IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2018-09-18

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abenzdoing prt-get sysup gives "system up to date"01:31
abenzbut some apps have updates, eg gimp.. when I issue prt-get update gimp, it updates01:31
abenzwhat could be causing this?01:31
john_cephalopodaabenz: Hmm, which version of gimp have you got installed? Which version is the new one?01:41
john_cephalopodaabenz: It could well be that gimp was installed as a binary package at installation and you have never actuallly built it before.01:42
jaegerwhat does 'ports -d' say?01:42
jaegerdoes it match up with 'prt-get diff'?01:43
abenzjohn_cephalopoda: I have 2.10.6 installed, could the reason be they have the same number? its still updatable manually (no -f given). And no I installed from the normal ports.. I updated my ports and saw gimp checking out so assumed it would update01:51
abenzports -d01:51
abenzCollection  Name   Port   Installed01:51
abenz6c37-git    mpv    git-2  0.28.2-201:51
abenz6c37-git    tint2  git-1  16.6.1-101:51
abenzjaeger: ^01:51
john_cephalopoda2.10.6 is the latest one.01:52
jaegermaybe the order of your prtdir statements in prt-get.conf is borked02:16
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elderKGuys, is there a way I can ask for a certain port to be built somewhere different than the usual build dir?04:24
elderKOther than say, copying it somewhere and invoking pkgmk?04:24
jaegerMaybe you want PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR, PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR, and PKGMK_WORK_DIR in pkgmk.conf04:43
jaegerUnless you just mean a one-off, then not really04:43
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elderKOkay, nuts.05:59
elderKThanks :)05:59
elderKNice article06:14
joacimi like how some message boards with no external resources and very few pictures load instantly09:02
joacimwhile others take several seconds to load on fast connections09:03
joacimelderK: i do notice that. outside of video and 3d games, computers somehow doesn't feel faster or more useful than a nice 20 year old one running suitable software10:02
joacimi can still write documents, send emails, shitpost10:03
joacimwhen i bought my macbook, i did virtualisation running winxp through parallels and a lot of multitasking. after a few os upgrades, it all just became slow and horrible10:05
joacimi didnt need virtualisation anymore, but somehow the hdd was too slow, not enough ram, cpu noticeably slow when just using a browser10:05
joacimor watching a movie10:06
elderKI've managed to benefit from better hardware - for the most part - because I run a very tight ship in terms of my software.10:06
joacimi can do a lot of stuff on my 2011 laptop, but discord is laggy10:06
elderKBut, sometimes, you gotta use stuff. And it's just shit.10:06
elderKLike Facebook. Or YouTube. Or jesus, most modern "rich" websites.10:07
joacimventrilo and an irc client by themselves can run on mid 90s computers10:07
elderKI mean, you know something is wrong when you're reading a fucking blog and it frames.10:07
joacimbut discord require something much faster to serve the same purpose10:07
elderKI like discord, don't get me wrong10:07
elderKBut it does piss me off how even the "desktop client" is just CEF.10:07
elderKSame with telegram10:07
elderKEverything these days is fucking written in JS, built upon a shit ton of JS or wants to be10:07
elderKAnd it pisses me off10:08
elderKDon't even get me started with "The web is the platform!"10:08
elderKOtherwise we'll be here for hours :P10:08
elderKOr say, games.10:08
joacimwaiting for the site to load?10:08
elderKDownload an indie game, 2D. Looks similar to say, 1996 games.10:09
elderKBut runs like absolute fucking shit.10:09
elderKIts like... how can you possibly justify this?10:09
elderKI mean, it's not doing anything particularly complex in the logic. But it runs like shit all the asme.10:09
joacimive seen that. fast c2d. indie 2d game. sidescroller. it was laggy...10:09
elderKI hav elearned from my time at Uni, that even "game developers" these days, aren't interested in really learning the hardware. At least, not as much. They'r el ike, oh, we'll use Unity! It will always satisfy us! No need to GL or algorithms or anything! Just UNITY!10:10
