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pedjaassimp is pretty cool name for a library.12:47
pedjathose crazy Germans12:48
crash_fuck i hate fever, i have been having since monday.13:40
jaegeryuck :/13:40
jaegerpedja: so wine builds the vulkan DLLs even if vulkan is not installed13:40
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pedjajaeger, interesting. so it ships with its own loader?13:45
jaegerMaybe? Not sure what those are13:47
pedjajaeger, apparently it is a minimal Vulkan loader implementation14:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: wine-staging: initial commit, version 3.1614:50
joacimugh. still a lot of noise about the linus thing. people even dragging his daughter into it...17:29
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frinnstI vote for a crux CoC authored by Jim Jefferies:18:17
frinnst"Try not to be a cunt"18:17
frinnstI dont get why people are upset. the document is fine18:20
joacimbe a cock instead?=18:20
frinnstthats just my personal motto18:23
pedja'cunnus non probabit' (according to Google translate). and now I am thinking of putting that on a t-shirt :)18:29
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pedjaapparently, the problem with that short CoC is that often people don't realize that they are being cunts, unfortunately18:37
joacimi like the way it is now, with no coc, and nobody gets kicked for anything18:38
joacimnothing to kick about tho18:38
pedjasmall community, most of us have been here for centuries :)18:40
pedjano 'btw, I use CRUX' people here, I think18:41
joacimnot too many flamewars to put out i guess.18:47
pedjathere were a few over the years, iirc18:48
pedjanot recently, thou18:49
joacimi could spend my days raging at top-posters and html emails on the mailing list tho18:49
joacimshit makes me so angry =)18:49
joacimi think someone here had an opinion that i didn't like once, but i forgot what that was18:50
joacimalso i think +cnt looks like "cunt" in the channel mode18:50
pedjatried that once, on some ml. got a 'you know who I am, peasant? I work at Sun!. who are you to tell me not to top-post' e-mail in response.18:51
joacimguess he was on top =)18:51
pedjaecho chambers are dangerous18:52
joacimand i still dont like the $~a ban. i could pester people about that until the ban list got a *!joacim@* too18:52
pedjablame the spammers :)18:53
joacim+r stops those tho18:53
joacimand give unregistered users a proper error they can work with.18:53
pedjadoesn't it break cruxbot?18:53
pedja'+r', I mean18:53
joacimi wouldnt know. cruxbot could register maybe18:54
joacimunless freenode has regulations against bots and ai18:54
joacimi threw out my spider yesterday, figured the season was over18:55
joacimtoday I got a fly...18:55
frinnstI saw a bee today19:06
joacimyour new friend?19:09
pedjaI threw out 2 large green-ish bugs in the last hour. didn't stop to check what species it was :)19:09
frinnstI love the honey sluts19:09
pedjaaww, poetic19:10
joacimi like to keep a few spiders around so i dont get flies buzzing around me19:10
brian|lfstaking a break working from home today19:10
frinnst now THATs poetic19:11
brian|lfswtf lol19:12
frinnstyou've never watched its sunny?19:13
frinnstoh my god. I wish we could trade places. I'd love to watch it again for the first time19:13
brian|lfsnot can't say I have19:14
joacimi dont watch tv much19:15
joacimwant to watch curb your enthusiasm, but there is so much of it19:17
brian|lfsI haven't heard from my dad yet\19:20
brian|lfshe could of passed out went for a sleep study last night19:20
frinnsthope everything is ok19:25
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