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elderKpedja: Sure. Do you know a good no-bullshit "pastebin" for images?00:54
elderKfrinnst: Thunderbird builds now :) Nice work00:55
elderKAlso, guys, do you have any advice on how to translate one FS to another? I've been a user of XFS for years and years. But, it lacks some neat features. 16G for / is just not enough anymore - it is for use and stuff, but not for building things like Firefox or Thunderbird.00:57
elderKThe system itself takes ~7G or so.00:57
elderKProblem is, with XFS, you can't shrink or do live resize, iirc.00:57
elderKAlso, interop with other OSes is an issue with XFS.00:58
elderKAlthough, ext2fsd these days isn't safe to use anyway, so using extNfs wouldn't help for interop either :(00:58
Anselmocan't you just copy the contents out and move them back in later ?00:59
elderKYou mean say, marshal something from Nix to Windows and back again?01:03
elderK:P That requires planning and foresight that I don't always have :P01:03
Anselmowait ok, so you have a *nix system on a disk, you want to move the contents of it to . . . a windows sytem temporarily and then back onto a *nix after you've reformated the FS / disk / stuff ?01:05
elderKOh, no.01:06
elderKThe issue for reformatting, etc, is that I do not have another disk that can store what I need to store, while I resize,e tc.01:06
elderK(I'd like to translate all my FS. There is /home/k, which is quite large...)01:06
elderKSo stepping back from like, reformatting, etc. Does anyone know of any good tools to help you like, access your nix FS from Windows?01:07
elderKHell, I use Windows so rarely now I might just nuke it01:07
Anselmoah, one of these situations01:07
elderK:P So rarely that every time I boot into Windows, I have to wait an hour or so for updates.01:07
Anselmodo you have a disk you can reboot the system from temporarily and redo the filesystem ?01:08
Anselmoand your partiton is like, / in XFS and /home in XFS ?01:09
elderKI have a USB stick I can use to boot into a live distro.01:09
elderK / is XFS, 16. /home/k is XFS, around 64G. swap is 16G.01:10
elderKThen there are other things like EFI and Windows.01:10
elderKAs much as I hate Windows, it has the largest partition by far.01:10
elderKIt seems to exhaust all of it without having fuck all installed, too.01:11
Anselmoso you could just reboot into the live distro, reinstall and resetup the root partition, but you'd still want to move the contents of /home over01:11
Anselmoto a new fs01:11
Anselmodo you have space to move all /home to windows temporarily ? you could just copy a disk image or use somethings like ntfs-3g to put them on that fs temporarily01:12
Anselmoalso can't windows resize partitions01:14
Anselmoalso:re pastebin, has worked for me reasonably well,01:18
elderKFor images01:25
elderK:( Unfortunately, Windows can't like, temporarily hold my personal data.01:28
elderKOh neat01:29
elderKIt does do images.01:29
elderKThanks for that, Anselmo.01:29
Anselmooh, glad that it helps you elderK02:53
elderK:P I had to futz about manpaging bash to write a paste scrip tto use it :P03:10
elderKBut I love how minimal it is :P03:10
elderKpedja: Ping me when you're around - I'll paste some shots for you. I'm not sure exactly what kind of shots you want, but, I'll try to show you how I use i3, anyway.03:48
jaegerI'd recommend buying a cheap external usb3 drive, you can get cheap 1, 2, and 4TB ones04:05
jaegerbut yeah, if your windows partition has enough space you could temporarily backup your linux stuff to it, then restore04:05
jaegerI have done this before using ntfs-3g04:06
jaegersince ntfs and unix permissions won't jive, I'd recommend tarring your linux stuff04:08
elderKYeah, I'm definitely going to have to invest in a larger external drive.04:24
elderKI have one - but... I'm not sure I trust it :P04:24
elderKIt's old now, and well, sometimes it is flakey.04:25
elderKSo, I have long since migrated anything of importance off.04:25
elderKI.e. Anything that's crucial to me, for some reason, is on Bitbucket. So, my stuff is mostly code, etc.04:25
elderKAnything that I literally cannot replace - even if doing so would be inconvenient - is uploaded.04:25
elderKThe rest is just, stuff that took ages to create. Can be recreated, just, seriously PITA04:25
elderKBut you know, like, projects you wrote or whatever, they cannot be replaced.04:26
jaegersounds like that stuff should be backed up anyway, just in case04:27
elderKThe PITA stuff are a set of minimalist VM images for every platform I target, for personal cross-platform testing and s tuff.04:27
jaegerin general, I mean, not just when you need to reinstall or whatever04:27
