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jaegerjoacim: which cooler do you use in your TR system?05:54
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abenzjaeger: planning a TR build?08:43
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beli3verFirefox need so much time for compiling, i think i will use surf instead10:31
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beli3verIs there a article in the wiki how to start a port for crux12:05
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joacimbeli3ver: you mean how to make one?12:34
joacimmuch of that is in the handbook
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SiFuh_anyone know of any android app for cliant side encryption?13:03
john_cephalopodaSiFuh_: Client-side encryption for what? Chat?13:15
john_cephalopodaIRC? XMPP? Matrix?13:15
john_cephalopodaWhen you use the FDroid store (alternative app store with open-source tools), you can use "Conversations" (XMPP/Jabber), which supports OMEMO and OTR (possibly also PGP, not quite sure about that one).13:17
john_cephalopodaElse the "Riot" client for the Matrix protocol also suports end-to-end encryption. It is available from FDroid and Google Play.13:17
john_cephalopoda(Conversations costs something on Google Play but is free via FDroid)13:18
john_cephalopodaConversations supports text messages and media but no calls. Riot supports chat, media, audio calls and video calls.13:18
john_cephalopodaConversations even offers the option to route all your traffic over Tor (via the Orbot app from the Tor project)13:20
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SiFuh_thanks john_cephalopoda   yes I have fdroid  and I don't use a google account on my phone13:50
john_cephalopodaSame here. Well, until I lost it a few weeks ago :þ13:51
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pedjajue, I owe you several $BEVERAGES_OF_CHOICE for unbound/nsd. they are awesome :)14:14
pedjaperfect combination for what I am trying to do, with not so scary configuration (hello, BIND)14:18
frinnstcome now, bind configuration isnt that bad15:25
][_R_][Speaking of DNS, is there a resolver daemon that I can put on my network and use to inject entries?  (I want to block some ad domains, and not all my systems let me access /etc/hosts)15:27
SiFuh_yes set all advertisements to :-)15:33
][_R_][dnsmasq lacks a feature I use (also I'm already running the reference DHCP), but I'll check it out again15:34
][_R_][s/lacks/last I used it, lacked/15:35
pedjafrinnst, baby steps :)15:43
pedjansd is using BIND-style zones, afaik15:45
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pedja][_R_][, check this, it might do what you want15:48
frinnst is very good if you want to learn dns17:10
pedjaI think I have that one somewhere. btw, have you read
pedja1200+ pages :)17:50
pedjaI have maybe 6-7 tabs open in qpdfview with books at various stages of reading17:51
pedjagit, vim, gnuplot, some python17:55
pedjaunfortunately, lot of stuff interests me :)17:58
pedjanothing that makes me fun at parties, thou18:00
pedjanot that I get invited to any18:01
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dbrookeI've the first edition of the O'Reilly DNS and BIND and the "Unix System Administration Handbook" (no mention of Linux, from 1989, but with two of the same authors)18:54
dbrookethose two cost me about £55 together and I've a fair few other O'Reilly books from that era18:56
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pedjadbrooke, what Unices were used in 1989?19:41
pedjaSolaris was released couple of years later19:42
pedja is cool19:53
pedjagood stress-test for git, too :)19:55
pedjareview of the COHERENT in the magazine was the first time I've heard of all that Unix thing20:02
dbrookeThat's the publication date and I probably bought the book once I was using Linux at home from around middle of 1992 but was a user (not admin) of SunOS at work before that20:11
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pedjaSA Handbook 5th edition covers Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL(Centos) and FreeBSD20:32
pedjaof them, briefly used Ubuntu, sometimes use FreeBSD, never used RHEL/Centos/Debian.20:35
pedjabut these days, with systemd unification, they should be, in theory, pretty similar, with some added quirks :)20:37
