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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gexiv2: adjust footprint, add glib dependency00:10
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BrainzmanHi, do you know where I can find a package containing xorg-xfd?02:40
Anselmoisnt there one in 6c37 ?02:41
Anselmomight be a mite out of date though02:41
BrainzmanOh damn yeah02:42
BrainzmanI might be just blind02:42
BrainzmanIt's okay i'll just update it02:42
Anselmoah kay ^_^02:42
BrainzmanAh, actually it is up to date02:43
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pedjawine prefix is set to windows 7, and the installer still thinks its win xp. same with setting the prefix to windows 10. hm.12:57
joacimwhich installer?13:10
joacimmaybe it is one of those applications that just assumes anything winnt on consumer computers is winxp13:10
joacimseen a few like that when i had 2k and vista13:10
pedjaFusion 360 client installer. whatever I do with winecfg, I get 'Current OS version [5, 1, 2600] is unsupported.' in the logs, and it just hangs.13:19
pedjaversion in regedit keys is correct13:19
pedjait's a small (10Mb) installer that d/l the actual installer. I might try to run it on a Win10 laptop, and get the installer, then try that.13:24
pedjasomeone mentioned that it runs fine, once installed, with dxvk, so I want to test that :)13:26
pedjastarting tomorrow, I'll be offline for a week or so, no computers or anything, so I want to play while I can13:28
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joacimthe skylake-x refresh looks decent22:14
joacim44 pcie lanes across the board22:15
joacimhope the motherboards get updated to make proper use of that22:15
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