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rmullGeting a gdb build error: MiscXS.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xdb80080, needed 0xde00080)13:16
rmullI rebuilt perl but it didn't change anything13:17
frinnstnever seen that before13:29
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pedjarmull, rebuild that perl module too13:56
pedjaeven better, rebuild *all* the perl modules you have :)14:00
pedjaI might've broken Perl once when I was using CPAN to install some modules (too lazy to make a proper port)14:03
pedjaI might've broken Python too once, using pip to install stuff14:04
pedjasee the pattern :) ?14:04
joacimi think those "package managers" are dangerous14:05
joacimespecially when setup/install scripts call pip on their own14:05
joacimgood reason for fakeroot14:06
surrounderisn't it better practice to use something like venv / rvm / whathaveyou ?14:06
surrounderdunno the name of the perl alternative14:06
joacimwhen i use such managers, i specify the directory i want them to install to14:07
rmullapparently there is no way to use cpan to remove things? yikes14:09
jaegeralias cpan='rm -r ~/.cpan' maybe :D14:09
joacimthat'll work =)14:10
rmullokay, tried that, still no fix on the gdb build14:21
rmullThe full log is here:
rmullmaybe related to an out-of-ports texinfo?14:22
frinnstor maybe not. -j1 might be useful to try. and that output would be a lot easier to figure out the problem from14:37
frinnstchecking for makeinfo... makeinfo14:38
frinnstMiscXS.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xdb80080, needed 0xde00080)14:38
frinnstchecking for expect... no14:38
frinnstyou get that during configure even14:38
frinnstchecking for makeinfo... no14:39
frinnst/usr/ports/work/gdb/src/gdb-8.2/missing: 81: /usr/ports/work/gdb/src/gdb-8.2/missing: makeinfo: not found14:39
frinnstchecking for expect... no14:39
frinnstthat's what I see14:39
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pedjaMiscXS.c is from texinfo, so my guess is that it's broken15:29
pedjabuild fails at generating documentation15:29
pedjamaybe explicitly disabling info build in the gdb port is the way to go. nobody reads *those*15:33
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rmullYeah, it's gotta be texinfo, since the same error occurs in the configure script after checking for makeinfo17:50
rmulland makeinfo belongs to texinfo17:50
rmullrebuilding texinfo has fixed the issue18:00
rmullthanks all18:00
rmullAlthough I am using 6c37/texinfo, and texinfo does not appear to be in a standard repo, so I will try building without it installed18:02
rmullYes, removing texinfo altogether also results in proper installation18:16
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