elderKAnd that kind of ... makes me sick in a way.10:10
elderKIt's so foreign to me.10:10
elderKAnd yes, loading times too10:10
joacimhe mentions latency. more modern arm powered keyboards with fancy firmware, are slower than a c64 keyboard10:10
elderKTake Starcraft. It was great. Download the modern version, it's a 7G download!10:11
elderKAnd all it does is sex up the sprites a bit10:11
joacimoh they "remastered" it?10:11
elderKYes. And it sucks, imo. I played with the ol spritework instead.10:11
joacimthe original game was on 2 cds. and that was because of the later release of brood wars10:11
elderKThe only plus is being able to run at native resolution and have "scaling" in the game itself.10:11
joacimthe game is tiny by modern standards10:12
elderKI've been told some games these days, from steam, are 30+G downloads.10:12
elderKI can't even comprehend that.10:12
elderKi mean, jesus god.10:12
joacimi have some at 6010:12
joacimi think my GTA5 install is 80GB10:12
elderKAgain, I can't comprehend that.10:12
joacimthats with all the DLC tho10:12
elderKfunny true story:10:12
joacimthe original PC version only came on 7 DVDs =)10:13
elderKI bought a "BIG" External HDD a few years back - 500G. It was GIGANTIC. To me.10:13
elderKIn six years, I am yet to fill it.10:13
elderKIt's maybe 1/3rd ful..10:13
elderKAnd I've been collecting things, VM images, software, etc.10:13
elderKIono. to me, 30G is still a /lot/10:14
joacimseen jurassic park? they say nature finds a way10:14
joacimsame way as windows finds a way, to fill your SSD with useless crap for you to clean out10:14
elderKIt's like windows 10 - I have that just in case I NEED it. I have nothing installed, at all. Just run updates eveyr so often to keep it "current." And it eats around 30G. Even after I "clear unneeded stuff", it's still that huge10:14
joacima regular install is maybe 10-20GB, but with a smallish SSD of 120GB, you'll be doing regular maintenance to clean out junk files10:14
elderKTo contrast, Crux set up with everything I need to do the things I want to do, 8G10:15
joacimi have alpine in a vm with xfce410:15
elderKAnd even that's big and I could minimize it. I used to run a Crux setup around 3.5G10:15
joacimthe install is just a few hundred MB10:15
elderKIf you really want to, you can squish things down insanely.10:15
elderKI've been using SSDs since they became semi-affordable, so space used to be a real issue for me.10:16
elderKLess so nowadays when you can get a 512G SSD for a reasonable price10:16
elderKBut back when it was 64G or 128G10:16
elderKIt hurt.10:16
elderKESPECIALLY if you were dual booting10:16
joacimmakes me want to try to squish down crux, but a lot of the size requirements on my systems are due to packages and sources10:16
elderKSame here.10:16
elderKI wish there was a way though to easily tell which things could be safely removed. I know there is "orphan" or "leaf" stuff.10:17
joacimi underestimated the root partition on my laptop10:17
elderKBut it's still kind of difficult to know what exactly you can remove.10:17
frinnstjaeger: have you ordered one yet?
joacimit is 30GB. 8GB free10:17
elderKEspecially given that ports may use something that's present, even if it's not in the depends on:10:17
joacimhave to move the work dir to my home partition to build firefox and texlive10:17
joacimtexlive is massive too.10:17
elderKYeah, same.10:18
elderKand yes, it is.10:18
elderKI usually make a 16G "/tmp" and build Firefox there :P10:18
elderKSure, I hit swap.10:18
elderKBut only a few hundred megs of swap.10:18
elderKIt's crazy how far we've come, and where we are in some ways.10:18
elderKLike, I remember when 128M of RAM was /big/10:19
elderKLike, WOW10:19
frinnstfirefox 64 will probably get dropped in favour of the binary build. thoughts?10:19
elderKWhen 512MB was /HOLY SHIT/10:19
joacimfrinnst: just buy a threadripper10:19
frinnstwill remove rust, clang, nodejs deps but pulse audio will be required for audio10:19
elderKBack when a 2G HDD was /big/. Or hell, when 60G WD Raptors were HOLY SHIT10:19
elderKfirefox-pa will remain?10:20
frinnstheh, its not the threads, its the fucking shite i want to avoid10:20
joacimi dont really care too much. saves me time on my laptop10:20
elderKI kind of prefer building from source if possible.10:20
joacimif it saves on deps, thats fine =)10:20
