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jaegerAnyone have cuda/cudnn ports?01:26
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ryuofrinnst: if you haven't already and still have hp servers using iLO4, there was a new firmware released in August. 2.6104:05
ryuofrinnst: i just upgraded mine.04:09
jaegeroh, nice, guess I don't need cuda/cudnn packages as anaconda has them already04:12
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pedjajaeger, I have cuda port. needs cleaning up before I push it to contrib, thou07:08
pedjabut you are right, anaconda has you covered :)07:09
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pedjaeven thou I build the cuda kernels only for my card, blender build still spends the majority of time doing it07:36
pedjacycles render *really* likes a modern nvidia card. my gt640 is low(er) end :)07:42
beli3verCould you update cgit in contrib08:11
beli3verThere is Version 1.1 but the latest release is 1.2.108:12
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joacimbeli3ver: ping the maintainer. there is no guarantee that they notice your request when you don't ping them.12:51
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frinnst  beli3ver an email is the most sure way to let the maintainer know20:43
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joacimI wouldn't mind22:11
ryuo... lol22:26
ryuo"you can shoot yourself in the foot with C, but in C++, you'd blow it clean off."22:26
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