elderKAll of them can be recreated. It would just be annoying.04:27
elderKEvery Windows >= XP32, etc. Different build configurations, toolchains, etc.04:28
elderKBut yeah, ideally, backed up on a drive that was trustworthy :P04:29
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pedjaprice delta between 16 and 12 core TR2 is ~250$. but, at the HEDT level, 250 more won't break the bank anyway. so, what's the point of 12 core?09:14
pedja'entry level' TR2 :)09:16
pedjaelderK, just a screenshot of how it looks when you use it (scrub any private stuff first, of course :) )09:18
elderKPDF viewer is Zathura, btw, in case it doesn't saw.09:22
pedjalots of linear algebra :)09:23
pedjaso, what's the idea behind i3 and similar wms? minimal clutter?09:26
elderKPretty much. Most are designed to be used maximally via keyboard, and to reduce screen waste.09:30
elderKi3 isn't the most... "don't waste screen space."09:30
elderKBut it's enough.09:30
elderKMusca was much more restrictive in that sense - there were no borders, no nothing. Just logical frames that held shit. :P09:31
elderKI'm visually impaired so much of my stuff is zoomed to some degree. So, not losing screen space to stupid @!#$ing toolbars or like, close buttons, etc, is important to me.09:31
elderKIt's also just, nice.09:31
elderKIt's small, it's fast. Everything I want to do, WM wise, is easily done via keyboard.09:32
elderKMakes it a breeze on a laptop :)09:32
pedjaI'll try something like that on my netbook. apparently, 10' screen is rare enough that most DE's look weird on it :)09:33
pedjaand I use the terminal 90% of time on it, anyway09:35
elderKMusca was great - but no longer maintained.09:36
elderKi3wm has a real killer feature for me though:09:36
pedjahow about awesome?09:36
elderKSay you have multiple monitors and have virtual desktops. Most WMs treat like, a VD as containing all screens.09:36
elderKIn i3, each screen has it's own set of VDs.09:36
elderK:P virtual desktops, not diseases.09:36
pedjalike window/pane in tmux?09:38
elderKI guesso - I don't use Tmux :)09:39
elderKI learned screen long ago - and Istill use it :P09:39
pedjawhat's with the books on algebra? intellectual curiosity :)?09:46
elderKSchool :)09:49
elderK(I'm minoring in Mathematics.)09:49
pedjaouch. good luck09:49
elderK:P Thanks, I neeed it atm :P09:50
elderKI'm having real trouble on my homework, and it's due in a day or so.09:50
elderK:( It's causing me a lot of stress, tbh.09:51
pedjathis might be interesting to you
elderKI might just have to write down WTF I think they want, and hope it's worth SOME marks :P09:51
tilman"doing math homework now might pay off in the future, but procrastinating on irc is paying off right now"? ;)09:52
pedjamath is fascinating to me. I, as in many things, suck at it, but fascinating nonetheless09:53
pedjabarely passing grade in it in high school09:55
pedjabut I excelled in philosophy classes, so10:02
elderKtilman: I'm not procrastinating so much - I've been working hard every day for weeks. But I have hit a point that I cannot proceed on my own and I'm having little luck finding resources to help me move forward :(10:10
elderKSo taking a break, talking a bit, well, it's helping me cheer up a bit :P10:10
elderKpedja: I hear you.10:10
elderKMath is like chess for me. I love both but I always lose :P10:11
elderK:) Dogged determination has to count for something though :)10:12
pedja'success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration'10:19
pedjaI like the Edison's 'I have not failed. I just found 10.000 ways that don't work'10:21
pedjaI am having way too much issues wrapping my head around FreeCAD's way of working for mechanical drafter by trade10:24
elderKI like that way, too.10:26
TimB_elderK: have you checked out khan academy on youtube? :) that guy has some really good explanations10:29
TimB_dunno if he covers the topics you need, but sure hope so. My relationship with math is troubled too10:34
elderKTimB_: Absolutely. I hit Khan /lots/10:42
elderKOften times, he helps a lot10:42
elderKUnfortunately, the material there for abstract algebra is lacking.10:42
elderKI also hit up MIT OpenCourseware a lot, too.10:42
elderKUnfortunately, my Uni likes to do things differently to everyone else in the world, so sometimes, I cannot find good external sources.10:43
elderKSometimes I can which is great. But, sometime snot :(10:43
elderKTimB_: What kind of math do you do? :D10:44
TimB_too bad, but I'll take note on the MIT OpenCourseware. Are your professors any help in providing additional literature maybe?10:44
TimB_uh, economics. nothing fancy, but I am trying to work on that weakness in combination in learning fancy statistics with R currently10:45