frinnstelderK: the mozilla binary is more or less equal to firefox-pa10:20
elderKAlthough tbh, I care less now since FF is rusted up to hell10:20
elderKRust took fucking forever to build. It was like it built EVERYTHING including ALL packages possible.10:20
frinnstindeed. but rust won't be needed with firefox-bin10:21
elderKAnd atm, building FF is a special case for me, as mentioned above.10:21
elderKWell, that's a win in a sense.10:21
elderKKind of jaded / sick of Rust.10:21
frinnstfirefox 64 will require nodejs. that was my last straw10:21
elderKYeah, fuck that.10:21
elderKwhat the hell does it need njs for?10:21
frinnstits a buildtime dep, like rust and clang10:21
elderKI kind of miss the time where building things was you know, relatively straight forward.10:22
joacimbrowser and javascript engine, implemented as an electron application10:22
elderKIt's like, I don't run a lot of things simply because building them would require a fucking mountain of bullshit deps.10:22
surrounderbrowsers are all onsters10:22
elderKYeah, they are.10:22
elderKalso, HEY surrounder!10:22
surrounderelderK! \\o10:23
elderKo// :)10:23
surrounderhow's life ?10:23
elderKjoacim: It'll happen :P10:23
elderKNot bad, I guess. Been an interesting few months though. How about you?10:23
joacimfrinnst: even tho i have to install PA, i'm fine with -bin. saves me having to bother about rust and nodejs10:23
elderKIono, maybe I'm just.. off base. But I find a lot of humor in the current move to "WEB EVERYTHING!" I used to be really into "hobbyist kernel dev", years back.10:24
elderKAnd I did a LOT of research around that area back when I was doing that stuff.10:24
joacimPA is one of those things that i cant avoid in the long run i think. if it happens now or later doesnt matter to me10:24
elderKAnd, like, it's as if the whole world is shitting on like, 60 years of OS research and experience.10:24
elderKMoving everything into the fucking browser.10:24
frinnstPA isnt that bad these days i think10:24
surrounderelderK: fine here man, temps rising again though, thought the damn heat was over /o\10:24
elderK:P here but with the cold!10:25
surrounderlonging for the cold10:25
elderK:P Swap? :P10:25
surroundersure, 25C here now10:25
elderKfrinnst: I avoided PA for a really, really long time. But, by the time I finally tried it, it was pretty good. In fact, I've had no real problems with it. And with, imo, for me, fringe shit like Bluetootoh10:25
frinnstelderK: same here10:26
elderKI had to add a bunch of extra ports, personal ones, to get Bluez5 and stuff working the way I wanted, but... it all runs pretty smooth.10:26
frinnstran PA on my rhel6 desktop years back. that was horrible. these days on crux? not that bad10:26
elderKBetter than pure ALSA, in a lot of ways, like being able to mute certain apps, or disconnect / reconnect sinks10:26
elderKsurrounder: Oh wow, that IS hot.10:26
surrounderikr /o\10:27
elderK8.9 here.10:27
elderKNot too cold. not too hot :)10:27
elderKGod, fuck that heat :P10:27
elderKYou can keep it :P :P10:27
surrounderfrinnst: aye, think my current slackware install has it too, it works (tm)10:27
surrounderelderK: haha thought so10:27
elderKHow does your hardware handle that?10:27
joacimi had issues with noise with PA10:27
elderKfrinnst: I will avoid systemd for as long as I can though10:27
elderKjoacim: Really? Even now?10:28
joacimi found a fix with disabling speech dispatcher10:28
joacimyes. still happens on my system10:28
elderKWhat is speech dispatcher? Is it like, Cortana or something?10:28
joacimidk =)10:28
surrounderimaginable re: systemd - I have to use it for the systems at work and often swear at it10:28
joacimeverything works without it10:28
elderKjoacim: I had some issues with BT, around BlueZ4. Like, you could easily... desync with whatever.10:28
frinnstopt/pulseaudio - Dependencies: dbus,glib,xorg-libsm,xorg-libxtst,libsndfile,intltool,consolekit10:28
joacimive been using a systemd distro for a year. i still dont know how to use it10:28
elderKBut BlueZ5 (or newer PA) seems to have solved that.10:29
frinnstI dont use opt/consolekit though but my own: Dependencies: dbus-glib,xorg-libx1110:29
surrounderjoacim: hehe at least in debian 'service blaap action' still works :P10:29
elderKI ran systemd when I used a PPCG4 running Debian. It often would just hang the system...10:29
