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ryuoHope he gets well soon.06:46
pedja'Forged in Fire', then 'The Great British Bake Off', because I am an entity with many interests09:28
pedjafrinnst, persuade your boss to get one of these, you know, for science :)09:38
pedjaonly supports Vmware, though09:39
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joacimi like that cooler design11:47
joacimthink a cooler like that would be great for sli/crossfire use11:47
joacimsince pulling air through a 3mm gap doesn't seem like the most efficient solution11:47
joacimwith a design like that, a single fan would be enough11:48
john_cephalopodaOther designs are quite nice, but that design is just _cooler_.12:05
frinnstCan you please do me a favor and install phalcon php extension for the PHP 7 installation in our Live server??12:10
frinnst"FUCK IT! WE'LL DO IT LIVE!12:11
john_cephalopoda"How to set up <x> on your webserver." -> "Step 1: Open the web interface, go to Settings -> <x> and check the box »enable <x>«"12:21
john_cephalopodaHmm, what was the replacement repo for 6c37 again?12:22
pedjajoacim, aren't sli/crossfire basically dead at this point?12:32
pedjanot supported12:33
frinnstpedja: yeah we won't be buying nvidia. thats for sure12:33
pedjathat Radeon Pro is using standard drivers, apparently12:37
joacimi think so. sli and crossfire isnt something i would use12:37
joacimunless with a voodoo 212:37
joacimsince that card really scales well in sli with faster processors12:37
joacimat a pentium 3 level, you get pretty much double the performance12:38
joacimwithout stuttering. might be some interlacing tho12:38
pedjaI had a Matrox GPU long time ago12:39
joacimi think it could be useful for passthrough tasks. at least in my computers. but i'm not most people12:39
joacimi like how some old late 90s graphics chips from matrox and ati were around for a really long time in servers and workstations12:40
frinnstI didnt really get any performance increase with my voodoo2 sli's back in -9912:45
frinnstbut I could run with the same performance at 1024*768!12:45
frinnstI think most if not all of our servers have matrox gpu's12:46
joacimfor slower pentium II or pentium mmx, i dont think there was too much of an increase12:46
joacimor k6-212:46
joacimtoday people pair these graphics cards with much faster 1GHz Pentium III processors12:46
frinnsta friend of mine had a voodoo2 and a k6-2. hardly made any difference12:47
pedjamassive 8(?)Mb VRAM12:49
pedjaah, no. 32Mb
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pedjaWindows 98SE was hot shit then12:54
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pedjaI think XP was the last Windows version I ran on an actual machine12:56
frinnstwin2000 here. it was awesome13:03
pedjait was pretty solid, iirc13:04
pedjaACTION checks mail archives13:05
pedjaholy shit, I've been a CRUX user for 15 years13:05
john_cephalopodaMy first own computer ran Windows ME.13:05
john_cephalopodaAnd openSUSE, dual-boot.13:05
surroundermy first own computer ran some weird version of dos13:06
surrounderit was an 8088 with a hercules touchscreen13:07
pedjatouchscreen? fancy :)13:07
frinnstnot sure when I started using it13:11
frinnstFrom  Mon Oct 24 17:08:12 200513:11
frinnstthats the earliest I got from the mailinglist. but I dont think i've saved everything from back then13:11
pedja0.9.4, I think, or sometime after that13:12
pedja*long* time ago :)13:12
frinnstDate: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:09:26 +020013:13
frinnstSubject: Welcome to the "CRUX" mailing list13:13
joacimno idea when i started bothering people here13:15
joacimused one of those 64-bit builds of crux for a while, before the standard distribution switched architectures13:16
pedjathat was frinnst's project13:16
john_cephalopodaThe first computer I actively used was bought in ~2003. Windows XP, Pentium 4, damn fast with over 3 GHz.13:17
joacimmine was 1.8 GHz. Athlon XP 2500+13:17
john_cephalopodaIt was my family's computer.13:18
pedjaCeleron 30013:18
joacimfirst computer i used at home was 486-something13:18
john_cephalopodaEventually I got a laptop with an IntelCore Duo, which I used for 5 years, until it broke down mechanically.13:18
joacimdont know chich13:18
pedjaI heard that IntelCore Duos are pretty nice...13:19
pedjaPentium DualCore ftw13:20
frinnstone might already be in the post destined for you!13:26
frinnstwho knows?13:26
pedjaI owe you a shitload of beer by now13:29
john_cephalopodaCan't wait until RISC-V hits the market.13:31
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ryuojohn_cephalopoda: where do you think it'll go first? i'd guess specialized SOCs like ARM.13:33
john_cephalopodaWell, the only thing that's available right now are the sifive boards.13:34
john_cephalopodaAn arduino clone and a now also a full, linux-capable processor.13:35
frinnstrisc-v will probably disappoint. like risc usually does13:35
john_cephalopodafrinnst: ARM is Advanced RISC Machines, after all.13:35
ryuofrinnst: as opposed to how Intel disappoints by leaving you with gapping holes at the hardware level? :)13:36
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john_cephalopodaAnd RISC machines have been top-of-the-line scientific computers for decades, until x86 got fast enough and those specialized machines were abandoned.13:36