elderKNot often, no. Actually attending class is something that can be difficult for me, for family reasons. So, generally, actually learning the material and stuff is done from slides. Our uni doesn't believe in recordings.10:45
elderKNice :)10:45
TimB_My uni doesn't either. And I hate sitting in class surrounded by people that don't pay attention10:46
elderKYup. Or people who are typing loudly on their laptops, chatting on FB or something.10:47
elderKWith clicking keys that distract from the actual lecture itself.10:47
elderKOther problem at Uni: They don't really have good services for people with serious visual issues. So, the lectures really give me nothing that the slides don't.- I can't see the projectors or the whiteboards, even if I sit as close as I can.10:48
TimB_yeah I'm lucky my keyboard is rather silent when I take extra care. But yeah, or people watching a soccer game during lecture :D10:48
elderKAnd that's if you are lucky enough that you can get a front-row anyway10:48
TimB_first the rows don't have any electric sockets here10:48
elderKEither :(10:49
TimB_I want to sit in front as much as possible but I am limited to the forth row upwards, where chatting becomes a real issue here10:49
elderKYeah, I bet it does :(10:50
TimB_battery holds up to 2h :D lecture usually is 3 1/2 h including a break10:50
elderKDo you get super frustrated? I sure did when I was at lectures. It would really, really piss me off when people are talking over the teacher.10:50
elderKIt's like, will you people @!#$ up. Some of us actually want to learn!10:50
TimB_I do, yeah. I am trying to work on that too haha, because it bums me out at home even more10:50
elderKYeah :(10:50
elderKIt also sucks when the teachers don't seem to care.10:51
elderKI mean, I can understand how they become that way.10:51
TimB_I mean, it should be their problem not paying attention. My view is that I get sucked into that negative energy far to easily.. I can say it gets better but sure as hell is exhausting10:51
elderKIt would be hard to like, stay... enthusiastic about teaching dealing with asshole students for years :P10:51
elderKBut all the same, it affects the teaching quality.10:52
TimB_True that! Exactly the problem that I was talking about looks like that. And it's a pitty. Prof in mind is of high position, very interesting lecture as well. But nobody seems to care, not even the prof. I'll try to get him use the microphone, with slight hinting it would help a lot... had a talk with another prof yesterday about it10:53
TimB_we don't have to attend the lectures you know?10:53
TimB_i'd so wish they would start throwing people out over toxic behaviour10:54
TimB_about your visual problem, corneal irregularity? are your profs showing any extra slides during lecture they don't hand out?10:56
elderKI wouldn't know. I rely on the dude scanning them.10:57
elderKAs for my issue, I'm blind in one eye and have limited vision in the other - about 15-20% of normal.10:57
elderKI'm legally blind - although I don't need like, dogs or anything.10:57
elderKI pride myself on seeming as normal as possible in taht department - so people often have no idea I have such problems.10:57
TimB_sorry to hear man10:58
TimB_good you have some help over there10:58
TimB_have you tried talking to the profs? I was once told some profs do have some extra specific material they hand out when asked10:59
elderKHey, it's not all bad :) I can see :)10:59
elderKAnd for the most part, things don't stop me :)10:59
TimB_I didn't want to make it sound like that :D10:59
elderKAs for profs, I have, yeah. I went to the Uni disability department for help, etc. Unfortunately, well, things just werne't useful.11:00
elderKSee, here, papers can "embargo" note takers and things.11:00
elderKThe rationale is the same as for no recordings: It means more people stay at home rather than attend lectures. So, we won't make that possible.11:00
elderKOf course, this really screws people up who have legitimate issues. But, I was told "The embargo is a departmental policy. We will not change it. Sorry."11:01
elderKThat really, really hurt my motivation, tbh.11:01
elderKI just told them that policy was meant to help them teach. And in this case, they were actively hurting that.11:02
elderKTo my linear algebra lecturer's credit, he said he'd report it higher.11:02
elderKNothing changed, though.,11:02
TimB_sounds like we share the same administration...11:03
elderKIt's bullshit. :|11:04
elderKI can't wait until I can re-enter the workforce.11:04
elderKIt's very difficult to stay the course sometimes. But, I dropped out in the past and well, not having a degree hurts badly.11:05
