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beli3verI like it to create ports it is amazing06:13
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beli3verI have a little question I have a intel and a amd graphic card. I have installed xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu and xorg-xf86-video-intel but when I check I get this:
beli3verxrandr --listproviders shows me only one
beli3ver my lspci output08:25
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frinnstbeli3ver: what's your question?13:17
beli3verHow to set amdgpu to primary version13:18
joacimyou want firmware. forgot the name of the package. linux-firmware?13:18
joacimthen you must configure your kernel to make use of firmware (not sure if modules just magically find them)13:18
joacimyou also want to look up how to configure graphics switching13:19
joacimim guessing arch and gentoo have documentation about that (gentoo more likely)13:19
frinnstif you don't want to use the onboard gpu at all I suggest just disabling it in the kernel and removing the ddx driver13:38
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joacimi like how a fucked up drag-n-drop fucks up firefox19:44
joacimdropping files on the file picker makes it use 100% of one core, and hang for all eternity19:44
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ryuojoacim: you insensitive clod. firefox can't lift that many files yet you keep dropping them on them.23:37
joacimi had to gently shut it down with pkill and give it some time to reflect on what just happened23:39
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joacimwhen you ask for someone with "extensive network knowledge", do you expect someone that understand what IPs and subnets are + someone that can configure DNS and NAT? or would you be asking for someone that have experience with enterprise switches and routers23:54
joacimi said yes when asked, but for future reference =)23:57

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