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dasporkeven tv stations are terrible at normalizing volume00:14
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john_cephalopodadaspork: No normalizing issues here.02:57
john_cephalopodadaspork: I mean, ads are usually louder than the movie, but that's intentional.02:57
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ryuojohn_cephalopoda: what ads? I'm just enjoying this refreshing glass of Pepsi.09:28
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onoderaI have a windows laptop, now I want to play some game on that, but somehow "cast" the audio and video to my linux pc, is this possible?11:00
tilmanISTR that steam supports that feature11:01
onoderaah nice11:02
onoderahmm I don't want to install all these 32 bit libs :p11:05
onoderaany way I can run steam in some container11:05
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john_cephalopodaryuo: "i am your father, luke. - no NOW ENJOY THIS PEPSI. YES YOU. BUY. CONSUME. OBEY."13:33
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pedja'They Live' was ahead of its time13:53
pedjacult classic13:54
pedjaI pushed ncpamixer to contrib last night. ncurses based pulseaudio mixer13:55
jaegersaw that, looks neat14:22
pedjatook me a while to figure out the shortcuts :)14:30
pedjait never occurred to me to take a look at the conf file14:31
pedjaman page is just converted from the git repo14:32
abenzpedja publishing ports now too?14:32
abenzseems all guys went through the ritual14:33
abenzmy crux experience is incomplete14:33
pedjaabenz, I have a bunch of ports in local repos, I try not o push random crap to contrib ;)14:33
pedjaI wonder how big would my nvidia-cuda package be if pkgmk used zstd instead of gz14:35
ryuoor even xz.14:59
ryuoACTION coughs.14:59
ryuoThough I suppose xz is best for distributing packages whereas zstd may be better for building.14:59
jaegerIT can use whatever bsdtar/libarchive supports15:02
pedjabut we build libarchive without it, so :)15:03
tilmani thought we switched to xz for pkgmk. or was that a test only?15:03
pedjait's settable in pkgmk.conf, afaik15:04
tilmangood choice ;d15:05
pedjain my (highly unscientific) tests, zstd was as fast or faster then xz in compressing and faster in decompressing on my machine15:05
tilmanpedja: do you know about this?
frinnstzstd should be a lot faster than xz15:31
pedjatilman, yes. I might even used it sometimes15:32
pedja <--about 6x :)15:33
pedjasame compression levels15:33
pedjaabout 20% file size diff, which is not bad at all, imho15:34
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pedja tilman, if there was some clue in your mention of drop caches I sorely missed it :)16:54
pedjadid you mean I should drop caches between benchmark runs, perhaps?16:55
tilmanpedja: yep, so that cached i/o doesn't skew your results16:57
tilmanpedja: if you put your files in a tmpfs and you're not swapping you should be good too i think17:00
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pedjatilman, thanks :) now I am curious what would be the results be with all that. :added to TODO:17:06
pedjazstd was 4 and 6x faster then xz on spinning rust/dual core.17:08
tilmanring ring17:08
tilmanit's the 90s. they want their disks back pedja ;>17:09
pedjaif you want to donate me a SSD you no longer use, I wouldn't say no :)17:11
tilmani have one, but it's from 2010 and i'm not sure it's good anymore17:13
pedjaj/k :)17:14
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