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BrainzmanHey, I recently installed the linux-pam package and rebuilded shadow. But it doesnt seem to work and a strace of /bin/login does not show any pam library being loaded. Is there anything I need to do to tell login to use PAM?02:24
joacimyou'll need to edit the Pkgfile for shadow02:35
jaegerdid you remove the --without-libpam from the shadow Pkgfile?02:35
jaegerbefore rebuilding it02:35
Brainzmanjaeger: Arf no, that must be it02:43
joacimwell at least it wasnt my password03:03
AnselmoI've been typing into the wrong buffers alot lately ._.03:13
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elderKHey guys, is anyone else having issues building Thunderbird?07:31
elderKIssue with triplet.split?07:31
elderKNot enough values, apparently...07:31
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libinput: update to 1.12.108:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: maildrop: signature fix08:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups-filters: update to 1.21.308:42
frinnstelderK: no, havent had any reports regarding that08:43
frinnstcan you paste the output somewhere?08:43
elderKsure. Moment.08:44
frinnstodd. python3 works OK otherwise?08:47
frinnstI'll take a look at it after work and see if I can replicate the issue08:48
elderKSeems to, yeah.08:48
elderKIs there something I can do to verify python3 is working correctly?08:48
frinnstI have a thunderbird-bin port if you need it working *now*08:48
elderKIt's okay - I can wait.08:48
elderKThank you, though.08:49
frinnstthe plan for 3.5 is to drop the current thunderbird and firefox ports and replace them with upstream binaries08:49
frinnstthe dependency hell has grown past my pain threshold08:50
pedjaimpressive that you lasted this long with all that mess :)08:53
pedjaI'd given up when rust was introduced08:53
frinnstclang was bad08:53
frinnstnodejs was my breakingpoint :-)08:53
pedjanodejs is...fun08:54
pedjaapplication build breaking because it can't get all the parts from the repo in the sky08:55
pedjaor they changed the source but forgot to update shasum for it08:55
elderK:( I'm sick of everything having such convoluted fucking dependency chains.08:58
pedjamy networking broke several times randomly since morning, until I started monitoring it08:58
elderKLike pedja said: It's impressive you lasted that long :)08:58
elderK:P Quantum Networking :P It doesn't exist until you look at it :P08:58
pedjanothing in the logs or dmesg. it just...stops :)08:59
pedjawhen I restart net, it starts working again.09:00
pedjamust be NIC driver acting up again09:00
pedjaI really need to get an Intel NIC. everybody says they are rock-solid09:02
pedjawhen I asked around in the local shops for pci-e one, they told me 'no such thing exists. trust me, I am an expert'. errr09:04
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joacimdont know if theyre good, but bnever had any issues with them10:45
joacimhad a few systems with realtek nics too, and those have also been decent10:46
pedjathis is Realtek too10:48
pedjait's not so much an issue with hw, more with the kernel drivers10:49
pedjathey work most of the time fine :)10:50
pedjabut it seems that the Intel NICs are more actively developed or something. could be wrong, thou10:51
joacimapparently the intel wifi nic in my laptop is bugged10:59
joacimand nobody wants to fix it10:59
joacimsupposedly slower than it should be10:59
pedjawhat do you mean, 'nobody wants to fix it'?11:02
pedjawhich chipset is it?11:04
joacimIntel Centrino Advanced-N 620511:04
joacimget less than g speed11:05
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jaegerheh, that's silly. I approve13:57
joacimshould use that as a ringtone for coworkers13:59
jaegeron-call ringtone14:17
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jaegerdeus_ex: an 'expert' not to be trusted :P15:54
deus_exyeah. I just sighed and walked out :)15:54
deus_exthat is why I prefer to buy online, if I can.15:59
joacimnot fun having to clean up after sales guy "experts"15:59
joacimcustomers with expert engineer son in laws arent fun either.15:59
joacim"oh its a known issue that have been solved, just need to run a bios upgrade"16:00
joacimthen they freak out because bios upgrades are dangerous according to their son in law16:00
deus_extbh, they can be, when m/b vendors fuck up :)16:01
joacimyeah learned that16:01
joacimdont touch a bios upgrade the second they get uploaded =)16:01
deus_exouch. sorry for bringing that up :)16:02
joacimis ok16:02
joacimthreadripper made up for it16:02
deus_exI'd say16:02
joacimhad this system for almost a year. never had a single issue with it16:02
joacimnever a random reboot or crash16:02
joacimit just works16:02
MNKyDethWhich threadripper?16:02
MNKyDethI thought I was doing good with my 2700x... But I will agree, this new generation from AMD has been great.16:03
joacimjaeger: my upside down motherboard bothers you, but your bent corner of your u14s bothers me...16:04
joacimlooks bent in the picture at least =)16:04
