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beli3verjaeger: can I See your dotfiles01:45
ryuoSpam sure got weird in the last few days.05:18
ryuoFirst it was random unicode jibberish.05:19
ryuoNow it's like they pulled random lines people said.05:19
beli3verjaeger: how you copy the unicode symbols in the config file, i always get a ? or empty space06:01
ryuobeli3ver: how are you viewing them?06:02
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beli3verI try to create in urxvt with vim to create my lemonbar ryuo07:00
ryuobeli3ver: i see. not all terminals handle unicode well. your issue may be that urxvt lacks the ability to swap in missing glyphs from other fonts as it uses XFT.07:05
ryuobeli3ver: you could try a VTE based terminal and see if it makes a difference.07:06
ryuoPango does have the ability to swap in other fonts if it needs to.07:06
ryuobeli3ver: other possibilites; none of your installed fonts can render the fonts.07:07
ryuounicode characters.07:07
beli3verryuo: which terminal do you prefer07:36
ryuobeli3ver: eh, i generally use gnome-terminal, but i expect that's not an option here. I used to use sakura back when I cared about such things.07:38
ryuoRomster: seems sakura is out of date.07:38
ryuoRomster: one version newer.07:39
ryuobeli3ver: so, try out sakura i guess. it depends on vte3.07:39
beli3verI will give a try07:39
ryuobeli3ver: i don't think the issue is VIM. it's likely terminal related.07:40
ryuoand/or locale...07:40
beli3ver Ok07:40
ryuoit's hard to say. a lot has to play along for unicode to work.07:40
beli3verAfter 1 hour I get my Pkgfile for neomutt working , push it to my ports07:48
joacimbeli3ver: which locale are you using now?08:09
joacim(i want to see the output from locale)08:09
joacimi need a buzzword filter for firefox09:05
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joacimgood enough =)09:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: lirc: misc fixes09:42
joacim"remove bogus symlink" bill and ted works on crux now?10:01
frinnstcould to butt was pretty awesome10:39
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jaegerbeli3ver: I generally use VTE-based terminals, doesn't seem to be a problem with locale set to en_US.UTF-813:29
beli3verI switched to sakura13:30
jaegeryou could also copy from but if your terminal won't show the characters you won't see them properly, even though they would paste13:30
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pedjaspeaking of vte, someone should update vte3 from opt, it's a bit old14:17
pedjaheh. sakura segfaults on tab close.14:20
pedjaxfce4-terminal ftw14:21
beli3verahh I really like cwm14:33
beli3verso simple14:33
beli3verso clean14:33
beli3verit is really perfect14:34
frinnstfloaters ftw14:59
Anselmofloater-windows ?15:01
beli3verdoes somebody use here Hiawatha15:03
Anselmooh, have looked at that, never used it personally15:04
beli3verok, what I see it looks really easy to set up15:06
beli3verall in one file15:07
beli3verso nice15:07
beli3verAnselmo: ?15:12
beli3verwhat do you use15:12
Anselmooh, uhh, usually I use thttpd for my own things15:13
beli3vernever heard before15:24
beli3veri actually use lighttpd for my customers webserver, but I am not satisfied15:25
Anselmothttpd is just, really nice for throwing things together quickly for testing15:26
Anselmocan be configured pretty well in a single commandline,15:26
beli3verok, that is maybe for my home worplace something when I create new sites15:27
beli3veri am thinking about move from lighttpd to Hiawatha15:27
jaegerI'm a fan of nginx15:35
jaegerbut they all do the job15:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: rust: updated to 1.29.116:04
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jaegerSome stuff arrived today:
joacimnice =)18:13
jaegerNot pictured is the GPU because I forgot to put it on the pile, heh18:14
jaegerAnd I already had the case18:14
joacimi wanted the tridentz set, but i was unsure about compatibility18:14
joacimlast year was a bit more fiddly about memory so i wanted to go safe and got flarex18:15
jaegerThis is supposedly the ryzen/TR specific set (model ends in X)18:15
jaegerwe shall see18:15
joacimis that your old evolv?18:15
joacimi still have my box too actually18:15
jaegerIt is, yeah. Figured I would reuse either it or the Define S18:15
joacimin case of transportation18:15
jaegerI keep most of my boxes for resale18:16
joacimmost annoying boxes are my monitor boxes. they take up so much room18:16
