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SiFuhSeagate + Samsung07:20
frinnstdidnt seagate buy them years ago?07:21
SiFuh Seagate acquired Conner Peripherals in 1996, Maxtor in 2006, and Samsung's HDD business in 201107:23
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frinnstwoah. ubuntu 18.04 installer is brand new09:22
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frinnstpedja: any mail yet?10:02
pedjafrinnst, not yet :(10:31
pedjaidk why is taking this long this time10:32
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joacimshould give my laptop a larger /14:53
joacim30GB just isnt enough for firefox14:54
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john_cephalopodaprt-get depends `prt-get listinst` | grep '\[ \]' | sed -e 's/\[...//g' | xargs sudo prt-get depinst15:22
pedjajoacim, what?15:22
pedjastain in my LCD panel seems to be getting smaller. yay15:26
pedjataking the monitor apart to clean that up is way past my skills15:28
pedjawell, I *could* probably take it apart. putting it back together, otoh15:28
pedjatop of my shopping list
john_cephalopodaprtverify should seriously check the checksum.15:33
john_cephalopodateK_: The signature of opt/mypaint-brushes mismatches for Pkgfile.15:33
joacimpedja: i keep getting errors with firefox due to running out of space15:40
pedjajoacim, never seen one of those. maybe because my $HOME is ~800Gb :)15:44
pedjabut that looks like a weird error, tbh15:47
john_cephalopodapedja: How did you geet $HOME so big? O_O15:49
pedjait's on a separate partition15:52
john_cephalopodaAh, I guess when you hoard videos and/or music and/or images...15:54
pedjathose are on a separate disks15:55
pedjaI have ~400Gb ~15:57
john_cephalopodaI use 86 GB for $HOME15:59
john_cephalopoda20 GB are Unreal Engine.16:00
john_cephalopoda13 GB are images from my digital camera16:00
pedjaI prefer jdiskreport16:00
john_cephalopodaWhat package is that from?16:01
pedjatiny (2mb) standalone java app. I've been using it for years16:02
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pedjaquick, too. ~4min to scan 800Gb16:04
pedjaI like the pie charts :)16:05
joacimmy storage for videos and such is 12TB. only use a bit over 6TB tho16:05
joacimpedja: think it needs more than 8GB or so to build16:06
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joacimmost annoying part is it takes ages, so if i forget to move work dir to something else, the build fails16:07
pedjait needs a fuckload of RAM (technical term) to link16:09
pedjaone of the reasons I stopped building it :)16:09
pedjaand, at the time, CRUX shipped only FF without PA16:11
pedjamaybe I started using upstream binary even before that, can't remember, tbh16:12
joacimthat too, but my 8GB RAM is enough16:13
joacimjust storage on the laptop was a bit cramped16:13
pedjaI use openSUSE Leap on my netbook16:14
pedjaAtom processor, 2GB of RAM. not really the machine to build stuff on16:15
john_cephalopodapedja: xdiskusage source is 53K.16:16
joacimthink i got my laptop for about 100 dollars. + 50 dollars on stuff for it16:16
joacimcame with an ssd and 8GB RAM16:16
john_cephalopodaIt's even tinier than jdiskreport and its diagrams are quite neat.16:16
john_cephalopodaIt uses du internally to measure disk usage,16:17
pedjaif ou are happy with it, use it16:17
pedjayou are*16:17
pedjajoacim, which laptop?16:17
pedjathat's a lot of hardware for 100$ :)16:18
joacimsandy bridge. so it is old16:20
joacimgot an x220 for about the same price too, but that came without an ssd16:21
joacimthe build took 97 minutes16:25
pedjaor rather
pedjaon the more serious note, this might be useful to Ryzen users
joacimplacing a load on all 16 cores at once is exactly like listening to black metal18:19
jaegerneat little app18:26
jaegerwhat else would it have been?18:32
jaegerAnyone been able to get the blizzard desktop app(lication) working in wine?19:02
pedjaquite a few people asked the same question here, iirc :)19:06
jaegeryeah, I couldn't recall if anyone had success19:07
pedjame neither, sorry19:11
pedjacurrent has the bronze rating in winehq appdb19:13
pedjawith 3.15-staging19:13
pedjainteresting that it works better with win10 set as OS19:15
jaegerYeah, it's an odd bit of software19:18
abenzdid you know about windows 10 enterprise LTSB ?19:26
jaegerI've heard of it, haven't used it19:27
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pedjaupgrade from version to version is a PITA, according to some folks from r/sysadmin19:31