joacimbigger distros have speech dispatcher in with PA. probably wont be an issue with crux. idk10:29
joacimnever cared to test it10:29
elderKfrinnst: I have my own consolekit, too10:29
joacimlike with libinput. i dont care for switching when what i have works10:29
joacimill make the step when i must10:30
elderKThat's pretty much how I feel about a lot of things :P10:30
elderKStuff works well enough :P10:30
elderKMaybe I'm just getting old :P10:30
elderKTBH, I like rc scripts and shit :P10:30
joacimsurrounder: was going to mention that. they have a sane tool that is easy to wrap my head around10:30
surrounderelderK: heh  yeah it's a mess anyhow10:30
joacimplain systemctl or whatever is too foreign to me10:30
surrounderjoacim: aye, same10:31
surrounderelderK: - read that if you haven't, it's hilariously written but sadly so true10:31
elderKPlus, it never seemed to fucking work anyway.10:31
elderK:P It would always hang, ime10:31
elderKThanks for the link - I'll check it out now10:31
elderKBTW guys, what the hell is "bikeshedding"?10:32
elderKI've heard the term used a lot10:32
elderKI have no fucking clue what it means10:32
joacimfirst time hearing about it10:32
joacimi guess it means buying a car?10:32
elderKWell, I thought it was like, obviously, something to do with a bike.10:32
elderKBut the way it's used, makes me think of pointless bullshit around the water cooler.10:33
elderKBut the definition is "Outside, talking abotu the bike shed."10:33
elderKSo I'm like.... ?10:33
elderK"The only reason coders’ computers work better than non-coders’ computers is coders know computers are schizophrenic little children with auto-immune diseases and we don’t beat them when they’re bad."10:44
elderKGod, I wish I could print this in PDF10:51
elderKI would LOVE to stick this up somewhere at CS.10:51
elderKsurrounder: Got any other gems to share? :D10:55
elderK(Bikeshedding, etc)10:58
pedjacanonical source :)
pedjaI guess it was inevitable...
elderKYou guys mike enjoy the start of this :D11:05
elderKpedja: That's a pisstake, right?11:08
elderKthe FSF thing?11:08
pedjasatire, yes :)11:09
elderKI like it11:09
pedjafor now, at least ;)11:10
pedjaI talked to some professional developers a while back. I was curious when and how they optimize their software.11:11
pedjaone of the replies was 'optimize? I just move it to a bigger box with more horsepower, duh'11:12
pedjawhich is an...interesting approach11:13
pedja'release early, release often'11:14
pedjaKnuth did say that the premature optimization is the root of all evil, but I don't think he ever said 'just don't bother' :)11:15
pedjaelderK, cool talk. bookmarked for later11:16
elderKUgh. I hate the... way people have abused what Knuth said11:16
elderKHe did not mean do the stupidest fucking thing because you're lay.11:16
elderKHe meant be sensible and be aware - be aware of the costs, optimize when necessary - but always be aware.11:16
elderKVs. WHO CARES! HARDWARE! :D11:17
pedjamicropython is one of the more interesting projects I came across recently11:20
pedjaPython3 in 16k of RAM and 256k of code space? what sorcery is this?11:22
pedjahardware constraints can do wonders for developer imagination, I guess11:24
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surrounderelderK: yeah from the same guy, love how he writes11:28
surrounderelderK: and
elderKpedja: Constraints often breed innovation.11:29
elderKThanks surrounder  :)11:29
surrounderelderK: last of the "things I send to recruiters" is brilliant :D11:30
elderKI look forward to reading them11:30
elderKas I worry a lot a lot about ... stuff11:30
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jaegerfrinnst: heh, that's really silly13:41
frinnstyeah pretty cringe13:45
elderKThe tolerant UNIX? :P13:45
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elderKThe recruiters one was pretty awesome14:14
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frinnstblueness: anything noteworthy or mostly fixes/hwdb updates?18:54
frinnstgood job btw, our saviour :)18:54
john_cephalopodaI think I'll create erlang for contrib.19:07
john_cephalopodaAnd wings-3d.19:13
frinnstthere are some nifty scripts to manage different erlang versions locally19:18
frinnsthavent looked at erlang for a few years19:18
john_cephalopodaI have tried out the blender 2.8 alpha and was quite disappointed. Completely different program. Now I'm considering moving to wings-3d.19:23
