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dasporkpromet/grafana/elastisearch is this week work for me so i can be of any help00:29
dasporkthough my suggestion is to get a working docker compose up first00:29
dasporktrivial to move between the wto00:30
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ryuofrinnst: you service PCs as part of your work, correct? what safety measures are common? i have wondered about the risks from the materials used to construct our electronics, but find almost zero advice for it either way. the only protection i've ever read about people wearing is not to protect themselves from the machine but to protect the machine from them.03:03
ryuo: you service PCs as part of your work, correct? what safety measures are common? i have wondered about the risks from the materials used to construct our electronics, but find almost zero advice for it either way. the only protection i've ever read about people wearing is not to protect themselves from the machine but to protect the machine from them.03:04
ryuowrong chat.03:04
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frinnstryuo: no not really07:11
frinnstwe just replace them07:11
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Romsterother than lead sharp edges heatsink compound static i dunno. common sense?08:54
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frinnstdont think there are any issues to worry about outside of the manufacturing process10:21
frinnststatic and sharp edges like romster said. you havent messed enough with your computer unless there is bloodshed :-)10:22
Romsterso many times i've cut myself on cheap shitty cases10:42
Romsterthat can easily bend10:42
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pedjahm. '[Bad length value 35238 > IP payload length]'10:51
Romsterjumbo frames?10:51
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pedjabunch of malformed udp packets with 4.1810:56
pedjathat's what wireshark says, fsck if I know what's going on :)11:03
frinnstlocal network or internet?11:04
frinnsta specific application or is it all udp traffic?11:04
pedjaboth. no difference with pinging the router or some outside site11:05
pedja'Obsolete or malformed (bad checksum)' wth11:09
frinnstfucked nic?11:09
pedjaworks with 4.1711:09
frinnstdriver changes?11:09
pedjathe only difference is the kernel, so maybe11:09
pedjamisconfigured kernel, perhaps.11:13
pedjaI'll build 4.18 again, 'make olddefconfig' again11:14
Romsterseems strange11:16
pedjathere was a similar issue with Realtek NICs, iirc, with 4.4.x or something. reloading the module worked then. I'll try it once the kernel builds11:44
pedjaRomster, inkscape is broken with current poppler. I have a tiny patch for it, if you are interested11:51
pedjato be able to actually reload the module, it has to be a module, not compiled-in. oops11:54
Romsterah send it my way pedja thanks11:55
pedjahere you go
pedjaI did say it is tiny :)11:56
pedjabuilds and runs fine with it, but I haven't tried exporting to pdf11:58
ryuoWho knew ergonomics could be so deadly?12:01
pedjaspeaking of ergonomics, any of you suffering from RSI?12:02
dasporknay, and i think its because i never did home row typing12:27
dasporkthe only downside seems to be changing keyboards takes a couple of hours12:28
dasporkjaeger speaking of, how do you feel about the enter key on your xiaomi?12:28
Romsterreally is that it, seems pointless but i'll apply it.12:29
pedjaRomster, just some header changes in poppler, apparently12:33
pedjabuild breaks without it12:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: inkscape: fix for poppler-0.65.012:54
Romsterfixed now13:16
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libdrm: 2.4.93 -> 2.4.9413:20
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libdrm-32: 2.4.93 -> 2.4.9413:21
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jaegerdaspork: it seems quite normal to me13:33
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joacimebay item was so cheap i accidentally bought two13:37
joacimand i didnt notice until the package came here13:37
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MNKyDethThinking of installing Crux to my home server. I have 4 nics... I typically bond them together. Would be just a matter of specifying each nic in /etc/rc.d/net ? Gonna start installing it in a few minutes here.13:38
frinnstyou would need to modify rc.d/net to do what you want13:38
frinnstthere's no magic in the script, just pass whatever /sbin/ip stuff you need13:39
MNKyDethI've done it with CentOS and Debian... I just know their network scripts are a little different. I'll poke at it and see what I can come up with.13:40
joacimthis is what jaeger gave me.13:40
MNKyDethvery nice! thank you :)13:41
joacimhow your rc.d/net could end up looking, and the options for modprobe.d13:41
dasporkjaeger sorry I meant shift ><13:42
MNKyDethI mostly just use it for a local NAS server. However I been thinking of trying a VM on it and using ipfire or pfense in a VM. It would remove a computer from my network.13:43
jaegerdaspork: ah, ok. I miskey the right shift on occasion due to its size/location, but not too bad13:45
jaegerMNKyDeth: I ran pfsense in a VM for years, worked great. My only complaint at all was needing to have my router/firewall down when the vm host was down13:46
MNKyDethWell, I either need to build a lower power computer for the router. Or move it.... I need my storage so the NAS computer isn't going anywhere.13:47
frinnstpcengines apu213:48
jaegerLOTS of options for that, yeah13:48
jaegerI use
frinnstI use a ubiquiti edgerouter 4. works great13:48
MNKyDethMy router right now is a very old rig of mine. Used to be my main rig. 4gig ram, Core2Quad Q945013:50
ryuo :P13:50
joacim :313:51
joacimi have one and you should have one too so i can feel good about buying one =)13:51
frinnstI have one too.. dont use it :>13:51
frinnstI need an sfp13:52
joacimyour fault for getting too fast internet13:52
ryuofrinnst: Is that the strange port that the ClearFog base has?13:52
frinnstyeah not a good option for router on a stick13:52
MNKyDethWhen you guys linked PC Engine I figured it was this13:53
ryuoI see.13:53
MNKyDethI repair these old consoles as a hobby13:53
joacimthere is a 1 Gbps hucard for it13:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: update to 1.21.215:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: ghostscript: update to 9.2415:32
john_cephalopodaopt/subversion is broken15:42
jueworks for me15:49
john_cephalopoda=======> ERROR: Downloading '' failed.15:50
john_cephalopodaThe version isn't available there any more.15:51
jueah, I see, 1.9.9 is the latest release from the old series15:55
juewell, the port is currently unmaintained, unfortunately15:56
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john_cephalopodaHm :/18:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: subversion: update to 1.9.918:32
pedjaargh. libvirt, why you so broken?18:34
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ryuoMaybe it's because redhat developed it? :)19:32
pedjait was fine several releases ago :)19:36
MNKyDethI thought I was posituve the Adaptec 6805E raid controller used AACRAID. But the kernel I built is not detecting it. Shot in the dark... Anyone have this card and know what driver it uses? before I blanket sweep the scsi section19:53
MNKyDethhow do I copy the config file from the crux installer to use as a base for my kernel? I know it loads the raid controller so figured I could start there.20:19
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MNKyDethfound it :D20:24
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jaegerMNKyDeth: one good way to test that sort of thing is to use 'lspci -k | grep "in use"' while booted into the ISO kernel22:32
MNKyDethI will keep that in mind. Thanks jaeger  ... burnt out today to finish it. Will try later in the week. However my server displays the grub menu just fine in UEFI unlike my main rig. Not sure what that difference is yet. But I based both installs on your grub.cfg you shared with me.23:29
MNKyDethAnyways... Out for tonight. Thanks for all the help23:29
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