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john_cephalopodaI read "cosplay" instead of "commons" for some reason.02:01
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brian|lfsI've seen this chart before03:32
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pedja'GbE: Native, with a dongle' heh07:30
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abenzcrux own line, not branching from anyone and no one branching from it08:55
pedjawasn't Arch 'inspired' by CRUX :) ?09:19
ryuopedja: s/inspired/shamelessly stolen from/09:30
pedjahence the quotes :)09:31
pedja, if you are bored09:33
frinnstpedja: intel-ucode is outdated09:34
pedjathanks, frinnst09:34
pedjaIntel has been busy lately09:35
frinnstlets see if it boots!09:42
pedjagood luck09:42
ryuo"And frinnst was never heard from again..."09:42
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frinnstso far so good09:43
pedjaI think the only change in it is revised licence, after 'you shall not publish benchmarks' shitstorm09:43
frinnstah ok09:44
frinnstsome redhat docs suggested I needed newer firmware for l1tf mitigation. assumed it might be in this version09:44
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pedjano Changelog for this revision, but we are talking Intel here, so who the hell knows09:46
pedjathe update is maybe for something not yet announced :)09:46
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pedja'no change except licensing'09:49
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pedjafrinnst, what's the CPU in your work machine?09:50
pedjayou can check here if there was an update for it
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frinnstmodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz09:54
frinnstmicrocode: 0x1709:54
frinnstah right, its not listed there at all09:56
frinnstwas looking at i7-47*09:56
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pedjayou posted some part of sys/ or proc/ that lists that few days back, iirc10:02
pedjaI know 'bugs' from output of proc/cpuinfo10:03
frinnst[ 1538.261435] microcode: updated to revision 0x1c, date = 2015-02-2610:08
frinnstthats depressing10:08
frinnst[    1.148738] microcode: sig=0x306a9, pf=0x2, revision=0x1710:09
frinnstguess triggering a reload does something odd10:09
frinnstyeah, these firmwares does nothing for my cpu. I thought all were patched?10:31
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pedjawell, 'microcode updated early to revision 0xa0b, date = 2010-09-28'10:39
pedjaI don't think they care about discontinued products, frinnst :)10:47
pedjaor about most of them, anyway10:49
ryuofrinnst: i'll look.11:24
nwedoes someone know howto bind and user in kubernetes to an serviceaccount?11:24
ryuofrinnst: you should have an updated microcode...11:25
ryuofrinnst: for that CPU, it should be in bundle 06-3a-09.11:25
ryuofrinnst: the file at intel-ucode/06-3a-09 in the microcode archive.11:25
ryuoryuo@ryuo-laptop ~/Downloads/y/intel-ucode $ iucode_tool -L 06-3a-0911:26
ryuomicrocode bundle 1: 06-3a-0911:26
ryuo  01/001: sig 0x000306a9, pf mask 0x12, 2018-04-10, rev 0x0020, size 1331211:26
ryuopedja: you're SOL for any cpus older than sandy bridge.11:27
ryuopedja: you'd need to upgrade if you wanted mitigations to work fully, but if you have to do that anyway, maybe it's better to move to AMD.11:27
ryuoluckily my router's N270 is completely immune...11:28
ryuoas it lacks speculative execution.11:28
pedjaryuo, if I could afford it, I'd move to AMD, but since I can't atm, I'll just live dangerously and use this CPU :)11:30
ryuowhat is it? a laptop?11:31
ryuoI see.11:31
ryuopedja: .rs... you're in Serbia?11:49
ryuoI see. I'd never heard of it before. turns out it was called Yugoslavia at one time.11:50
pedjait's...complicated :)11:58
pedjait's still listed as that st some sites. or 'Serbia and Montenegro' altough that marriage broke up a while ago11:59
pedjait's always fun to see where it is listed. sometimes Europe, sometimes 'the rest of the world', sometimes not at all12:02
surrounderstill yeah? how long has it been independent now? 20+ years?12:05
pedja2006, so 12 years :)12:08
surrounderoh really, thought it was older than that12:08
pedjame too, I had to check Wikipedia12:08
pedjaseems like a long time ago12:09
surrounder - wuha pretty12:10
pedjasurrounder, this might be interesting to you too
pedjarafting, hunting, fishing, or just chilling out12:19
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surrounderman that's some impressive scenery indeed12:31
pedjawe have some gorgeous landscapes here12:49
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pitillolost channel log when freenode splits :(16:31
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ryuoman, sometimes i really hate software incompatibilities. breaking shit just because they can.20:02
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