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MNKyDethAnyone here use Enlightenment as there GUI?03:32
elderKMNKyDeth: People actually use Enlightenment?03:33
elderKI remember trying to use ETerm back around 200903:33
elderKIt crashed almost hourly.03:33
elderKThat was enough E for me.03:33
MNKyDethAhh... not e16 ... I meant more the current version. wawrzek has from what I can tell the modern version in his httpup03:34
MNKyDethI remember E17 was very nice. The modern version I have used on other distro's. But I think it's more like E21 or 22 now.03:35
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MNKyDethI tried using his repo a couple weeks ago. But failed on the efl compile. Was gonna try again here soon. Little more effort this time as I have more time the next few days.03:36
MNKyDethWas curious if anyone used it with success.03:36
][_R_][I used e16 ages ago.  I seemed to be more style than substance03:37
MNKyDethI enjoyed E16 from like 2001 to 2005'ish. After that I was mostly gnome version. Then when gnome 3 came out I moved to kde. But never been happy. Openbox is ok. Same with fluxbox. But wanted some of that "E" flare with a bare desktop. I was also curious if they still had Entrance available as a login manager.03:40
MNKyDethI really liked the older versions of xfce4 as well. The more modern versions I am not so keen on.03:41
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MNKyDethI can't stand budgie, gnome3, and parts of the latest kde. Hmm... well... maybe openbox is the way to go for me... who knows lol03:43
MNKyDethimo mate would be ok if I could get the old original start menu gnome2 used to have.03:44
elderKMNKyDeth: I use i3wm :)03:45
elderKHave been a happy i3wm user for, well, ages now.03:45
elderKI wouldn't even consider using something else :D03:45
MNKyDethlooking at some SS's now03:47
MNKyDethkeyboard driven? Or does it also use a mouse? Menus?03:48
][_R_][If it's anything like wmii, most of the interaction is through the keyboard03:53
][_R_][Menus are very minimal03:53
MNKyDethI may need to check it out in the future.04:03
MNKyDethI'll get myself into something that I am more used to ... comfortable with first.04:03
elderKfrinnst: Btw, thank you so much for seeing to the rust/thunderbird issue04:16
elderKMNKyDeth: I used "ion", "pwm" and "Musca" before I settled on I3.04:17
elderKOh, and ratpoison.04:17
elderKRatpoison was great.04:17
AnselmoACTION uses ratpoison04:18
MNKyDethI have heard of but never used pwm and ratpoison. Never heard of ion or Musca04:22
Anselmowell, ratpoison is rather anti-mouse all around04:35
Anselmocompared to like, openbox which seems pretty mouse centric, and i3, who's like, basically keyboard driven but has a few mouse things if I recall correctly04:36
Anselmoif you have used tmux, ratpoison strikes me as a very similar overall, just in xorg04:36
MNKyDethWell... I am gonna get openbox setup where my computer is more usable for me. Then I'll start experimenting a bit. I just tried wawrzek httpup for enlightenment agian. fails on the efl build. So... gonna get into a gui first then start poking around more.04:39
elderKAnselmo: Or screen04:52
elderKIono. I really can't deal with mouse centric stuff anymore.04:52
elderKOr like, things wasting screen real estate.04:52
elderKI'm not sure how much of that comes down to me having serious visual issues.04:52
elderKBut, space is precious.04:52
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pedjaI use e19, I think, on the netbook. xfce is not really suited for 10' screen :)12:17
pedjaelderK, care to share desktop screenshot? never used any of that minimal wm's12:18
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pedjafor me, xfce strikes a perfect balance between something hardcore like i3 and friends and full on DE's like Gnome, KDE, Mate12:24
pedjaNokia 7.1 sure looks nice12:30
surrounderpedja: agreed re: xfce; I've made some pseudo-tiling for my terminals and it works really nice12:36
jaegermight be interesting to do something like iterm2's tmux integration but with hotkeys in a linux WM13:31
frinnstI have a nokia 6.113:32
jaegeror hotkeys in the terminal emulator13:32
frinnstits a bit meh13:32
frinnsttoo many annoyances13:32
pedjajaeger, is iterm2 really that good? people seem to like it very much13:34
pedjasurrounder, xfce can use one of the tiling wm's, iirc. and it has some tiling windows capabilities of its own. never used them, thou :)13:35
pedjafrinnst, what annoyances?13:37
pedjaidk, I use xfce4-terminal tabs a lot13:39
pedjastill getting the hang of tmux13:39
jaegerpedja: I don't use most of its features so I can't say for sure... but it is faster to respond than the builtin terminal, for me13:48
jaegerMy one big complaint about mac OS is that on fast hardware it *feels* slower than other OSes, including windows. This is entirely a subjective feeling, not based on any tests, though13:49
jaegerAnd when I say feels slower, I mean things like window drawing and moving, hotkey response, etc... all window manager stuff, not actual processing under the hood13:50
