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brian|lfsrunning revdep now make nothing is broke00:07
brian|lfslet me know if you have luck going to go take a nap feeling lazy all it does is rain here lately00:18
jaegerIt's building rust now, will be a while00:18
brian|lfsah ok00:18
brian|lfsyou didn't have rust?00:18
jaegerfresh container with x but not much else00:19
jaegerI don't generally have rust installed, though00:20
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joacimnice to see i3 in contrib01:30
joacimis a nice wm. has sane defaults01:30
joacimwas going to say i could upload my i3blocks port, but someone has one already. mine builds from git tho01:31
joacimsomeone has a git one too, oh well01:31
jaegerI like i3blocks02:19
joacimthey havent done a proper release in years tho02:26
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abenzjaeger: cool03:33
abenzjaeger: I always wondered if going epyc might be worth it03:33
abenznot the highest end ones, but the lower end ones..03:33
abenznot interested in mining, but with epyc you get slower cores, but more RAM capacity and guaranteed ECC (on motherboards)03:34
abenzso for a non-gaming user, wouldn't epyc be viable? specially if you do plenty of VMs..etc03:35
abenzthe single socket epyc skus have prices comparable to threadripper. BUT, the mobos are more expensive obviously..03:36
brian|lfshow did firefox turn out jaeger04:01
brian|lfsI guess he passed out did firefox update for everyone else fine04:04
brian|lfsare you all gonna mine04:14
brian|lfsjust send me some of the money please04:14
jaegerit failed on some dep and I was elsewhere... resumed now but still going05:10
brian|lfsah o k05:10
brian|lfssee there is a new version of rust could that be the issue05:11
brian|lfsdid you look at my log file earlier05:11
jaegerweird... the pine64 folks just sent me the same email they sent when I ordered the pinebook a year and a half ago... guessing that was a mistake05:15
jaegereither that or they're trying to sell me a new one05:16
brian|lfsjust copied rust to antoher folder and bumped the version to 1.2.9 not sure if it required any other changes to compiled but so far working05:17
brian|lfs1.29 I mean05:17
jaegerabenz: Sure, I think EPYC could be an interesting option for work/productivity05:27
brian|lfsany of you ever mine for crypto is it hard05:42
jaegerNot I, never felt like getting into it05:46
brian|lfsI figure I have the horse power lol05:47
brian|lfsfirefox-pa still fails I don't get it05:47
frinnsthow do you manage to find these odd errors all the time? :-)05:50
frinnstnever seen firefox crap out there..05:50
brian|lfsno clue lol05:53
brian|lfsdoes anyone have the a package for the latest firefox-pa05:53
jaegercheck, maybe05:54
brian|lfsI did05:54
brian|lfshe only has 6105:54
jaegerwell, if my build finishes successfully I'll upload it05:54
frinnstI built mine with -march=native05:55
brian|lfsoh ok checking my pkgmk.conf06:00
brian|lfsI was using x86-64 just changed to native06:02
brian|lfsand am trying06:02
brian|lfsnope not the issue didn't think it was by the error06:02
brian|lfshey jaeger doing some research not too shabby
brian|lfsbut says you need two power supplies in the USA06:03
frinnstsorry, didnt mean you should use native for it to succeed - just that my binaries are useless on your system06:15
frinnstand mining bitcoin is not profitable unless you have free power. look into some other crypto instead06:17
brian|lfsya I"m noticing that06:20
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jaegerAlright, I'm going to go sleep. If you don't have a successful build tomorrow, I'll upload one06:26
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brian|lfshmm looks like irc burped on me06:46
brian|lfshows firefox-pa jaeger06:46
frinnst08:31 <@jaeger> Alright, I'm going to go sleep. If you don't have a successful build tomorrow, I'll upload one06:47
brian|lfsah ok06:51
frinnstshould work. even for you :-)06:51
brian|lfswell its binary I would hope so lol07:01
brian|lfsI"m guessing no sig file is bad on firefox-bin is bad becuase I don't sewe a public signature file to download for your repo07:08
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pedjaapparently, people *really* don't like Pocket from Firefox :)07:51
pedjaidk, I find it useful07:51
pedjadark and stormy and windy outside. finally, the weather to my liking. none of that happy sunshine shit07:55
abenzpedja: stormy and windy outside, classical music and sipping hot drink inside?08:17
pedjaabenz, classic trance and what at some point was hot coffee, yes :)08:19
abenzjaeger: tell me about your bind setup?08:23
joacim90s kids at the old folks home08:24
joacimwill be a rave party every weekend im sure08:25
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pedjarave? no. d'n'b? definitely09:29
joacimno E in your batch of medicines then09:29
pedjanah. who needs drugs to enjoy music anyway?09:30
pedjamild painkiller to take off the edge when my migraine hits is as far as I go with medicine09:36
joacimI'm happy with placebo09:37
pedjathe band?09:37
joacimthe effect09:37
joacimit's surprisingly effective09:38
joacimlike when i take a paracet, and i feel better right away09:38
joacimi hear it isnt very effective on its own, but idk. works for me.09:38
joacimmight just be the glass of water that i need =)09:39
pedjait's called caffetin here, I think. that's my drug of choice for the migraine09:41