joacimtbh. a 2700x would've been more than good enough for me16:05
joacimbut the lanes are nice to have for certain stuff16:05
pedjahow is your gpu pass-through project going?16:05
joacimon hold16:05
joacimtoo lazy to remove the glass panels to route cables16:06
pedjazeroth world problems16:06
joacimi have to disconnect power and displayport cables16:07
joacimand move the computer over to my desk16:07
MNKyDethyeah, mine is nearly maxed out. But I don't need two GPU's so I had just enough.16:07
jaegerjoacim: I'll look at it next tim the case is open, maybe it's bent a tiny bit16:07
MNKyDethon the pci-e lanes16:07
joacimdont think i've ever seen a noctua cooler that hasnt had a bent fin16:07
jaegerthey're really thin and easy to bump16:07
jaegerIt's possible it came that way and also possible that I did it during installation :)16:08
pedjathat thing is *massive*. almost 1kg with fans? damn :)16:10
jaegerThere's a reason people call them baby-head coolers16:11
jaegerI need to buy a second fan for it16:13
jaegerAnd tune the case fans down to silent mode16:14
jaegerJust haven't taken the time yet16:14
pedjasecond fan? to lower the noise or temperatures?16:18
jaegernoise, mainly. temps are fine16:19
jaegerIt's not even very loud but I'd prefer silent :)16:19
pedjaI use the fan noise as an indicator that the compile has finished :)16:24
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joacimi just got a second fan for mine so it would look "balanced16:26
pedjaopenblas and blender building cuda kernels have a very distinct sound16:26
joacimthink this one looks nice since the heatsink is offset a bit16:27
joacimmostly to make it stay withing the socket area of LGA115x sockets16:28
jaegerI use a U9S in my 1700x build, it's a great little cooler. Fits perfectly into the NCASE M116:29
jaegerthe offset is for RAM compat, technically16:31
joacimnot sure if the TR4 version fits properly on strict ATX boards. since the RAM slots are closer to the socket16:32
joacimthe boards that are a bit bigger have more room around the socket16:32
jaegerI would always recommend going with 120mm or 140mm coolers when you have room in the case, but I like quieter systems16:33
jaegerI didn't have room for 120/140 in the NCASE M116:33
jaegerAt least not with that orientation. I originally used an NH-L12 in it but that doesn't cool as well (in this layout, at least) as the U9S16:33
joacimthese types of coolers works16:35
jaegeryeah, that's similar to the L1216:35
joacimharder to work with when you have to replace RAM and such tho16:35
jaegerdepends on how you arrange parts, too. My airflow in the M1 is much more front-to-back than side-to-back16:36
jaegerSo the down-facing cooler didn't work as well as the rear-facing one16:36
abenzjaeger: did I miss your build pics?16:43
abenzhavent been here for the past few days16:43
joacimshame there wont be an 8 core for the platform16:45
joacimlike last generation16:45
abenzwhy shame?16:45
abenzthe 8 core wasn't clocked high16:45
joacimit was cheaper16:46
abenzso apart from cost, no disadvantage16:46
jaegerabenz: I've only posted a couple.
joacimi never took pictures of mine16:46
joacimguess i can when/if i stick my r9 290 in there16:47
jaegerI'll take some more later on now that it's all assembled16:48
abenzsurprised that noctua can handle 180w16:49
joacimwant to move into this case when/if it gets released16:49
joacimsupposed to be "cheap", but it looks so nice16:49
abenzfav case:
jaegerthey (noctua) say it'll handle 250w16:52
abenzlooks really nice in person16:52
joacimlooks solid16:53
elderKMoin all16:57
joacimgood evening16:58
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elderKACTION lifts coffee mug in response17:04
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joacimfree game on gog right now17:14
joacimshadow warrior 217:14
joacimi'm confused. windows 10 installed the big update that just got released, and now it is installing another cumulative update for 180317:22
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frinnstsounds about right for windows1017:25
joacimwinver says im still on 1803...17:30
elderKHey frinnst, btw, thought I'd let you know: I'm building firefox-pa and am not experiencing any issues.17:30
elderKWhich I find weird given that I'd imagine Thunderbird and Firefox to sure the same kind of build infrastructure.17:30
joacimi guess i get to wait until im in the middle of a game for it to notify me that it'll restart my computer in 5 seconds17:31
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frinnstelderK: I can reproduce the thunderbird issue18:45
frinnstvery odd18:45
elderKPerhaps a bug upstream?19:24
elderKI googled around looking for something but had little luck19:24
frinnstrevert rust and it will build19:24
frinnstdoing a final testbuild here before I push (along with a rust revert)19:25
elderK~_~ But that means rebuilding one of the longest taking bugs to build.19:25
elderKAh, cool.19:25
frinnstuse thunderbird-bin19:25
frinnstfuck I hate it19:25
frinnst this thread is fun19:25
frinnstKen is my hero, doing all the heavy lifting19:25