pedjasecond fastest supercomputer is RISC13:48
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, by 'hit the market' you mean 'mass produced', I guess?13:59
pedjaas part of the SBCs14:00
john_cephalopodaI mean that you can buy it in an online shop now.14:01
john_cephalopodaA single board costs 1000$ and you have to pay some more to get an extension board with a PCI controller.14:02
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: IOW, it's becoming a viable competitor to PPC SBCs. :P14:02
john_cephalopodaThe Arduino clone is 60$, so if you really want to poke RISC-V, then you can also try that.14:02
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pedja <--that one14:08
pedjathere is also LoFive14:09
pedjaOpenHardware licenced, so in theory, you could make your own14:10
john_cephalopodaYou can make your own board, it's an Arduino with a RISC-V chip on it instead of the AVR one.14:35
john_cephalopodaThe part that makes the difference is the SiFive Freedom E310.14:36
john_cephalopoda <-- That one runs Linux.14:36
pedjaACTION needs to replace fridge door gasket16:58
pedjahow hard can it possibly be (famous last words)16:59
pedjalocal repair shops want to charge me more for the work then what is the price of the gasket itself. greedy bastards17:01
abenzin case you didn't know about it.. windows drivers suddenly became pleasant!17:04
pedjaoh, nice.17:08
pedjahas anyone used Chocolatey on Windows machine?17:10
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abenzwait maybe I rushed with that link.. just read about some drama, and like "ublock" it seems there's an origin version of SDI too:17:16
abenzyea thats the open source version.. ^17:19
john_cephalopodapedja: Some fablabs got repair meetings, where you can bring by your stuff and get help :þ17:20
pedjajohn_cephalopoda, I wish there is such a thing near here :)17:21
pedjathe closest one is 50km away17:25
pedjajoacim, are you referring to SDI shipping with 'extras' :) ?17:30
pedjasince they were on Sourceforge, might be one of SF shenanigans back in the day17:33
pedjahm. nothing in 4.18.6 Changelog about my NIC driver. I guess I am on my own :)17:46
pedjaor I could drag my ass to the flea market on Sunday and try to find an Intel gigabit NIC17:51
pedjasdi tool18:24
joacimi think you meant to highlight someone else?19:05
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MNKyDethjaeger: just an fyi... my main system where I was having that garbled grub issue a while back. While doing up my server with crux I used setup-chroot instead of doing it manually. I redid my main machine using setup-chroot instead of doing it manually and my grub menu works as expected now.19:24
MNKyDethNot sure if there were any other commands setup-chroot does compared to what is said in the handbook. I didn't look at the setup-chroot script. But something must of been different.19:24
jaegerHrmm, not sure how setup-chroot would affect grub setup, but good to know19:25
jaegerYou can see exactly what setup-chroot is doing here:;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-chroot;h=f31b7a1348cb21c1522870e10db7786cd85d6a2c;hb=refs/heads/3.419:27
MNKyDethok, will get in a bit. Just got into this fresh install. My gui is still building. Btw, love this 2700x for compiles. :D19:28
jaegerNo worries. I bet. :) This machine is a 1700x19:29
pedjasorry, joacim :)19:29
MNKyDethNice, really impressed with these Ryzen chips so far.19:30
joacimits ok im not angry19:30
abenzjoacim: pedja: calm down guys19:30
abenzMNKyDeth: upgraded from what?19:32
MNKyDethMy old main rig was a Haswell ... 4770k, before that... 2600k19:33
MNKyDethI didn't have any UPS's here. Never needed them... Power went out one day and it took my HTPC and the 4770k with it.19:34
MNKyDethBuilt a new rig and bought two nice UPS's.19:34
abenzpower going out takes out systems?19:35
abenzwas it a power surge ?19:35
MNKyDethtook those two older machines. found out what worked and what didn't. Built a new computer from those parts for my stepson.19:35
jaegerbummer, that sucks19:35
MNKyDethIt could have surged. I had power strips.19:36
MNKyDethBut the power flickered on and off a few times.19:36
abenzI see19:36
MNKyDethIt stayed off for about 3hrs. Until the utility people could come fix whatever happened. So I figured it was time for UPS's.19:37
MNKyDethFirst time I ever had a computer... let alone two die... from something like that.19:39
MNKyDethI tried showing him Crux. But he lost interest fast. His workds were... Thats a lot of text! I just wanna play minecraft.19:41
frinnsthow ironic. one of the most popular minecraft servers ran on crux iirc19:42
frinnstdont think its based on crux anymore19:42
MNKyDethI have him on opensuse leap 15 now. So hopefully he learns a little bit about Linux.19:43
MNKyDethAhh, I have played some. But I have never really played on any servers available to the public. I did put a creative and a survival on my server yesterday for him though. Local network only.19:47
MNKyDethHoping he could have his friends or cousins over and play with him on them.19:47
jaegeryeah, MineOS or whatever it was called... was crux at one point, then debian I think19:56
abenzthats quite interesting19:56
abenzany more details? how many users?19:57
jaegerNo idea there20:08
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