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beli3verIs there a tool to genrate a port? Create one but they didnt load the file down10:15
joacimthere is one that makes the basic framework10:16
joacimcheck prtcreate10:16
joacimit makes a Pkgfile, gives you the variables that you need to fill out10:17
beli3verDidnt found it joacim10:23
pedja'prt-get fsearch prtcreate'10:28
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beli3verdoes anybody has compile the oath-toolkit
pedjabeli3ver, what's the error?12:58
beli3verFound first need xmlsec13:07
jaegerabenz: nothing too crazy. I just have bind installed and a local zone "intranet" for my home systems. In that zone is an update-policy line like so: update-policy { grant *.intranet. self intranet.; };13:36
jaegereach host that needs to update its own name has a key made with tsig-keygen and uses that with 'nsup' to update its records13:36
jaegerer, 'nsupdate'13:37
jaegerI wrote a wrapper script that checks if the local IP has changed and if so, deletes the old record and adds a new one13:40
beli3verIs there a way to automatic create a footprint file13:40
jaegerbeli3ver: pkgmk will do that when the build finishes successfully13:40
beli3verOK thanks13:41
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: sqlite3-32: 3.24.0 -> 3.25.114:11
jaegerIf brian|lfs comes back,
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Romsteri started building mine14:28
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beli3ver_I run into a compile error maybe somebody can help me15:10
beli3ver_I tried to compile the oath toolkit15:11
beli3ver_I need it for pass-otp15:11
jaegermight need a similar patch to this one for diffutils:
jaegeror you could try updating the intprops.h in the source with a newer version15:21
jaeger(or whatever the offending file is, sorry)15:29
jaegerLooks like it was intprops.h, I'm not crazy15:30
jaegerat least not about that :D15:30
beli3ver_ok so i must patch diffutils15:32
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jaegerno, you'd need to patch oath-toolkit, I think15:43
jaegerBut that diffutils patch was for the same problem15:43
beli3ver_yeah, i fixed it know it works15:45
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jaegerargh... very frustrating when someone asks for help but repeatedly ignores what you tell them20:09
jaegerafter a certain amount of that I stop helping20:09
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jaegerin this case trying to help someone use git but they don't like it and would rather bitch than learn how to use it20:10
pedjajaeger, so directing them to any of the free books about git is basically the waste of time :) ?20:17
pedjawhat's their issue with git, anyway? it's not $insert_whatever_they_used_before ?20:18
jaegerI don't think the problem is with git specifically, it's that they're being asked to learn something new20:19
pedjastick/carrot approach might work. 'if you learn the basics, you get to keep your job'20:23
pedjaor less severe, bribe them with the gummy bears :)20:23
pedjaidk, 'Pro Git' book is pretty good.20:26
AnselmoI mean, if its just basic things they need can always just,20:27
pedjaI often use it as a reference20:27
Anselmowrite up a few lines of samples20:27
pedjaif books are not 'their thing', there are interactive web sites20:28
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Anselmoand just man git x-x20:28
pedjawell, yes, when you pick up the concepts. but for a high level introduction, book or online course is better, imho20:30
jaegerI've suggested pro git as well as offered a copy of it, and given them a git cheatsheet, heh20:30
jaegerThe problem is always that some local changes have been made and then they can't pull updates from master20:30
jaegerbut they don't want to pay attention when I talk about stash or reset or branches20:30
pedjaI love the 'your histories have diverged' when I pull from the repo, and I haven't touched it on my end20:33
pedjahappens with a few GH repos. I guess they rebase or whatever20:34
pedjaI've tried a few git GUIs, but I always go back to classics :)20:44
pedjamaybe if I used it for more complicated stuff, they might be tempting to use more often, who knows20:45
pedjathe only thing I miss from them is conflict resolution. but that's rare in what I do, so not really an issue20:47
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brian|lfsdid firefox-pa compile for you jaeger21:05
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brian|lfsstupid updates got kicked out of IRC21:11
jaegerIt did21:13
brian|lfsthanks I'll downlaod it next time I"m in linux21:30
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Anselmohi brainzman22:17
BrainzmanHow are you doing Anselmo?22:17
Anselmouh, pretty ok22:18
Anselmojust managed to get a xorg session to crash x-x22:19
Anselmowhich unfortunately closed a few things that I actually needed22:20
Anselmohow's it going in brainzman-land ?22:21
Brainzmanim fine, Im working on a script to make my webcam take a picture when login fail with PAM22:23
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joacimi like how doom 2 make you fight enemies that were end bosses in the first game much earlier, and in some sections they show up in teams23:02
joacimyou get to fight both a cyberdemon and spiderdemon a level. not that it changed the difficulty much23:03
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