend Anaconda11:17
dasporkHavent used it yet but i went to a talk on it at last pycon, seems neat11:18
dasporkI did start using pyenv though <311:18
pedjapipenv is cool, too11:20
dasporki have to say though these tools are getting a little crazy, the state of my shell..... i have a current python interp, venv, k8s context, k8s namespace11:21
dasporktoo many settings.... need a new tool to manage them all!11:21
pedjawhen I play with python, I use ipython11:22
pedjaor that notebook thingie11:23
dasporkyeah its pretty nice.11:23
pedjathe only trouble is I get lazy, so I use pip3 to install stuff, so it can get messy sometimes :)11:24
pedjawhen I don't use any kind of venv/conda env11:25
dasporkyeah I really have no complaints about the python ecosystem, everything you need to use it right is there... but i also am very lazy :)11:25
dasporkbut its nice that the newer pips can install local packages in your home directory if you dont run it as root11:26
dasporki bet that fixed a lot of issues for more casual users11:26
dasporkand i think most distros started using dist-packages for OS stuff so you dont bork it with site-packages installs?11:28
pedjayou mean like using usr/local or opt?11:30
dasporkwhich part?11:31
pedjalike FreeBSD does11:31
dasporksite-packages is where all your installs go so if installing globally it usually goes to /usr/lib/python/.../..11:32
dasporkbut i think most distro vended packages go into dist-packages folder along side it now11:32
dasporkso if you bork it you can kinda just clean site packages11:32
pedjaah, yes, sorry, I misunderstood11:32
dasporkyeah looks like my ubuntu set top box has a generic /usr/lib/python/python3/dist-packages for all 3.x vended packs11:34
dasporknot a bad solution11:35
pedjaI have a bunch of them in perl5/site_perl. need to clean that up at some point, I guess11:36
pedjanot bad
ryuo da fuck12:23
pedjaah, *that* Linus12:24
pedjaI wonder if Torvalds would comment on a recent study that concluded that the Linux kernel would be better off as a microkernel :)12:29
ryuopedja: Re: "Microkernels can suck my ****."12:29
ryuomade up quotes12:30
pedjaryuo, he mellowed somewhat over the years, 'so do it, then. good fucking luck' seems more appropriate :)12:31
pedjait's an opportunity to rewrite it in Rust12:32
pedjaif that's even possible for something that talks directly to hardware12:33
pedjaI am curious. other than C/assembler, are there any 'new' languages that can be used that way?12:34
ryuoC++, arguably.12:35
ryuoAnything that allows raw pointers could possibly work.12:35
ryuoFree Pascal included.12:35
pedjaPascal is still around?12:37
ryuoYes... there's still compilers.12:37
ryuoFPC has been maintained since the 90s at least.12:37
pedjaheh. I had a book on it, 20+ years(?) ago12:43
pedjanever learned it, of course, coder I am not12:44
pedjaI think it was taught in primary school as a first language in the 90s12:46
pedjafirst programming language*12:46
frinnstwe used pascal at scool12:50
pedjaBASIC, iirc, on this glorious machine
pedjaPascal was after my time, when they got more powerful machines :)12:55
pedjatim-600, used in business, ran Unix12:58
pedjafrinnst, if you are bored
frinnstanyone using/tried wireguard?13:35
frinnst if youre bored13:36
frinnstmeh, might as well push it to contrib13:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: wireguard: initial commit13:40
pedjafrinnst, don't we already have wireguard in contrib? wg port?13:49
frinnstwe do?13:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: wireguard: remove duplicate port13:58
pedjaidk how up to date it is, though :)14:04
dasporkpascal was my first language ><14:23
frinnstwow. AMD Athlon(tm) II Neo N36L Dual-Core Processor doesnt even break a sweat pushing 1gbit over wireguard14:32
frinnstdoh, maybe I need to actually use the tunnel for a sane test14:39
frinnstyeah thats more like it. 0% idle14:39
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pedja5.1Gbps over 10gig14:46
pedjathere is a slight chance wg ends up merged in 4.20(5.0)14:59
pedjabased on lkml I've read, crypto part is the biggest issue15:00
frinnstaround ~10% cpu usage per core on my ryzen when pushing ~900mbit15:57
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pedjathat's not bad16:12
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abenzis Tek around?17:58
abenzwas wondering if its possible to bump gimp..17:58
john_cephalopodaopt/, huh.18:15
pedja2.10.6 is nice18:17
abenzyea the changelog is quite big18:18
pedjahaven't used it much so far18:19
pedjafew of the new dependencies are a bit of a PITA, but it's pretty straightforward to update it otherwise18:22
pedjaif I were using it more, I'd add colord for color management across apps by now, but I am a lazy bastard18:25
abenzits come a long way since the 2000s18:32
abenzback then I only used it when I had to, ie on a linux pc, my usual windows editors not available18:33
abenzbut now when I'm not around my own pc and need to do a quick edit I'd download it and use it even on windows18:33
abenzdifferent workflow but once you get the general idea its quite handy18:34
jaegerhe hasn't been on IRC recently but he responds to email18:44
jaegerdaspork: if you want to play wow or other d3d games on that laptop, there's a wine-pba port available that runs quite well with optimus18:48
pedjaabenz, no matter how hard I tried, I can't wrap my head around Gimp's use of layers :)18:57
abenzI know exactly what you mean.. but the recent versions are much saner..18:58
pedjamaybe years long use of Photoshop spoiled me, idk :)18:58
pedjamuch more intuitive in PS, at least for me18:58
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pedjatoo bad Gimpshop project is dead, it was fun to use19:05
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joacimdid it have anything that gimp couldnt already do on its own?22:18
joacimor is it just the interface22:18
joacimsince plain gimp too has a single window mode now22:18
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dasporkjaeger seem to get ~60 fps on intel video, havent even installed the nvidia stuff22:49
jaegerimpressive. I didn't think the intel card could handle it that well22:51
dasporkyeah its not bad, also its an older version for sure, its not dx11 or any of that stuff22:52
jaegerAh, that probably makes a fair bit of difference22:53
dasporkseems ok though
dasporkthe optimus stuff is a mystery to me i need to read u22:57
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joacimfedora documentation is trash. useless fluff that doesnt tell you anything, shitloads of broken links23:33
joacimas fiddly as a distro like gentoo and arch can be, they're doing a much better job documenting things23:34

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