dbrookethe edition I have primarily covers 'BSD' (Berkeley UNIX 4.2 (and also 4.3)) and 'ATT' (AT&T UNIX (System V))20:39
pedjain the alternate reality, where there was no that court case, Linus never started work on the kernel. so we would be running what now, some BSD?20:41
pedjamaybe HURD :)20:42
pedjathe question is would, say, FreeBSD be as widespread as Linux is if Linux never happened20:44
dbrookebut if it wasn't for CRUX I'd probably have moved to some BSD20:44
dbrookewhen I started with Linux I think it was the only real option for some usable *nix at home20:47
dbrookethough it seems from frinnst's link that FreeBSD and NetBSD came along within a year or so20:48
pedjayeah, and then this happened, as you know,_Inc._v._Berkeley_Software_Design,_Inc.20:53
pedjait's funny to read 'the year of the Linux desktop is near!' when Linux was usable on a desktop, for me at least, for a decade already20:54
pedjawidespread usage of Linux desktop won't happen any time soon, imho20:56
pedjanot without heavy money investment by some corporation20:57
pedjaMS Linux, perhaps, when they buy Canonical :)20:59
pedjastranger things have happened21:00
dbrookewell I guess it depends on 'desktop', I've been using Linux on the machine whose display sits on top of my desk for 25 years21:00
dbrookebut also I used to work in the same building as and our IT infrastructre was mostly Linux based21:01
pedja'most easily deployed and managed open source operating system in the world' hm21:06
ryuoInteresting new GOG release...21:06
ryuoCrossCode. lol21:07
jaegerabenz: I've been considering it for quite some time but needed to sell a build or two beforehand22:07
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pedjaACTION is reading 'DNS and BIND' book22:21
pedjafor now, my poor little brain keeps up with the content :)22:21
jaegerI still use bind, works well22:22
pedjaI like the style of the book a lot22:22
jaegerI have my linux machines doing updates of their own names when they change via DHCP22:22
pedjaI want to do something similar, but with virtual machines22:22
pedjaI have yet to figure out from where to extract that information (openvswitch, libvirt) and how to set up dynamic zones with nsd, if it is even possible.22:24
pedjaso, lots of reading ahead22:25
pedjaunbound as caching/recursive server was pretty straightforward to set up22:26
pedjasane defaults, heavily commented examples. I think I am in love :)22:26
pedjaI know that BIND is *the* standard, but it looks too...heavyweight...for this use case22:28
jaegerunbound and dnsmasq are good choices for lightweight stuff... I've used both with pfsense, mainly just playing with BIND right now to see if I could easily do the dynamic updates. Turns out it was pretty easy22:28
pedjaeasy for seasoned IT professional like you :)22:29
joacimseasoned, perfect for the bbq22:30
pedja'seasoned', 'texture' and 'plating'. words most often used in Masterchef22:31
joacimjust don't start talking about his special sauce, as that would be creepy22:32
joacimshould spend some time with basic networking tools too. mostly just used them through gui22:33
joacimlike with opnsense22:33
joacimfor me right now it is just magic that works22:33
pedjauntil it doesn't. and that's when the fun begins22:34
jaegerIt would cost me about 1900 USD to build the TR box I was thinking about, I already have the case and GPU22:36
jaegerjoacim: did you see my question about your cooler from earlier? if you responded I don't see it22:36
pedjaair or water loop thingie?22:36
jaegerI have an air cooler on the parts list but could go either way22:37
pedjadidn't AMD made beastly air cooler with some vendor for new TR release?22:38
jaegeryou thinking of ?22:38
pedjayup, that one22:38
jaegerI don't think it's available yet22:39
jaegerunrelated, I need to find someone who lives in a country where Skyline R34 GT-Rs are affordable so I can buy one and garage it until it's legal in the US :P22:40
joacimjaeger: no i didnt see it. ill scroll up, was it far back?22:45
jaegerjoacim: just wondered which cooler you're using, that's all22:45
jaeger~18 hours ago or so22:46
joacimi dont know how it compares to the new one from coolermaster22:46
jaegerAh, ok. That's the air cooler I was looking at. Have you tested temps under load?22:46
joacimor if it would be good enough for the new fancy 32 core22:47
