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john_cephalopodaI don't get gimp compiled at all because it depends on some mypaint stuff.00:16
john_cephalopodaAnd gegl gets a footprint mismatch :/00:17
john_cephalopodaWish those things were easier to report.00:18
AnselmoI remember spending a while on it when it was in 2.9.x00:18
joacimi had some issues with that, but i dont remember if i had a mismatch with gegl00:22
Anselmooh wait hey the opt gimp is now to 2.10 too00:23
joacimi get mismatch from NEW00:24
joacimnot a big deal that tho00:24
joacimvapi and svg stuff00:24
joacimfirefox stopped displaying the regular new tab page. i liked the top sites list for bookmarks00:39
joacimbrowser.newtabpage.enabled is set to true...00:41
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Workstersame joacim03:00
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pedja"john_cephalopoda:. Wish those things were easier to report." <-- flyspray was working fine, last time I checked09:25
pedjathat mypaint stuff gimp depends on is, lo and behold, in Depends: line for it, so I don't see what the issue might be09:28
pedjaRomster, your nodejs port ships without npm? how do you install npm then? one of those npm version manager thingies?09:30
pedjabtw, 8.12.0 is the latest LTS09:31
pedjafsck. still no mail :(09:31
pedjawtf of the day
joacimbetter handling of new dependencies by sysup would be nice =)09:43
joacimwould avoid a lot of such issues, but some stuff do need a rebuild09:43
joacimthink i had to rebuild something to update gimp09:43
pedjait's on TODO list for pkgutils rewrite, afaik :)09:44
joacima nicer way of handling packages that no longer needs to be installed since nothing depends on it anymore would be nice =)09:46
joacimthats more of a pkgadd thing maybe09:46
joacimthat is not super important, but it is nice. no idea how to solve package renames09:47
pedjaisn't that what pkgfoster is for?09:48
joacimlast time i tried it, it wanted to remove everything i had09:49
joacimso idk09:49
joacimeven core showed up09:49
joacimjust to try it out, ran it now and it wanted to remove clamav09:50
joacimwhich i explicitly installed09:50
pedjathat one is tricky, because of the soft dependencies09:50
joacimi guess it lists packages with no dependents?09:52
joacimyup. just read the man page =)09:52
joacimmy thinking is explicitly installed applications shouldnt show up in pkgfoster. maybe they do now and this is just the result of me running with an almost 10 year old install09:55
joacima lot of the stuff that shows up is stuff ive installed in recent times too09:55
joacimso idk09:55
pedjayeah, it want's to remove blender, for example, which, true, nothing depends on, but :)09:57
joacimi could end up removing my shell if i just blindly went through this. hit y without thinking09:58
pedjathat would suck :)09:59
joacimthen there is stuff i installed because i like them as soft dependencies09:59
joacimpkgfoster takes too much time due to the "false positives". rather just have a few extra packages installed =)10:01
joacimcould do a lot of this myself by adding the package to .keepers10:02
frinnsti guess my sql servers and dns infra is fucked10:03
frinnstjust hope no SJWs find out10:03
joacimalready screencapped and posted on wherever SJW hang out10:05
joacimcontacted alt-right too, for maximum outrage10:05
joacimwonder if i register as sami, if i count as a minority in their eyes10:07
joacimim still white10:07
pedjado you feel oppressed :) ?10:14
pedjasjw plague is getting worse by the day10:15
joacimthe nazi should be required by law to rebuild finnmark  to help us recover from their scorched earth crap10:17
joacimshould be allowed to make german rv tourist pull over, and help me redecorate my house10:18
joacimand help me carry heavy stuff10:18
pedjadid anyone propose to git devs that the default branch shouldn't be called master, I wonder...10:18
joacimidk. as much noise there is about sjw online, i have yet to meet one irl10:19
joacimpeople seem a lot more normal when you go offline =)10:19
pedjano internet points IRL10:19
joacimi dont really take issue with renaming master to main or whatever10:20
joacimmeans the same thing. im not married to master10:21
joacimstuff like ide use both primary/secondary and master/slave. depends on who you ask and whose documentation you read10:21
joacimi mostly think about bondage tho. so master and slave means different things to me10:22
joacimi think i mostly run into these anti-sjw folks online. so many clickbait youtube videos from those people10:28
joacimi run into more anti-sjw than actual sjw. makes me think there is a whole lot of noise about nothing10:28
pedjapeople will try really hard to get offended by something10:39
pedjachanging the words master/slave to something else doesn't really deal with the actual issue of slavery, which still exists10:40
joacimbit of a problem here actually10:41
joacima lot of businesses arent hiring actual employees since they can get free interns instead.10:41
pedjathere are many forms of it, unfortunately10:42
joacimso in some fields it can be harder to find a steady job.10:42
joacimsince you cant find one, the government tells you to get an internship, or else you lose your funding10:42
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pedjaACTION is preparing a possible bug report12:38
pedjatshark is awesome12:38
ryuoACTION watches tshark swim through pedja's packet stream, looking for food.12:46
pedjathat sounds more like that Amazon Candiru fish :)12:51
ryuoACTION slaps pedja around for a bit with a large tshark.12:56
pedjanot without buying me dinner first :)13:00
ryuoACTION stuffs some 💩 into cruxbot's pants.13:00
pedjathis is how cruxbot looks on Casual Fridays/day off
joacimzardoz is a good movie13:15
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libpcre2: update to 10.3218:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] ghostscript: update to 9.25, fix for CVE-2018-1680218:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: sudo: updated to 1.8.25p118:30
nwehas someone looked at for build lxd images?19:57
frinnstnot I20:03
frinnstbtw when are you doing ipv6 at work? I find the lack of AAAA records disturbing :-)20:03
frinnststill at blocket?20:04
nwefrinnst: I dont know yet =)20:11
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john_cephalopodaDoes anybody else have issues building xorg-server?20:59
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AnselmoI updated it earlier today and it went fine21:07
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john_cephalopodaRequested 'randrproto >= 1.6.0' but version of RandrProto is 1.5.021:44
pedja didn't xorg-xorgproto port replaced all proto ports in xorg?22:00
Anselmorandrproto.h is owned by xorg-xorgproto22:00
pedja'pkg-config --modversion randrproto' '1.6.0'22:00
pedjarandrproto.pc is in there too22:01
john_cephalopodaUpdated xorg-xorgproto. pkg-config says 1.5.022:03
pedja2018.4 ?22:04
john_cephalopoda=======> Package '/usr/ports/xorg/xorg-xorgproto/xorg-xorgproto#2018.4-1.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date.22:05
pedjapass '--debug' to pkg-config22:15
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