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frinnst awesome. mostly in swedish though08:42
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pedjahaving large windows is nice, until you have to sand them to prepare them for painting15:37
pedjafor extra points, I have to remove and replace that putty that goes around them, between the frame and the glass, first15:43
pedjaoutside of computers, my knowledge of English technical terms is pretty thin, apparently :)15:46
pedjaluckily, people working in local DIY shop are patient with idiots like me15:49
pedjaI say what I want to do, they provide me with tools and materials, and the prices are fair.15:50
joacimfrinnst: would be nice to see more about the hacking and cracking scene15:52
joacimi think jason scott has a documentary series about that15:52
joacimabout the bbs scene mostly, but it touches on other topics too15:53
joacimpedja: it is annoying how i learn most of my terms from online documentation, so talking about some things with real people is hard sometimes since i dont know the norwegian terms15:54
joacimdont ask me what a bikes top tube and chain stay is in norwegian15:55
pedjajust point and say 'that'15:56
joacimthe tube for cracking your nuts on15:57
pedjathat's tube stairs handle thingie I see skaters roll down and sometimes miss, with entertaining consequences?16:03
joacimlike when you try to push hard on your pedals16:07
joacimand you slip and land with your crotch on the top tube16:08
joacimworst ones are loop frames or "lady bikes".16:08
pedja'Zero Days' looks like an interesting documentary16:19
joacimI might be procuring it right now, idk.16:37
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