pedja2.8 release is still 6 months away19:24
pedjalot can happen until then :)19:25
john_cephalopodaHmm, better safe than sorry.19:30
pedjasorry? why?19:31
pedjait's OK if you don't like the way it is shaping up to be, but that decision should be based on the final, polished release, not alpha WIP, imho19:37
pedjatoo early to tell if it will be disaster or awesomesauce :)19:39
pedjathere are some questionable UI changes, granted, that are under review by the community atm19:42
john_cephalopodapedja: Yeah, I guess it makes sense to wait a bit until things are final. Yet I think that some things - like the super-low framerate on my system - might not be really fixable since they are simply following from the new evee/PBR stuff.19:45
john_cephalopodaSo I'll migrate my stuff to wings-3d just to have some stable software that won't just change the UI around suddenly.19:45
pedjaopengl-3.3 capable gfx card is required for eevee19:51
john_cephalopodaMy GPUs can handle that opengl version, they are just not very fast at it.19:53
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joacimis that a blender thing?19:54
pedjajoacim, yes19:55
pedjaaround 100k polygons is the upper limit on my potatoputer before it stars to slow down, so I keep it simple19:59
pedjaon 2.79. haven't played with 2.819:59
pedjanow if I could only figure out why AMD's Radeon ProRender doesn't like my gt640 :)20:03
joacim100k polygons is a lot more than what i did with maya3d20:04
joacimthink i managed to make a tricycle20:04
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pedjamodel I made using photogrametry has close to 400k polygons :)20:05
pedjano way to import it and clean it up20:06
pedjaso it waits until I upgrade to something made in this decade :)20:07
joacimbuy this20:08
pedjathe (accidental) record is 2 million polygons (slip of the mouse on one of the modifiers)20:08
joacimthey even have a single socket board now. look how cheap it is20:08
joacimonly 1099.9920:09
joacimthat without the cpu20:09
joacimwould be a neat system to have20:10
joacimbut i think it would end up in the same drawer as my RPI20:10
joacimcollecting dust20:10
pedjaso buy it, and ship me your TR ;)20:10
pedjano point of having that much clutter in the house20:11
joacimthreadripper is just too big20:11
joacimcan barely have room to sleep20:12
joacimreminds me of these youtube thumbnails20:12
joacimlevel1techs have one of those lianli desks dont they20:13
pedja i think so20:14
pedjaasrock loaned them tr 2990wx20:17
joacimcan send it to me next20:17
joacimsince i bought their taichi and all20:17
pedjawendell is debugging their UEFI issues, iirc20:17
pedjawith newest agesa update20:18
joacimi want to update, but i havent bothered with it yet20:18
joacimdont even know if i can disable the psp stuff (was that the issue)20:18
pedjathat secure thingie, I think20:19
pedjahe has a video about it20:20
pedjacompiling the kernel without it seems to solve the issue, or something20:21
pedjaseveral m/b vendors have added UEFI option to disable it, iirc20:22
joacimhope so20:22
joacimdoubt that im going to bother with making a custom kernel for fedora20:23
joacimdont know why reviewers take away points from accessories that use the plain 4 pin "molex" connector20:27
joacimit is nice and chunky. not as fragile as sata power is20:27
joacimso tired of sata power cables just popping out when the cable is under a bit of stress20:28
jaegertesting DXVK with a wine-staging port, seems to be working well21:12
pedjajaeger, are you using winetricks to install dxvk?21:14
pedjacool script21:15
pedjaI used it to install net-3.5 framework for something. install crashed horribly, as the warning before said it probably will :)21:17
jaegeryes, that's the preferred way to install it currently21:18
pedjahow does that actually work? dxvk replaces some wine libs?21:19
pedjaah, nice. new stable glslang release21:20
*** slek has quit IRC21:21
pedjaI'll wait for 1.1.84 vulkan to drop and then update all the pieces21:21
pedjaunless dxvk requires the current version still? I'd hate to break people's wine/dxvk installations :)21:23
*** john_cephalopoda has quit IRC21:23
pedjaaltough I am responsible only for contrib 64bit bits21:24
jaegerpedja: it intercepts d3d stuff but I don't know the low level details21:29