jaegerAgreed, those are annoying18:16
joacimgotta keep them. plan on moving18:16
frinnst1tb nvme? lovely18:27
frinnstI like how the cpu box is almost the biggest piece :D18:27
jaegerfrinnst: just sata this time, maybe nvme next time :)18:28
jaegeryeah, the TR boxes are funny18:28
jaegerI do have a couple of nvme m.2 SSDs, they're nice but the difference isn't particularly noticeable for normal workloads18:30
frinnstbut overpowered stuff are fun18:30
jaegertrue... and this is a bit of an overkill box anyway, heh18:31
jaegerMaybe I'll move a 250GB nvme over as the OS drive at some point and keep the 1TB sata for bulk18:31
joacimhmm. maybe i shouldve gone for a m.2 sata ssd for the games computer18:31
jaegerI prefer m.2 these days, whether it's sata or nvme, simply because of the lack of cables18:31
jaegerAnd this motherboard has plenty of m.2 slots18:32
kosyxso with this rust update i'm getting write failed errors18:39
pedjajaeger, that's some cool gear you have there, congrats :)18:39
joacimmonitor arms with 30-50% discount, and i somehow get the impression they still profit from the sale18:40
joacimwhere i worked, we had these 100 dollar tv wall mounts. employee price was about 20 dollars18:41
jaegerpedja: thanks, should be fun18:42
jaegerkosyx: I haven't built the update yet, myself, but pastebin the error so we can see the details18:42
pedjaI bet :)18:42
jaegerNeat, the motherboard comes with 2x, 4x, and HBM SLI bridges18:46
jaegerNot that I will be using those18:46
joacimjaeger: let me know how the cooler fits18:49
joacimwent with u12 on mine to be safe18:49
jaegerAh, I thought you had the u14s as well, I must have misread. Will do18:51
jaegerkosyx: I don't see anything there that points to the cause, can you upload the entire log?18:51
joacimi might have mistyped. idk. i misread u14 and u12 all the time too tho =)18:52
jaegerall good18:52
kosyxjaeger, i just enabled logging but now it says can't create log file that pastebin is from stdout19:01
jaegerout of space? or permissions, maybe?19:02
kosyxnot out of space i checked permissions on rust and fixed them... not too sure19:02
kosyxthe log has nothing more than what is on that pastebin.... hmmm19:04
jaegertry 'pkgmk 2>&1 | tee build.log' to capture both stdout and stderr19:04
pedjaheh. apparently u14 >> fryzen or wraithripper19:07
jaegerIt's weird installing a CPU with what is basically a small torque wrench19:10
pedjagot to bolt that beast down19:24
kosyxhave to figure this out later i suppose... gotta leave for work19:25
jaegerjoacim: looks like the cooler fits well, I don't think I even need to offset it (it has 3mm and 6mm offsets available)20:04
joacimoh nice. was afraid i would lose the top pcie slot20:05
jaegeryeah, the offset is specifically for that... up to 6mm towards the top of the board20:06
joacimim happy with my u12 tho. not going to run out and get a u14 or liqtech any time soon =)20:07
jaegerThe U12 might also have that offset... or might not be necessary20:08
jaegerIf it's working fine, I wouldn't worry about it :)20:08
joacimthe gap between my cooler and graphics card is big enough20:08
joacimalso i can use a narrower case i guess20:09
joacimtho most cases these days can fit a 140mm cooler20:09
joacimthat is big =)20:10
jaegerYeah :)20:13
joacimwhat kind of software will you put on it?20:15
joacimnot sure why some people are upset about this video20:17
joacimnot hard to understand his perspective20:17
jaegerkosyx: rust builds fine here20:22
jaegerjoacim: I intend it to be my main CRUX workstation, so whatever I want :D20:22
joacimstill been too lazy to configure mine with crux. i should get around to it20:32
joacimwant good software for managing virtual machines tho (workstation grade). so far libvirt havent impressed me20:33
joacimrather, virtual machine manager havent impressed me20:34
jaegerslacker :D20:39
pedjajoacim, what's bothering you with libvirt/virt-manager?20:49
joacimit is annoying, and that is my personal opinion on it :320:49
joacimvirtualbox is also annoying20:50
joacimi like hyper-v and vmware workstation tho20:50
joacimi think it is similar to how i think safari and firefox are nice browsers, and think everything else is annoying. i dont exactly remember why i think the others are annoying tho20:51
pedjavmware workstation is annoying with the near constant need to patch the kernel modules :) well, that was the case when I used it a long time ago, anyway20:52
joacimyeah i would prefer something kvm on linux20:53