frinnstlittle things - shitty flashlight (really shitty), shitty camera, speakers are badly placed so they get blocked by your hand when you titlt the phone13:55
frinnsthard to grip13:55
frinnstmine has some dead pixels13:56
frinnstbut it's cheap as fuck and that makes it hard to beat13:56
pedjajaeger, nice to hear an objective view of macOS for once :)13:56
pedjafrinnst, that sounds like my current phone :)13:58
surroundercheap as fuck++13:58
frinnstfor what you get, yeah13:58
surrounderhmm dunno13:58
surroundermine wasn't expensive either and I actually enjoy it13:59
surrounderEUR 120 for a Wileyfox Swift 213:59
frinnstMy old nexus 5x was a lot nicer. a bit worse on battery but otherwise just better14:01
pedjaimho, it's worth to pay a bit more for a phone that will actually get security updates :)14:01
frinnstfor 2 year or something yeah14:01
frinnstI got a new phone just because 5x was close to eol14:02
frinnstwhich is so fucking stupid. it could easily last another 2 years or so14:02
frinnstartificial EOLs are so fucking idiotic14:02
frinnstit looks nice surrounder14:03
pedjamine g630 eol'd a while back14:03
joacimjaeger: system requirements are insane i think. high idle RAM usage. graphics requirements too for some reason.14:04
surrounderfrinnst: aye, it is - and they've been really nice with OTA updates14:04
surrounderprevious version I bought with android 5, then got 6 and 7 through OTA updates14:04
joacimnot sure if i notice the slowness, but it does feel slowed down maybe14:04
joacimnot as instant as win9x14:04
pedjastill works* (*battery goes from 50% to 0% *real* fast). but, works fine otherwise14:04
joacimsomewhere in between old fashioned windows applications, and the windows 10 start menu14:05
jaegerI use a macbook pro for work every day so it's fairly easy to compare the feel to my windows and linux systems... if I used only mac stuff maybe I wouldn't notice, heh14:05
joacimfrinnst: thought about getting that, but decided not to since the specs seemed pretty meh when compared to my current Nexus 514:05
joacimbit stupid since i paid about as much for my Nexus 5 as a brand new Nokia 6 is14:06
joacimjaeger: for me it was "ok", but my pressing of buttons maybe feels better than your actual work =)14:07
pedja'libinput, one size fits no one' :)14:08
joacim'less configurable than evdev, but this is newer'14:08
pedja'what do you mean, you want to configure stuff? that's so last century, man'14:09
pedjaapparently, people won't use Linux because 'it flickers on boot'14:11
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: clamav: updated to version 0.100.214:13
joacimi dont exactly run windows 10 on a high end machine, but on many of the systems ive run it on, windows seems inconsistently slow. while os x seems consistently slow14:14
joacimtalking about their ui ofc. their ability to get actual stuff done seems decent enough14:15
pedjaweren't they first in trying to unify iOs/macOS UI? 'seamless experience on mobile and the desktop'14:17
joacimthey just added an application launcher. i never used it14:17
joacimforgot the name of it14:17
joacimpress a button somewhere, and i get some kind of home screen14:17
joacimwas quicker and more efficient to just use spotlight14:18
joacimfinder is the file manager14:18
joacimtbh, what is  good about os x was already good 10 years ago14:19
jaegerI mostly use spotlight to launch applications14:19
jaegeractually my app launching habits are similar in all my OSes14:19
surrounderpush some button - type - bang enter14:20
jaegerin windows, I typically hit the windows key and start typing. linux, something like dmenu or rofi. hit a key, start typing. in mac OS, hit command+space, start typing14:20
joacimyeah. dmenu on x11-based systems. spotlight on os x, search through start menu on windows14:20
joacimwhat i miss is the extra features of spotlight. calculations, conversions, and dictionary definitions were very handy to have14:24
joacimwithout having to launch their dedicated applications14:24
joacimstill stuck on 1803. the update history urge me to restart for 1809, but i've done that a few times already :(14:41
][_R_][If you want consistiency, Launchy is cross-platform14:44
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: mesa3d: updated to 18.2.218:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: [notify] cairo: updated to 1.15.14. Fix for CVE-2017-981418:15
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.9518:49
pedjaI've never seen them laugh this hard :) Joe is awesome20:02
pedjaI'd love to see him and Jonny Vegas going head to head as team captains20:03
frinnstthat would fall apart in minutes. i'd love it20:10
pedjamaybe in the Big Fat Quiz Of The Year 201820:25
pedja2 hours of insanity20:25
pedjaJoe/Vegas, Lee Mack/Richard Ayoade, two more20:33
pedjaRowan Atkinson is at the Graham Norton tonight, promoting Johhny English 3, I think20:35
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