elderKI'm sorry to hear you have the same at your Uni :(11:05
TimB_haha I get that. At least a part of me. But other part of me wants to stay. I just need to adjust my field to a more specific area. the Bachelor Degree I am going for is awful. At least parts..11:05
elderKI think, in a lot of ways, many Unis are threatened. Like, more and more, I realize that the University here is controlled by industry interests. More and more material is "dumbed down" or removed. I think they're trying to compete in a lot of ways too, with things like MIT OCW, etc. I wonder how long it will be until say, online education providers are considered as credible.11:07
elderKI'm not saying all depts are dumbing down - Math isn't for me. But I've been very disappointed in the CS here.11:07
elderKThen again, I know a LOT more about CS than I do about Math, so maybe it's just perspective.11:07
elderK:( Why so awful?11:07
TimB_Well, I dunno, awful is maybe to strong for it. :) But at least it's just not good. Here, we are very Mac/Windows focused. I am the only Linux user in my year and was forced to use Excel by one prof11:09
elderKTo clarify the above statement: It's like, companies want cheap, easily replaced cogs rather than people who are experts. That's not to say the Uni doesn't produce bright, highly trained people who really give a shit - but they are the exception. Most are cogs, trained enough to know stuff, but not so much that they need a high salary. Iono :P Maybe I'm just getting jaded.11:10
elderKOh man, that must have sucked.11:10
elderK:P I have a set of Win VMs for that reason :P11:10
elderKIt happens here too!11:10
TimB_So, ofc, I just got that fricking license (Germany has crazy low prices, luckily) and installed it on my wintendo. But it just leaves a sore feeling11:10
TimB_It seems that all hear all around the globe are stories like this regarding studying. Crazy.11:12
elderK:( It's like, here, CS is big on Macs.11:12
elderKAnd of course, they make you use a lot of Apple-centric stuff. Like, Swift.11:13
TimB_I, too, think that the industry with sponsoring and so on is taking to much control over unis.11:13
pedjaMIT OCW is awesome. I watched introduction to CS and the course on algorithms ( that went over my head *real* fast :) )11:13
elderKNot just Swift, mind you, but needing Cocoa, etc.11:13
elderKFor say, "UI papers" or "Object-oriented Programming."11:13
elderKWhy didn't they just use fucking Java or C++ or C# or ANYTHING that works on more platforms?11:13
elderKNo, we all have to compete for the same fucking machines.11:13
TimB_great sales boost :))11:13
elderKpedja: MIT's Linear Algebra course is excellent. I learned more watching a couple lectures from Gilbert STrang - in terms of intuition and real understanding - than two years of Math here.11:14
elderKTimB_: The thing is, they run Linux on almost all the machines. Even Apples.11:14
elderKFor UI stuff and OO, they use xcode + cocoa, etc.11:14
pedjaelderK, I have to work up to that :)11:14
elderKThey also use Oracle instead of say, Postgres or any other open DB11:14
pedjaOracle is much more common in enterprise, isn't it?11:16
elderKIono. :P Every shop I've worked at used MSSQL or Postgres.11:16
TimB_elderK: funny :)11:16
elderKThe thing is, SQL is SQL. They should teach that, and tell you about the particular extensions of whatever they use.11:17
elderKBut here, they teach you the Oracle specifics, acting as if Oracle way is universal.11:17
elderKI find that kind of stupid.11:17
elderKIono. There'll be a good reason for why they use Oracle. I imagine Oracle really was THE skill back when the course and stuff was designed.11:18
pedjarecent thread on HN suggested that Oracle DB is ways ahead in some stuff compared to other11:18
pedjabut we are talking huge data warehouses here11:18
elderKI mean, I'll even give the Uni the benefit of the doubt in terms of Apple. I check jobs listings often - and here, everything is iOS this, mobile that.11:18
elderKpedja: I think I saw that thread - it was about Amazon and things like that.11:19
elderKAnd yes, Oracle still can do stuff that others can't.11:19
elderKBut iirc, Postgres and shit is really closing the gap.11:19
pedjathe issue people have with Oracle is more eye-watering prices and aggressive sales/legal then the tech itself, it seems :)11:20
elderKWell, that's fair.11:20
elderK:P I'm biased I guess - I prefer portable and open stuff as much as possible.11:21
elderKOr at least, standardized stuff. Mostly.11:21
elderKI did really like TSQL though :)11:21
elderKMSSQL spoiled me11:21
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