abenzI dont think one can upgrade to that particular version19:32
abenzits a shame you can only buy that version with volume licensing19:32
abenzits like a seriously big organization went to MS: we need to use the OS for real work, remove all the junk. And you get the LTSB19:33
pedjai meant from one ltsb snapshot to another19:34
ryuoi must seem silly. i've started using my Probook 455 G5 that has 16G of ram.20:44
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pedjaryuo, the AMD one?21:15
ryuopedja: yea.21:15
ryuoNot the fastest, but it gets my work done quite nicely.21:15
ryuoAnd is immune to the worst of the latest flaws.21:15
pedjawhat do you run on it?21:16
pedjawhich OS, I mean21:16
ryuopedja: Linux Mint.21:17
ryuoThough I imagine it could run CRUX if you bothered to configure the kernel.21:17
pedjais Mint still green :) ?21:18
ryuoLol. the logo is.21:18
ryuoI'm using LM 19.21:18
pedjaeverything works, hardware-wise?21:19
pedjaLinux on a laptop has come a long way over the years.21:20
pedjafingerprint readers seem to be one of the remaining issues. and nvidia. and broadcom wifi :)21:22
pedjaand lately, new Windows 'not really standby/hibernation'21:23
pedja'modern standby'21:25
pedjaLenovo recently pushed a BIOS update to re-enable s3 support on Carbon X121:31
pedjaI guess enough people complained :)21:32
ryuopedja: oh. sorry. yea, now it does.21:47
ryuosome stuff was failing before the latest bios update.21:47
ryuopedja: amdgpu works pretty well.21:48
ryuoonly one thing doesn't work. the fingerprint reader, but I don't use it anyway.21:48
ryuobefore I bought it they told me what type of wifi it would have.21:49
ryuoA realtek one.21:49
ryuoNot the greatest but the drivers are there.21:49
pedjarealtek and ralink are not that bad21:50
ryuothis laptop effectively requires 4.14 or newere kernel due to the wifi.21:50
ryuothe drivers for it aren't available in an older kernel.21:51
ryuoI had 2 main issues OOB.21:51
ryuobut should be fixed for all future Linux kernels.21:51
ryuoMy patch to fix the audio LEDs made it into upstream.21:51
ryuothe other issue was addressed by a BIOS update.21:52
ryuoAll function keys now work.21:52
pedjacongrats on the merged patch :)21:53
ryuoI guess? I got the canonical people to submit it.21:54
ryuoI figured it'd be easier to get a patch in from another channel than directly.21:54
ryuoBecause no one knows me on the LKML.21:54
ryuoI'd probably get lost in the sea.21:54
pedjaisn't sending it to subsystem ml the way to go?21:55
pedjalkml is a firehose :)21:56
ryuoProbably... my patch was very basic.21:56
ryuoThe issue was already addressed by existing workarounds, but it needed my HW ids to work.21:56
ryuoSo that's what I supplied.21:56
ryuointeresting how the backlight of my keyboard isn't controllable from software.21:57
ryuoit's entirely controlled by the EC.21:57
ryuonot even windows knows anything about its status.21:57
ryuoI recall Dell handles these differently.21:57
ryuoIt actually sends events to the OS for these.21:58
ryuoNot complaining, honestly, as why would I want to control the backlight from software?21:58
ryuopedja: i found something interesting.21:59
ryuoa game on GOG build using a javascript game engine.21:59
ryuoNot too bad of an idea I suppose, but I imagine the performance suffers.22:00
ryuoWouldn't surprise me if stuff like this takes the place of FLASH Games.22:01
ryuoAfter all, flash games were basically java script...22:01
pedjaI think Node is the next go to solution for that22:17
ryuoInterestingly, these games work in browsers as well as their native versions.22:17
ryuoThough the demo I played was only fully functional in Chromium. My gamepad didn't work with Firefox.22:19
pedjawebgl is also interesting22:20
pedjaI think that's what the CAD-in-the-browser thingie is using. Onshape?22:22
Anselmoonshape is popular for that22:23
AnselmoI think it was . . . made by some ex autocad devs or something ?22:24
pedjaex-Solidworks, I think22:25
pedjaFreeCAD is more than enough for my needs :)22:27
ryuoi just don't see these taking over in areas where performance is critical.22:28
AnselmoI mean, there's probably no way they would22:29
Anselmobut they might serve as like, intros to CAD for students or so22:29
pedjaAutodesk Fusion360 is basically free for small shops/tinkerers (under 100K $ of profit), iirc22:34
pedjaas always, it depends. licencing, infrastructure, etc costs22:36
