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beli3verdoes somebody have here an encrypted crux installation06:58
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tilmandamn freenode keeps kicking me from some channels every now and then :|08:36
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elderKGuys, is it okay to use Git in a port?11:45
elderKLike, annoyingly, something I want to package relies on a billion @!#$ing submodules.11:45
elderKSo just downloading a versioned .tar.gz from Github does me no good :(11:45
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beli3verThere a lot of packages that uses git11:48
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frinnstin your own private repo? sure11:59
frinnst might be useful with github11:59
elderKThanks frinnst.12:03
elderKGod I hate projects with zillions of submodules :(12:03
beli3verQuestion have done the installation and kernel building, I created a cryptsetup disk how could I create now a initrd13:01
elderKbeli3ver: You're going to need to investigate in external tools like Dracut13:02
beli3verIs there a howto13:03
frinnstmay be useful13:05
jaegerI'd recommend dracut as well, most of the other tools don't seem to be maintained14:56
beli3verWhen will it be in the ports15:06
jaegerwhenever someone makes a port of it. :)15:10
beli3verI think I will try it15:17
elderKI used to have a port of dracut.15:54
elderKI stopped using initramfs though, so I pruned it15:54
elderKDracut itself is pretty easy to build and install.15:54
elderKAnd making new ports for Crux is really simple.15:54
elderKIt's perhaps one of the killer features of Crux, imo.15:54
elderKA packaging system that isn't a total PITA15:54
beli3verelderK: where is your port16:06
elderKGone. I pruned it :P16:07
elderKIt was excess to requirements :)16:07
elderKI no longer store ports I do not need.16:07
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beli3verDo you have the pkgfile16:17
elderKNo - it's long, long gone.16:24
elderKDracut is easy enough to build, man.16:24
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beli3verCould you help me, I have this Pkgfile when I tried to to run pkgmk -d I get this . I can not find the error18:08
teK_make DESTDIR instead of DESDIR18:09
teK_been there. done that.18:12
beli3verthanks now it work18:13
jaegerpedja: so where can I find your libvirt/virt-manager ports to test?18:24
jaegerNever mind, think I found them on your bitbucket virtualization repo18:26
pedjajaeger, beware, they only got a light amount of testing :)18:30
pedjaas in, they work on my machine[tm]18:30
joacimworks on my machine too(cc)18:30
jaegernoted :)18:31
joacimtho i didnt install everything, like the ports that were duplicates of stuff from contrib and opt18:31
jaegerlooks like there's a missing dep, pycairo18:31
jaegerfor pygobject318:32
jaegerright, it's just called pycairo in the pygobject3 depends line18:36
pedjajaeger, sorry about that :) I really need to clean up that mess and update the dependencies to use the ones from opt/contrib18:48
joacimmind sharing the repo again? i lost the link18:50
jaegerunrelated to that, I wonder why mpd can't see a lot of my music when it's mounted via cifs to the local machine18:51
Anselmois that using fuse ?18:54
jaegerno fuse in this case18:55
Anselmohrm, wonder how that works18:55
jaegerI can see all of the files if I browse the mount point and play them with other programs... but mpd can't see them and I'm not seeing any reason why in the log. Very odd18:56
jaegerI've never really used mpd before so not too familiar with it19:00
joacimsounds like a strange issue tho19:00
joacimi dont see a reason why it would have issues with a mounted share compared to a local drive19:00
jaegerhrmm... with verbose logging enabled I see this:19:01
jaegerSep 29 14:06 : exception: No such song19:01
jaegerThat's all, though, nothing more specific19:01
joacimi've had issues with smb and case insensitivity before.19:02
jaegertried with and without nocase, no change19:09
jaegerpedja: looks like virt-manager 1.6.0 source is 40419:09
pedjayup. give a sec :)19:09
pedjajaeger, pull from the repo, should be fixed now19:24
pedjathey are taking their sweet time with 1.6.0, which is using python3 now.19:25
jaegerok, will do19:25
pedjaand again, apologies for the breakage :)19:26
jaegerNo worries :)19:26
jaegerLooks like it's ok now, though I need to add kvm to this kernel19:26
pedjajoacim, it's
pedjait needs cleaning up (patches welcome :) )19:33
beli3verIs there a Lutris port19:45
joacimno =)
beli3verSo I must create one19:48
jaegerpedja: looks like it works, I'll play more with it later when I have time. Thanks :)19:50
pedjanp :)20:00
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