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beli3verSomebody here10:49
beli3verI tried to install crux but i stuck a lilo10:50
beli3verWhen i type in lilo i get this error message10:50
beli3verFatal: Trying to map files Form unnamed device 0x001410:50
joacimbios or uefi? whats your config?10:52
beli3verMy config10:55
joacimmine has root=/dev/sda2, not appent="..."10:56
joacimdont know if that makes a difference10:56
joacimare you running that command from within the chroot?10:56
beli3verTry Installation again maybe i missed a part10:59
joacimlilo comes in core11:02
joacimshould be nothing missing if you installed everything from core11:02
joacimif you setup chroot with setup-chroot, everything should work if the config is correct11:02
joacimand you're pointing to the right drive11:03
beli3ver I try it again now i am compiling the kernel11:23
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beli3verStill the same error12:03
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beli3verEven grub is not working12:24
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nwedoes someone here using consul?12:38
beli3verMust i make make install at the kernel12:55
beli3verFound the error12:59
beli3verAppend need sata13:00
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: Usually I run "make install" followed by "make modules_install".13:08
john_cephalopodamake install will throw some error but usually completes anyway for me.13:08
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beli3ver Hansbook says only13:09
beli3verMake all13:09
beli3verMake modules_install13:09
joacimmake install just runs lilo13:12
joacimmakes no difference between running it yourself and running make install13:12
joacimexcept make install means you're smarter. since you dont waste your time on something make install already does for you :313:12
john_cephalopodaAs long as it moves my kernel to /boot, I'm happy13:14
beli3vercp john_cephalopoda13:15
john_cephalopodaYeah, but the kernel is always in some obscure location.13:16
joacimit is annoying that make install naming doesn't match with what grub2 default config expects13:17
joacimmkconfig cant find the kernel unless i add a dash to the name13:17
john_cephalopodaOh, so that's why GRUB can't auto-configure?13:27
beli3verDoes here somebody use i313:27
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: I do.13:27
joacimi move it to vmlinuz-current every time13:27
beli3verjohn_cephalopoda: is there a port13:27
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: There's the "jmf" repo, which I run.13:28
beli3ver? Sorry i am New13:28
john_cephalopodajoacim: I had to write my GRUB config by hand. It works13:28
john_cephalopoda- but only as long as there is a CD in the drive. Else the drive number changes and it won't boot any more.13:29
joacimi dont remember where i got my i313:29
joacimthink i got the latest one13:29
joacimthink i use i3blocks for status? or if i just use i3status. i dont remember13:29
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: In CRUX you have got various repositories. core, opt, xorg, contrib and many more.13:29
joaciman older version of i3status that still works without PA i think13:29
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: You can find packages in all repositories here:
joacimi suggest cherrypicking ports from "lesser" repositories. not adding them to prt-get.conf13:30
joacimsince a lot of repositories have ports that replace ones from core/opt/contrib, and thats just not needed most of the time13:30
beli3verFirst i updated the core ports lots of packages must be updated need long time for all that stuff13:31
beli3verjohn_cephalopoda: is there a way to update all pkg with one command vor must i go in every foldrr and update every packages13:33
pedja'prt-get sysup'13:34
john_cephalopodabeli3ver: "prt-get sysup" will update all packages that aren't up-to-date yet.13:34
john_cephalopodaIf you want CRUX to rebuild all the packages that you only got as binaries, you can do "sudo prt-get update `prt-get listinst`"13:34
beli3verLol so much faster13:37
john_cephalopodaJust run "ports -u" to update all your ports (build scripts) to the latest version and then run "prt-get sysup" to upgrade them.13:38
beli3verjohn_cephalopoda: how to install then i313:41
beli3verFound it13:44
john_cephalopodaThere are multiple ways. Either you download the Pkgfile of i3 and its dependencies from the ports database and build it all one by one, or you add a repository to your repo list.13:44
beli3verprt-get update `prt-get listinst` will update the kernel?13:45
john_cephalopodaNo, the kernel is updated by hand.13:45
beli3verSo first13:46
beli3verprt-get update `prt-get listinst`13:46
beli3verPrt-get sysup13:46
john_cephalopoda"prt-get update `prt-get listinst`" is just a drastic way to rebuild packages that you got as binaries.13:48