pedjahow many businesses almost entirely depend on AWS?22:36
ryuowith Adobe's new licensing of Photoshop, it wouldn't surprise me if some people jump ship. GIMP isn't the greatest but it has no licensing fees.22:37
pedjaprofessional designers, unlikely22:37
AnselmoI feel like there are a huge number of ps users who very dislike the Gimp22:37
ryuoI've gotten used to its quirks. i've never used photoshop.22:38
Anselmoor like, I have encountered few regular Ps users who dont quickly turn their noses at the very mention of Gimp22:38
pedjaI did, for several years.22:38
Anselmooh ?22:39
pedjaI find Gimp very un-intuitive22:39
ryuoI guess they'd rather take Adobe's bullshit .22:39
Anselmoits difficult to make people transition over22:39
pedjait's probably my fault, but still :)22:39
AnselmoI've been using the Gimp for years and years, if I tried to move to Ps Im sure it would take getting used to22:40
Anselmopeople are stubborn and silly a lot of the time22:40
ryuoI get the feeling GIMP is the VIM of photo editor.22:40
ryuoPITA to learn, but powerful when you do.22:40
ryuoNot to mention having to do things their own way.22:40
pedjayou can learn vim basics pretty quickly. not so for Gimp, in my experience22:41
Anselmowhat blocks have you hit ?22:41
pedjaworking with layers, mostly22:41
ryuoYea... layers are a bit strange.22:42
pedjaBlender, otoh, is very powerful, but the learning curve is not so steep22:42
ryuoI wonder if someone will one day design a photo editor that works like VIM. ROFL.22:43
pedjafor basic stuff22:43
ryuothere's already browsers like that.22:43
Anselmonow I'm feeling like I dont know enough of ps to make any proper comparisons c_c22:43
pedjathe strange thing is, I haven't used PS in years. recently I was using a Win machine that has it. after maybe 15min, I could use it as I once was, keyboard shortcuts and all22:45
pedjadon't get me wrong, GIMP developers are doing great work, 2.10 is a huge step forward22:46
pedjaI need to unlearn PS, I guess :)22:48
AnselmoI mean, I feel like there's also a large barrier of that22:48
Anselmowhere its just, I *know* I could do this much faster if it were only that which I was used to22:48
Anselmoand it feels rather grating to use something where you feel obviously very bad22:49
Anselmoif you're used to dancing around doing things really quickly in vim and then get dumped into emacs or whatever22:50
Anselmoand suddenly you can't even save a file22:50
pedjaor evim :)22:50
pedjait takes a while, for every app, to get to a point where you are no longer thinking about how to actually do something22:52
Anselmoand its worse to have the power taken away from you than to never have had it,22:52
pedjaagreed :)22:52
pedjaidk, I haven't had a need to use GIMP much so far, apart from rudimentary stuff22:54
pedjain time I'll pick up its ways, hopefully22:54
pedjaand the issue with people dumping PS for GIMP isn't just the workflow, plugins, etc. psd is de facto standard in design industry22:57
Anselmoand its relationship to other adobe products that have various qualities of free analogs22:58
pedjayeah, the whole ecosystem around it22:58
pedjacolor management on Linux is still a bit of the mess, too23:01
pedjabut colord (no relation to systemd. yet) should help with that23:01
pedjaand CM is one of the highlights of GIMP 2.10.x23:02
pedjaso, we are getting there23:02
Anselmoand darktable seems fine, even if I've seen many people complain of it as well. . . .23:03
Anselmogetting people to shift is always a mess23:03
pedjadarktable is nice23:03
pedjaopencl-accelerated (some of it, iirc)23:04
Anselmoas is the new gimp23:04
pedjaI couldn't get gegl to enable openCL on my machine23:04
Anselmooh, hm23:05
Anselmowait, I recently got a 2.10.something to build fine23:05
pedjamaybe an issue with nvidia binary driver23:05
pedjadarktable and a few other apps enable it just fine. idk what's deal with gegl23:06
pedjaopenCL in nvidia is version 1.1. my guess that's not sufficient, or something23:08
pedjahaven't really digged into it so far23:09
AnselmoI feel like the last few versions have all fixed definit issues23:09
Anselmoso maybe will get sorted out soon23:09
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pedjaas a test, I checked 'Use OpenCL' in GIMP, and it didn't crash. so progress :)23:26
pedjaI wish there was a way to check if it's actually using it23:27
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