pedjaso, it translates directx to vulkan? that's some dark magic21:31
jaegeryeah :)21:31
pedjaI like how Khronos will add extensions it needs to the next release :)21:32
pedjabecause Witcher3 is kind of broken without them21:32
pedjawell, with Valve pushing for it, I am not surprised21:33
pedjaand the Khronos would love for Vulkan to become *the* cross-platform standard21:34
pedjathat would be incredible for Linux gamers too, I think. lowering the developing cost of native games, in theory21:36
pedjabut that was they said for OpenGL too, so21:38
jaegerI think it would be great as well, vulkan is pretty impressive so far21:38
pedjatbh, I am surprised it took off like that21:39
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pedjathey are positioning it as a umbrella technology of sorts, merging graphics and compute (openCL)21:43
john_cephalopodaI tried to install openCL today :þ21:44
pedjaROCm, AMD project?21:44
pedjaopenCL on nvidia binary works, for various levels of 'works', depending on the application using it :)21:45
john_cephalopodaThere appears to be openCL for AMD in mesa.21:46
pedjaGIMP, Darktable, hashcat21:46
pedjaI don't think xorg/mesa3d is built with it enabled21:47
pedjavulkan is21:47
pedjatbh, I am not that familiar with AMD and Intel openCL situation21:48
pedjaROCm seems to be the way to go, for AMD GPU/CPUs and some Intel ones21:50
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ronin7zjaeger: if you got to the wine-staging port, i can test it for you22:52
ronin7z on another note, im trying to launch lutris and it tells me its missing the module named "gi"22:56
ronin7zits a python module22:56
jaegerpygobject, probably22:59
ronin7zi should have been more clear22:59
ronin7zi already tried installing that22:59
ronin7zseems like romsters pygobject port did the trick tho23:00
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kujirasup #crux ?23:15
kujiraabenz: how ya do ?23:15
abenzgood. you?23:16
kujiraim good. ive been crux user for a few years, but ive never really talked in here, ive idled a bunch though23:16
john_cephalopodaHello kujira23:16
ronin7zhiii kujira :)23:17
kujirakinda just saying hey everybody !23:17
ronin7zthe irc is the best thing about the distro23:17
ronin7zim jesting, but the community here is nicer then other distros23:17
bluenessfrinnst: just minor fixes and hwdb updates23:17
kujirai should be more active, i should also revive some old ports23:17
kujirai need to figure out hosting space again..23:17
ronin7zi wanted to do some ports23:18
ronin7zits nice that crux ports are so simple to setup, especially since i dont do any development23:18
kujiraport things that havent been ported !23:18
kujirawhat do you do if not dev ronin7z ?23:19
ronin7zculture studies lol23:19
ronin7zor as they call it now : digital humanities23:19
kujiraronin7z: im a can o worms on culture, but it gets shady real fast, hehe :)23:19
kujiraronin7z: them terms are really vague to me.. no clue what digital humanities are.. :)23:21
ronin7zi mean23:21
ronin7zits just like looking at human patterns and the influence of media etc23:21
ronin7zsuperfluent information blabla23:21
ronin7za question about ports, in alot of ports i cant seem to find a pub file23:22
kujiraim rusty, im the wrong person to ask a question to at the moment. im trying to get my head back.. ive never written a pub file..23:24
kujirathe only pub file on my system is contrib/contrib.pub23:27
kujirasorry, /usr/ports/contrib/contrib.pub23:27
ronin7zoh i was just asking in general23:33
ronin7zlike i got a couple ports like alan s and Romsters but i cant find a pub file23:34
kujiraive actually never used anything but core, opt, and contrib23:44
joacimronin7z: private repos might be a bit different with pub files. Romster has his on
ronin7zjoacim: ah sure that makes sense23:48
ronin7zi tried looking in the directory but i must be blind23:48
joacimalans too at
ronin7zim in the process of setting up wine23:48
joacimi live dangerously and just rm the .signature, but thats just me being lazy23:49
ronin7zstill hoping for  jaeger s winestaging port23:49
joacimi recommend doing it properly =)23:49
ronin7zyeee i just do -is most of the time23:49
ronin7zlemme relog23:50
*** ronin7z has quit IRC23:55

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