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beli3verCould you update the port from z3bra?
beli3verThe new URL is not
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nsd: update to 4.1.2509:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: sqlite3: update to 3.25.209:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: samhain: update to 4.3.109:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: newsboat: update to 2.1309:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: mysql: new source URL09:55
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pedjajaeger, maybe will be more suited for your pupils :)? provided they grudgingly realized that they have to learn this stuff11:37
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jaegerpedja: maybe so, I'll pass it on :)13:37
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pedjajaeger, I am curios (if you can talk about it, that is). is that customer training or in-house? you're due for a pay raise either way :)13:54
joacimtraining his h1b replacement obviously :313:58
pedjahm. Blender wave modifier is broken in 2.79_6, at least on my machine. works fine in 2.813:58
pedjajoacim, heh13:58
pedjais replacing 'native' Americans with h1b workforce common outside the Silicon Valley or other major IT USA centres?14:00
joacimin norway, knowing norwegian is important, so cant really outsource14:01
joacimbut it is common to send norwegian workers to a cheaper place. many call centres with norwegians operate out of spain and such14:01
pedjanot a bad place to transfer to14:02
jaegerheh, not related to my job, it's part of a python and neural networks workshop14:04
pedjaah. did you introduce them to Anaconda yet?14:04
pedjatensorflow, keras, etc are just 'conda install' away14:07
joacimentry level it position, solve printing problems14:07
joacimi dont want to apply for that job...14:07
john_cephalopodaprint "Hello, world" # <-- Solved, now give me 5000€.14:08
joacimi dont want "i walked around the office all day replacing toner, drums, and paper. sometimes i had to remove jammed paper"14:08
joacimon my resume14:08
pedjayou mean you would be so good at that job that they would never promote you from it :) ?14:09
jaegeryes, we're using anaconda14:09
john_cephalopodajoacim: "Operated complex machines" and "Handled valuable assets" (Printer ink is more expensive per ml than human blood or the most expensive wine)14:09
jaegerkeras, tensorflow, opencv, matplotlib, jupyter, etc.14:09
pedjarecent conda-forga breakage was fun14:10
jaegerjohn_cephalopoda: that's only python 2, so you get 2500 :P14:10
joacimi guess getting exposed to loose toner is also "hazardous work"14:10
joacimcannot be good to breathe that in14:10
pedjabut you can brag that you are a bad boy, living a dangerous life14:11
joacimone day i'll get punched due to offensive blackface14:12
pedjabased on my friends stories that worked support, printers are a finnicky bastards14:16
joacimi'll never forget when i had to go home to a customer, and stand around for an hour 1 working on their printer14:17
joacimwas the kind without ink cartridges. you refill it with bottles14:17
pedjaas a side job?14:17
joacimit took 45 minutes to go through the initial fill procedure14:18
joacimno as a service sold through work14:18
joacimsome asshole sales guy decided to charge 50 dollars for that14:18
joacimwifi printer too. that obviously they couldnt figure out how to use after i showed them how to14:19
pedjaI meant, you were there for another reason, and since you 'know this computer stuff', you got to do the printer support too14:19
joacimso they called their son, and he told them how to do a factory reset14:19
joacimso i had to go back the day after and go through all that bullshit again14:19
joacim- the initial ink filling procedure ofc14:19
joacimat least their home was clean and such14:19
pedjaiirc, cartridges for HP printers required sensor reset after filling, or something?14:21
joacimi dont know why it takes so long to fill it with ink the first time14:22
joacimit flushes the system i guess14:22
Anselmoor like, needs to fill up tubes and printer heads or something14:34
Anselmoand if they're dry that takes some time . .14:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.15.414:37
pedjanew Magnum P.I is the perfect replacement for gone-to-shit Lethal Weapon14:55
pedjait's a reboot rather than remake, so no legendary moustache :)14:57
beli3verI have strange symbols in my urxvt15:37
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tilmanbeli3ver: are you using an utf8 locale?15:41
beli3verI have installed icons font15:41
beli3verYes and iso-8859-115:42
beli3verXterm didnt find the font15:42
tilmani don't think you can use both at the same time15:42
beli3verxterm -fn "Icons"15:42
beli3verCannot load font "icons"15:42
Anselmoyou might want to specify the font in .Xresources15:43
Anselmoand setup something to use that when you startx15:43
beli3verOK how remove ISO locales15:43
tilmanforget about the locales for now15:44
tilmanrun "xlsfonts" to see which x fonts your server knows about15:44
tilmanxlsfonts | grep -i icons maybe15:44
beli3verMy strange symbols15:47
beli3verIn rxvt15:47
tilmanwhy did you install this "icons" font?15:48
beli3ver# prt-get install ttf-font-icons15:48
beli3verpackage ttf-font-icons is installed15:48
tilmanecho $LC_CTYPE15:48
jaegerhave you tried using UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1?15:49
jaegerISO-8859-1 is not a multibyte encoding15:49
beli3ver@tilman is empty15:49
tilmanlocale -a | grep -i utf15:49
beli3ver# locale -a | grep -i utf15:49
beli3ver# locale -a | grep -i iso15:50
tilmanbad name15:50
tilmanit should be de_DE.utf815:50
tilmannot de_UTF-815:50
tilmanexport LC_CTYPE=de_UTF-8.utf815:50
beli3verstill the same15:51
tilmandid you restart weechat after setting LC_CTYPE?15:52
tilmani mean, you need to quit the program and start it again15:52
beli3ver$ export LC_CTYPE=de_UTF-8.utf15:53
beli3verbash: warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (de_UTF-8.utf): No such file or directory15:53
Anselmoand from the same terminal15:53
tilmanyou forgot the 8 at the end...15:53
beli3vermissed the minus 815:53
tilmanlocaledef -i de_DE -t UTF-8 de_DE.utf815:53
tilmanrun that15:53
tilmanand then use export LC_CTYPE=de_DE.utf815:53
beli3verstill the same restart rxvt and weechat15:54
tilmanthis is from the handbook btw (
beli3verlooks so strange15:55
joacimweechat 1.6?16:21
joacimis this crux?16:22
joacimi find some old versions like 1.4, but not 1.616:22
beli3verWeechat ist hostet in my Debian Server i login over ssh16:25
joacimah ok16:25
beli3verHow can i fixed the font issue16:26
beli3verMean the strange Symbol16:26
joacimidk. i usually make sure the locales on my client and server matches16:27
beli3verOK i will take a look16:27
joacimtry uxterm instead of xterm too, if you use unicode, but i dontk now if that is an issue anymore16:28
beli3verSecond thing i use lemonbar but it didnt show the symbols only the code \uf012 in Debian and arch it became symbols16:29
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kosyxanyone have a download link for the framebuffer crux tux logo?17:10
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onoderaRomster / Workster could you please yodate youtube-dl?18:08
ryuoonodera: yodate? lol18:20
onoderait's a cool way of saying update18:20
pedja8k monitor for 4k$? what a bargain :)18:26
pedjathat's 1080ti/vega territory18:31
beli3verDoes somebody use here i3 with font awesome19:31
beli3verWith crux19:32
jaegerI do19:32
jaeger <-- you can see it in the status bar here, for example19:45
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][_R_][wmii master race20:17
joacimmy i3 setup is still very stock20:21
joacimjust added i3blocks and changed some keyboard shortcuts20:22
jaegerMine's not too fancy, just i3blocks and some colors/fonts. rofi as launcher20:23
joacimthats very fancy. you probably spent 5 more minutes than i did =)20:36
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