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abenzdoes anyone know of a firefox extension that lets me download 1080p off youtube?09:53
abenzeven if separate streams audio/vid is fine..09:53
abenzall those addons ask me to get the "ultimate" version for that.. the free stuff only gets upto 720p09:54
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_sfigusercna i install kde or gnome on crux ?10:14
frinnstnot sure what the repo status of those DEs are though10:16
frinnst might be a good start10:16
frinnstthere's a mate repo here:
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joacimabenz: i just use youtube-dl from a terminal for that10:37
joacimi think therei s a port for it, but i install it from pip since thisis something that updates often to be compatible with changes with youtube and other video hosts10:38
abenzjoacim: will check it. cheers10:42
pedjaI'd stay away from yt d/l extensions, Mozilla and Google regularly kick a few of them  out of stores, for misbehaving (cryptominers, that kind of thing)10:47
pedjayoutube-dl, otoh, is awesome10:48
pedja'no such thing as 99% alcohol', said the pharmacy girl. so these people are lying, then
pedjaand Amazon, and a bunch of others. only logical conclusion is that it's some kind of conspiracy10:57
frinnstits not really drinkable :-)11:24
pedjawhen I was in the army, our sergeant liked a bit of ethanol in his morning coffee11:35
pedjaapparently, nothing else worked anymore on him :) (his words)11:36
frinnstwho doesnt like a little bit of ethanol?11:45
pedja70% one, a.k.a 'rubbing alcohol' :) ?12:06
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MNKyDethIn the setup-chroot jaeger ... I did what the handbook specifies. So I did not do line 5, and lines 8 through 12.12:18
MNKyDethI love the sun... When I'm not outside.12:42
joacimbest i could find was this 95% ethanol. intended to disinfect i think12:47
joacimcan make my own 96%, which you can even drink without throwing up (right away)12:47
darfokeep in mind isopropyl alcohol is methanol (deadly) while the drinkable stuff is ethanol (wish you were dead sometimes)13:53
pedjadarfo, wikipedia seems to disagree with you :) IPA != methanol
pedjastill flammable, not for drinking, and (little less) toxic, thou14:11
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darfopedja: learned something new, methanol != isopropyl alcohol. wikipedia is great!14:30
darfothat explains why the "rubbies" here don't die sooner from drinking it14:31
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ryuoFirefox 62 out... wonder how much more this one'll suck. :D17:06
tilmanthis seems a bit unfair considering quantum brought a nice performance boost17:29
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pedjapeople are still whining that quantum broke their favorite extension17:39
pedjasome of them moved to chrome out of protest :)17:41
pedjain 62 they removed bookmarks description field, which, naturally, enraged some people :)17:45
tilmani see17:46
joacimisnt the new extension stuff in firefox more like the stuff you have in chrome tho?17:46
pedjasupposed new Web standard, iirc17:47
joacimdotn think i ever wrote anything in the bookmark description field. i'd edit the name to remove all the lame stuff people put in the title tag17:47
pedjaone of the major issues I have with FF is lack of tools to deal with bookmarks/history. duplicates, the ability to remove them based on some criteria, etc17:48
pedjaI *could* use sqlite cli, but GUI would be nice :)17:49
tilmanACTION remembers it's not bookmarks.html anymore ;d17:49
joacimi would like an option in firefox to remove history older than a month17:50
joacimsafari does, but i cant find anything like that in firefox17:50
joacimtheir web inspector is pretty crap too i think. at least in my eyes.17:50
joacimwebkit has a nice one17:50
joacimi mostly just use it to figure out the actual link to videos and such17:51
MNKyDethI honestly would love to go back to the old bookmark setup style of Opera 12.5 for any browser.17:51
MNKyDethOld Opera is still by far my favorite style. I just wish it was viable.17:52
MNKyDethSo, I want to get into making some of my own ports. I started with Asunder. How does one go about keeping track of when an update comes out?18:02
MNKyDethJust visit the site everyday?18:02
tilmanports -l | grep ck4up18:02
tilman"check for updates"18:02
joacimim more comfortable with a feed reader18:07
joacimbut not all projects has rss/atom feeds to subscribe to18:07