joacimit is good enough for my 1950x, and stays quieter than my gaming computer22:47
joacimi could run prime95 for a few minutes22:47
joacimand report temps22:47
jaegerI'm looking at a 2950x, the 2990wx is too crazy for me22:47
jaegerIf you have some time to do that, that would be great. No worries if not22:47
joacimi am a bit confused by amds max temp rating22:48
joacimthey say 68C22:48
joacimi assume they mean 68C before their offset is added22:48
jaegerhrmm, yeah, that seems quite low without the offset22:48
joacimidle: Tdie 33.9 Tctl 60.822:49
pedjalevel1techs video on 2990wx build might be interesting. he talks about temps and noise, and has several builds22:50
joacimbit fiddly to set a fan curve due to the offset22:50
jaegerpedja: yeah, I've watched it22:50
pedja2950 should be fine with Noctua, iirc22:51
joacimfan doesnt ramp up much at all under load. i should fix my fan curves22:51
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pedjais there an UEFI setting for that, or you have to use some separate utility?22:53
joacimuefi settings, yeh22:53
joacimfor disabling the LED too, but it took me half a year to figure that out22:53
joacimthe blue flashing was driving me nuts22:54
joacimworse than asus' rainbow led on the back of the motherboard22:54
joacimjaeger: after 5 minutes. load Tdie 66.2 Tctl 93.2C22:57
joacimand the fan spinning 100 RPM faster than it did at idle22:57
jaegeronly 100 faster? interesting22:57
joacimyeah. ill fix the fan curve when i upgrade the bios22:58
joacimwas hard to figure out in bios if it follows the sensor before or after offset calculations22:58
joacimbut it has an option for Tctl I think, so I can just set that to 65C idle, and 90C on the high end22:59
jaegerThanks for testing23:01
joacimi should look  for throttling too23:01
joacimin case it manages the temp by running slower23:02
pedjajoacim, about what offset are you talking about?23:06
joacimnot really throttling. 3.5 GHz, up to 3.6-3.7 GHz once in a while23:06
joacimtemperature offset. threadripper has a 27C offset23:07
pedjareported in Linux?23:07
joacimit confuses a lot of people with threadripper23:07
joacimyeah it is23:07
pedjathe fix was backported to 4.1823:07
joacimk10temp seems to report it correctly now. and it reports both Tdie and Tctl23:07
pedjabtw, how long does it take to build a kernel on that thing :) ?23:08
joacimseen people get threadripper, and spend ages trying to correct thermal paste, cooler, software since they think there is something wrong with their system23:08
joacimwith their 60C+ idle and 90C+ load23:08
joacimnot long =)23:08
joacimhavent timed it yet23:09
joacimapparently kernel compiles is one of the few things that really benefit from cores23:09
pedjaLinus is thinking of getting one. or several.23:09
joacimmy kernel compile history23:10
joacimmostly just used crux in virtual machines on this system23:11
pedjayou use Fedora on it, iirc?23:11
joacimcant directly compare all those times tho, since the kernel have grown a bit since the first tests23:11
joacimthinking about giving ubuntu a go23:11
joacimsince fedora is annoying me with lack of packages for some things, and i cant be bothered with making my own23:11
pedjawhat packages are missing from it?23:12
joacimgzdoom/zdoom and quakespasm =)23:12
joacimi find some random applications here and there that doesnt have packages for fedora also23:13
pedjawell, you could put CRUX on it, and then making packages is a breeze :)23:13
joacimi could =)23:14
pedjalibqalculate? I use qalc/qalculate-gtk from that sometimes. pretty cool23:18
joacimyeah i use qalc23:18
joacimnot great, but it does the job23:18
joacimi have a feeling emacs can do what i want from a calculator23:19
pedjait can do pretty much anything :)23:19
joacimjaeger: fan RPM was 1130 btw.23:20
pedja'emacs: great OS, lousy text editor'23:20
joacimi put an extra fan on my cooler so it would look more "balanced"23:20
joacimrevenant homing missiles get me every time. try to dodge, but end up running away like a chicken23:23
jaegerjoacim: ok, thanks23:29
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brian|lfsYour paste can be seen here:
brian|lfsanyone having problem building the new firefox23:42
jaegerI haven't tried but I can give it a shot23:56

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