joacimor xen20:53
pedjasomething like Kimchi? html5 interface from the (non-annoying) web browser?20:54
jaegerisn't libvirt using kvm under the hood?20:54
jaegerMy main complaint about virtualbox is that they don't seem to want to fix window resizing in i3 :P20:54
jaegerSo it's pretty hard to use sometimes20:55
pedjait can use a bunch of back-ends, kvm is one of them, yes20:55
jaegerAh, ok20:55
pedjaidk, I use virt-manager just for initial setup/install. then virsh all the way :)20:56
pedjalibvirt and openvswitch are a cool combination20:57
joacimlibvirt can also use xen i think20:58
joacimi think using xen was one of the fixes for the passthrough issues ryzen had last year20:58
joacimsince the bug wasnt in xen20:59
jaegerDoes someone maintain libvirt/virt-manager ports for crux?20:59
joacimjaeger: pedja does20:59
joacimhe is obviously shilling for them20:59
jaegerOK :) I will have to give them a try20:59
joacimi forget where they are hosted. github i guess21:00
joacimworked well when i tried them21:01
pedjajust a heads up: still haven't figured out why libvirt build breaks if the previous version is installed. annoying af21:01
joacimthe issue i have with virtual machine manager is that it doesnt detect my bond021:02
joacimso not all networking configs works21:02
pedjadoes libvirt detects it?21:02
joacimi think it is the tap interface that exposes that issue?21:02
joacimi dont know21:02
joacimif you gave me the command to check21:02
joacimfor me it has been classified as annoying, but not important enough to fix. i definitely should look into it tho, since i should be using different networks for different sets of virtual machines21:03
pedja'virsh iface-list --all', I think21:07
pedja'virsh iface-dumpxml $whatever' will show the xml associated with it21:11
joacimonly lo and virbr021:12
pedjathen it isn't detected21:17
pedjaobviously :)21:17
joacimoh =)21:17
pedjawhich version is that, btw?21:17
joacimvirsh 4.1.0 from fedora21:19
joacimlooking up documentation on libvirt reminds me why i think it is annoying. xml config files21:19
jaegerDid you guys know that the fan hub works better when you remember to plug in its power?21:24
jaegerIf anyone wondered, it does21:25
joacimi thought i was supposed to spin the fans myself21:25
jaegerdepends on the case/motherboard21:26
pedjajoacim, that is several versions behind, but Fedora is basically libvirt upstream, it's developed on it, so I am curious why does that happen21:32
pedjaxml config files are not that bad, compared to javascript that polkit/consolekit uses :)21:33
joacimyeah, but i just want plain variable = value21:34
pedjaini-format like?21:35
joacimthe smb.conf format is nice21:35
joacimsomething i can wrap my head around21:35
joacimexcept i cant get network discovery to work >_<21:36
pedjathe reason they chose xml, iirc, is that there are quite a few parsers for it21:36
joacimdont hire me as a sysadmin! even tho im educated as one21:36
joacimill just break something on your network21:36
pedjathat's the best way to learn :)21:36
joacimi broke it you get to fix it, happy weekend everyone! =)21:37
pedjawhat do you mean by 'network discovery'?21:38
joacimi think that is the name of the feature that discovers shares on the network21:38
pedjalike avahi/zeroconf?21:39
joacimi can access my shares just fine now when i type in the address21:39
joacimi guess. it does work on my desktop actually, since it has a zeroconf client21:40
joacimbut not on my windows console21:40
joacimi tried to define wins support, local master, and preferred master too21:40
pedjatcpdump the traffic, see what's going on?21:47
joacimi looked with wireshark on the client side, and it did communicate with the server21:50
joacimbut i dont know enough to figure out what21:50
joacimi think it is odd t hat libvirt supports hyper-v21:51
pedjabump the log level on samba server and look at the logs, there might be clues there21:52
pedjawell, hyper-v support is pretty basic, tbh21:54
pedjasame for vmware sphere/ws, and several others21:54
pedjakvm backend is, by far, the most featureful/stable21:55
pedjamakes sense, since RedHat is pushing its oVirt as a vSphere alternative, iirc21:57
joacimillumos folks have this script for their kvm22:00
joacimwould like to try that one day22:00
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joacimbeen thinking about getting an nzxt h700, but wish the case had an option for a solid metal panel on both sides23:45

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