MNKyDethI am reading up on ports again. Been a while since I got into it ... and prt-utils.18:08
MNKyDethJust really enjoying Crux again. Slowly making it what I want.18:15
jaegerMNKyDeth: ok, I'll look into updating that part of the handbook, thanks for pointing it out18:15
MNKyDethI just always did the chroot by hand. Followed the handbook. Never looked into the setup-chroot. But I am glad I tried it when doing my server.18:17
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joacimsetup-chroot is nice. dont have to think too much about it18:22
joacimsaves a bit of time and effort18:23
jaegerI used to do it by hand as well, have switched to setup-chroot at some point, though18:25
MNKyDethWell, I will now too. But I think people that don't know about setup-chroot and follow the handbook will have issues with uefi systems. My MBR was fine though.18:27
MNKyDethBut learning uefi for me wasn't fun. lol18:27
jaegerUEFI support in crux also evolved pretty organically as I played with it... so yeah, it's a bit out of sync now, unfortunately18:32
MNKyDethWell, I just appreciate you all who keep this distro alive.18:33
jaegerThanks, glad you're enjoying it. :)18:34
MNKyDethI wish I never moved away from it. Just to come back to it. Because it just works. Where as stuff like opensuse 15 leap works.. mostly... You have to dink and fiddle and tinker to get it just right. I might as well have just done it on Crux and contributed somehow, possibly. With my own repo.18:35
MNKyDethSame with ubuntu's, still need to dink around, tinker and modify things.18:35
frinnstW H A T  T H E  F U C K18:42
frinnst/tmp/firefox-pa-63.0b3-1-work/src/firefox-63.0/build/moz.configure/checks.configure.FatalCheckError: could not find Node.js executable; ensure `node` or `nodejs` is in PATH or set NODEJS in environment to point to an executable.18:42
frinnstanybody want to adopt firefox?18:42
ryuofrinnst: if by adopt you mean, take it out back to be shot, then sure. :)18:43
ryuoNode... a steaming pile of sith.18:45
joacimi think the handbook do tell you to run setup-chroot19:23
joacimbut i guess it also tells you what the steps are you do it manually19:23
MNKyDethyeah, I was just reading over it as well19:24
MNKyDethcall me dumb.... but the step are different. Manually vs setup-chroot19:24
tilmanfrinnst: rofl ;D19:26
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frinnsthaha fuck you tilman19:26
frinnstknew you were going to say something :D19:27
tilmani just liked the quick adoption question :]19:27
frinnstwant it back? :)19:27
frinnstI like web extensions now run its own process19:28
tilmanso the build process really has a hard dependency on nodejs?19:28
joacimwont be long. firefox gets deleted and we see the initial commit for netsurf =)19:29
frinnsttilman: in 64, yeah19:29
frinnstit defaults to enabled in 6319:29
tilmanwhat are you going to do?19:39
pedjacurse while drinking single malt, I guess19:40
pedjait's as good of an excuse as any :)19:42
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joacimthink i'll start with some bourbon20:04
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frinnsttilman: dunno. using the mozilla binary is a very tempting choice.20:26
frinnstno need for rust and clang20:26
frinnstdownside is pulse audio requirements20:27
frinnstPA is pretty nice these days. I already run it20:27
MNKyDethThe only thing I have to say abou that... if your ok to hear it... Is that what hardware based sound cards do we have left these days that can mix audio channels without pulseaudio?20:28
MNKyDethAs much as I hated it when it came out. I had a hardware based card. There are none now... imo, pulseaudio is it.20:30
frinnstyeah. I ran a centos6 desktop a few years back. pulseaudio on that was shiiiit20:30
joacimi still get scratchy audio at times with PA20:31
joacimcan be fixed, but i have to fix it stil20:31
joacimalsa just worked for years20:31
frinnstgranted I dont use that many desktop computers but I have it installed on 3 without issue with the default configurations (more or less)20:32
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pedjaI hate when the intro to yt video is loud af and then it goes to normal volume as soon as the actual content starts21:45
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john_cephalopodaBetter than netflix videos that are still quiet when you put all available volume sliders to 100%.23:35
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