john_cephalopodaNot really necessary at this point.13:48
john_cephalopodaJust run "ports -u" and then "prt-get sysup".13:48
beli3verOK i do it the first time then never again13:55
beli3verHow to add a custom repo13:56
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beli3verOK must download the port file13:58
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john_cephalopodaIt's all in the handbook14:10
john_cephalopodaThe basic steps are: Get the sync file, e.g., get the public key of that repo, e.g., move both to /etc/ports. Now edit /etc/prt-get.conf and add the new repo with a line like "prtdir /usr/ports/jmf"14:13
pedja600$ for 14Tb drive.14:22
pedjahow do you backup the damn thing :) ?14:22
joacimanother 14 Tb drive14:23
joacimand a third offsite14:23
pedja56Tb of storage, with raidz2, for 4k$. that's a lot of pr0n^Wlinux ISOs storage14:26
joacimthink i've used up half of my 4*6TB array14:28
joacimbtrfs raid1014:28
john_cephalopodaI heard that certain file systems can fill up 6TB with ease, under certain circumstances.14:28
joacimi think my plan was to use the old drives for backups, but i need to buy two 4TB drives to match the storage capacity (with raidz)14:29
joacimwith ext4 i usually disable the 5% reserveration on my /home or storage partitions14:30
joacimsince it makes a huge difference with larger drives14:30
pedjahm. 1h of 4k video (3840x2160@60fps) is ~30Gb.14:33
john_cephalopodaDownload all the 4k pr0^W Linux installation guides!14:35
pedja4k-worthy content is rare these days14:37
joacimi dont really care too much14:38
john_cephalopodaI am watching most youtube videos with 720p because it is jut enough on my 1080 p display.14:38
joacim1080p is fine for movies14:38
joacim720p can be too depending on the source14:39
john_cephalopodaYeah, I'd take 1080p for movies.14:39
john_cephalopodaIirc 720p is standard in German broadcasting right now.14:40
john_cephalopodaAnd it is enough. It looks well. As long as no stupid compression is used, like google does it on youtube.14:41
beli3verEvery packages in failed14:43
pedjabeli3ver, failed how?14:44
beli3verCould not download14:44
joacimwhats the error14:45
beli3verConnection refused14:45
pedjawhat port?14:46
pedjaas in, what are you trying to d/l? :)14:46
beli3verGot got it14:47
pedjasorry for the confusion14:47
pedjabeli3ver, paste the error to pastebin or something like that14:49
joacimsince i dont know the port, i just have to guess. cd /usr/ports/core/gcc && pkgmk -do works just fien on my system14:49
beli3verpedja: could fix it my pi-hole blocked it14:52
pedjawhat blocklist has *that* listed as a hazardous site, I wonder :)14:54
beli3verHow could i fixed footprint mismatch14:55
pedjaNEW or MISSING?14:55
joacimNEW doesnt have to be fixed14:55
joacimyou just ignore new14:55
joacimthere is an option for it in pkgmk.conf or prt-get.conf14:55
joacimi forget which14:55
joacimdont shoot me :(14:56
joacimalso make sure you run the pre/post-install scripts14:56
pedjapkgmk.conf 'PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW'14:56
joacimthere is an option to run those automatically too14:56
joacimif you dont want to run them automatically, make sure you do go through and check which has those and dont.14:56
pedjapre and post install scripts, some packages have them to set or update stuff on install14:57
joacimsome ports come with scripts that need to be run. like scripts for making the proper user for services, or scripts cache whatever it is you installed14:57
joacimtheyre generally safe to run multiple times, so having prt-get run them for you automatically is nice enough14:58
beli3verHow does i do this14:58
joacimthere is an option for it in pkgmk.conf or prt-get.conf (i forget which)14:58
pedja'man prt-get.conf'14:59
joacimprt-get also has a command line option. should be documented in the man page14:59
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beli3verI think i will need 4 hours for a running i3 desktop15:40
joacimold system?15:41
beli3verNo so much packages :)15:42
beli3verStrange old kernel req. my usb ports New one not15:45
pedjawell, that was confusing. Blender was set to clip all objects bigger then 1m, and the default when object is created is 2...18:13
pedjawell, some objects are created smaller, so they were shown, which just added to my confusion :)18:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: xterm: updated to 33620:21
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jaegergood times23:04
abenzeveryone was walking around with all their stuff exposed23:32
jaegerheh, nice, I hadn't seen that one23:32
pedjathat was a terrifying read :)23:35
joacimanother point for using unique passwords everywhere23:44
abenzjaeger: thats the part I was talking about23:44

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