frinnst~/.cargo$ du -sh19:26
elderKIt's like RAM - just opening Firefox and having a couple tabs, 2G RAM used.19:27
elderKEverything is so fucking wasteful today.19:28
elderKAnd sure, maybe Rust has neat stuff.19:28
elderKBut I seriously doubt it is that much of a leap from something like C++.19:28
elderKMaybe it helps you avoid more mistakes, but the same shit can be achieved in C++ with care.19:28
elderKJust like you COULD write everything in Assembly if you really wanted.19:28
elderKI'll stop ranting now :P19:29
frinnstfirefox & thunderbird building at the same time - 24gb ram19:30
elderKWhat kind of machine are you building on?19:30
frinnstryzen with 64gb19:31
frinnstgranted im building in a tmpfs so guess that messes up my measurement19:31
frinnstload average: 25.14, 26.25, 19.6019:35
pedjaI can kind of understand rust and Firefox, but librsvg is...19:42
joacimwhat. librsvg depends on rust?19:42
pedjayes, afaik19:43
joacimhavent installed rust yet19:43
pedjanew rewrite19:43
joacimfigured i'd give go a go last night, so i installed that on my laptop19:43
joacimdidnt take long to compile and came without any fancy deps19:43
joacimtook longer to assemble the final package tar.tx than compiling it on my system19:43
pedjaI like go's static binaries19:44
joacimthis GOPATH thing bothers me a bit19:44
pedjabuilding some go apps seems like magic :)19:44
elderKlibrsvg needs fucking rust?19:46
pedjago 1.11.x
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird: updated to 60.2.119:52
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: Revert "rust: updated to 1.29.1"19:52
pedjaargh. note to self: ctrl+w, close tab. ctrl+q, close Firefox.20:10
AnselmoACTION passes pedja some qutebrowser20:11
pedjathanks, but no thanks :) niche browsers like that are just not interesting to me20:12
pedjabrave, vivaldi, bunch of FF forks in various shapes? I'll pass20:13
AnselmoI finally got exasperated enough at firefox that I am trying to switch20:14
AnselmoI dislike it, but I dislike FF too so :P20:15
pedjawhat are your issues with FF?20:15
pedjatechnical, philosophical, all of the above :) ?20:16
Anselmouhh, I dont really like needing rust and clang and all of those things on my computer just to support _one_ program20:17
AnselmoI dont think I've ever really20:17
pedjaI use upstream binary20:17
Anselmo*really liked the interface on it, I just used it cause it was standard20:18
Anselmoand then like, amnt really sure about some of mozillas ideas about things. . . ..20:18
Anselmoand of course, I hate the web in general so I hate whatever gateway I use to get to it :P20:18
joacimwish they'd get rid of the hamburger menu20:19
joacimother than that, the ui is fine20:19
joacimwish it had better management for history too20:19
pedjatilman, in case you are curious, I 'fixed' my issue with 'extern c' breakage by...disabling CUDA :)20:20
AnselmoI mean, it works and I can use it, and with whatever vikey addons are hip these days I like it more. . .20:20
Anselmoehh, it works, I used FF for years20:20
pedjajoacim, check out History Master and History Auto Delete extensions20:21
pedjaBookmark Dupes/Bookmarks Organizer for, well, bookmarks20:22
pedjaI cleaned up a lot of stuff with them20:22
pedja(I have a huge bookmarks collection and history)20:23
joacimdo those also ping the history entries whenever i revisit a site?20:23
joacimi deleted the "6 months" section once, and that removed a lot of sites I visit regularly20:23
joacimand doing that operation took ages. pretty much locked up firefox20:25
joacimseveral "hanging javascript" warnings20:25
joacimi just want safari tbh :(20:26
joacimwriting a job application for Sparebank1, and misspelt the filename "Soparebank1"20:31
pedjafor history, imho, directly modifying FF db with sqlite3 cli is the saner solution. haven't done that yet, I suck at sql :)20:39
pedjathere are some Python scripts I found on Github with some queries I could probably modify to do what I neef20:40
pedjaas you might've guessed by now, I am not a velociraptor of many skills20:42
Anselmosql isnt that hard. . .20:43
AnselmoI dont feel like I know it at all but can usually manage to do whatever I need with it x-x20:43
joacimofc. but whenever i have to do sql, i kinda have to relearn a lot20:43
pedjasql is not that much of an issue, FF weird db schema is :)20:44
Anselmohavent ever messed with that particular db20:44
pedjaplaces.sqlite, iirc20:45
pedjaoverkill would be dumping it into postgres :)20:46
joacimi dont get the local university. teachers there insists that windows server is the only think you'll find when looking for work, but when I go out searching, a lot of the jobs I feel I qualify for are linux sysadmin stuff.20:46
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joacim"ms won, ms rule the world, we teach you azure and windows server"20:47
AnselmoI had a friend who used to work at a company that was like, for some reason all the workstations / laptops were windows20:48
Anselmobut servers and developing stuff all for *nix20:48

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