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john_cephalopodaHmm, I might add wayland & weston to contrib.02:10
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BrainzmanHi all ! I was wondering if I it was possible to prevent eudev from automaticly loading all my modules. So I can manually load them in /etc/rc.modules04:47
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frinnstblacklists would work07:42
pedjait would seem that I am stuck on 4.17 for the time being, until ovs catches up :)10:11
pedjabut I suspect that the issue is somewhere else, Tumbleweed is shipping the same ovs version with 4.18 kernel, so10:13
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frinnstdoes wayland still require pam?13:01
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pedjadoesn't it require logind?13:33
frinnstlast I looked at wayland pam was required. so I got bored and stopped there13:35
frinnstwas a year or two ago13:35
john_cephalopodaPam is still required.13:39
pedjaACTION updated jq13:50
pedjanow if I could only wrap my head around using it13:50
pedjaapart from trivial 'jq . foo.json'13:53
jaegerI've been using it a little in the last couple days, very handy with elasticsearch13:58
pedjaI use it a bit, learn it a bit, then not use it for a while, and forget all that I've learned :)14:03
pedjarinse, repeat14:03
pedjahappens to me with most of the tools, thou14:04
pedjaso I take notes, to remind me14:05
jaegeryeah, I know the feeling14:12
pedjaI see a cool app, read 'to build, you need Rust', I close the tab15:08
pedjasomehow, that doesn't apply to Node15:11
pedjamaybe because Node doesn't require a working week to build on my potatoputer15:12
pedjathat was a weird sentence. "doesn't *take* a fucking week"15:13
joacimwhenever i hear about node i think about
joacimi think this applies to any language specific package manager tho15:29
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: spectrwm: update to 3.2.015:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: samhain: update to 4.3.015:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] libunbound: update to 1.8.015:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: unbound: update to 1.8.015:52
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libinput: update to 1.12.015:54
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: vim: update to 8.1.036616:07
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gvim: update to 8.1.036616:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: flash-player-plugin: update to
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jaegerpedja: you might like for learning/testing16:37
pedjajaeger, ah, nice. thanks16:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: dhcp: 4.3.6-P1 -> 4.4.121:17
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pedjashit, evim is confusing21:26
pedja'no modes' oh, great21:28
pedjabut for total 'wth' experience, nothing comes close to ed, imho :)21:30
pedjanowhere on the package of this LCD cleaner I used on my monitor says 'may leave huge Rorschach-like stains inside the LCD panel'21:35
pedjaand yet, here we are21:36
john_cephalopodaUsually those tell you to use it were you can't see it that much first to test compatibility.21:37
pedjaI already used it several times in the past with no issues21:38
joacimi just avoid eating soups at my desk21:38
joacimand try not to ever touch my monitors21:38
joacimonly use those dry static dusters to remove dust21:38
joacimwhen i do use a "cleaner", i just use plain water and clean with a moist terrycloth21:39
joacimthen dry it off with a dry cloth21:39
pedjamicrofiber cloth is nice for that21:40
pedjait came with that pathetic little lens cleaner cloth. good for eyeglasses, for monitor not so much21:41
joacimi get so many scratches with that :(21:41
joacimlots of tiny scratches on pretty much any plastic21:41
pedjabuy a quality one :)21:41
pedjaare you sure it was not sandpaper?21:42
joacimfor my glasses i gave up on theincluded cloth and just use my bath towel when im done in the shower =)21:42
pedjaI gave up on glasses decades ago21:42
joacimwhat they're great21:42
joacimlets me see21:42
pedjacontact lenses21:43
joacimi can see for several km21:43
john_cephalopodaGlasses are nice.21:43
joacimnever tried lenses before. would be convenient in some situations i think21:43
john_cephalopodaMake you look clever 8-)21:43
joacimbut im happy with glasses21:43
joacimalso can make it a bit less obvious that you dont get enough sleep =)21:43
joacimby hiding the dark spots around your eyes21:44
pedjaif your dioptre(?) is small, glasses are fine21:44
pedjaI am pretty sure it's not spelled like that21:45
joacimthe magnifying strength of the glasses?21:45
joacimfriend of mine have these massively thick glasses21:45
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joacimmy challenge with getting glasses is getting frames that are small enough21:45
pedjathey make Titanium ones, but expensive af21:45
joacimbut still give me these arms (?) that are long enough21:46
pedjaI'd have, and in fact did, wear those massive thick glasses. that's why I switched to contacts21:47
joacimi can mix and match bridge width and temple lengths from online retailers, but stores dont let me21:47
joacimand i feel bad when i spend an hour in a store trying glasses only to buy from a website21:48
joacimsome of these older stores have bullshit prices too. they'll tell you the price for the frame, but when you ask for the price of lenses, it is so hard to make them tell you the total cost21:49
joacimthey'll tell you the price of a single lens without the treatments you want21:50
joacimbudget stores are easier. this much for frame, this much for the frame, this much for a pair of lenses with hardening and anti reflective coating21:50
pedjajoacim, these are fancy
joacimis that real wood?21:56
joacimmore or less the proper sizes that i need too21:57
joacimcant tell if the bridge fits tho. harder to fit such bridges comfortably21:57
pedjaif you wear glasses long enough, it's gonna hurt, no matter how comfortable they are, iirc22:01
joacimfit is harder on glasses without keyhole shaped bridges22:04
joacimor glasses without these "pillows"22:04
joacimi would like a comfort pair for use later in the evening22:05
joacimthe ones i usually use isnt uncomfortable over the nose, but it can hurt a bit behind the ears due to my headphone use22:05
pedjahow many pairs you have, if you don't mind me asking? you collect them, or what :) ?22:10
joacimi just have the one i use22:10
joacimgot an older pair with an older prescription22:10
joacimthe temples on that pair are a bit too short, so they dont sit well22:11
joacimespecially when i lean forward22:11
pedjaever thought of laser surgery?22:15
pedjacan be a viable solution, for smaller prescriptions22:18
joacimyeah but eyesight changes22:18
joacimso i'd have to do that more than once22:19
joacimim fine with glasses.22:20
pedjait stabilised for me 15-20 years ago22:20
pedjawent from 0 to -6 in 20 years :)22:21
pedjaor something like that22:22
pedjait's been stable since22:23
joacimi have around -3 i think22:23
pedjaso you are half as blind as I am :)22:24
pedjacouple of issues with laser surgery. it might not work, it might make matters worse, i'd have to spend 2 weeks without contacts prior to it, and it's expensive af22:27
pedjaso nope22:27
joacimi dont know how much it costs here22:55
joacimglasses can be expensive too, but for the less fortunate, there is stuff like specsavers22:56
joacimand many other stores promise free prescription shades with your regular glasses22:56
joacimi notice youtube recommendations are so much better now, once i removed everything from my liked videos22:57
joacimmore stuff related to what im currently watching22:57
joaciminstead top recommendations being a soldering video22:57

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