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ryuoLamest product of the year?11:53
joacimwonder if it is any good for getting in on wpa protected wifi12:01
abenz100mbps ports and 2.4G wifi12:29
abenzso they used the cheapest chipset available12:29
joacimit is a nice looking clock tho12:31
joacimbut that shiny plastic will get nasty fast12:31
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frinnstwe bought a macbook pro for a customer. the keycaps are already shiny from wear13:07
frinnstfucking crap quality13:07
joacimbest part is when something get stuck under one of them13:23
joacimsome tiny little crumb13:23
joacimcan make the entire key feel mushy, if it works at all13:23
frinnstthese switches have NO travel13:35
frinnstits like typing on a touchpad13:35
joacimthe new clicky ones that feel like cheap 80s remote controls?13:36
frinnstthey are pointless13:42
joacimapparently those are even worse if something gets under the keycap13:42
frinnsti can imagine13:42
Anselmowasnt there also something with apple recently implementing something to like, make 3rd party repairs nigh impossible13:43
joacimthey always try to bullshit with that kind of stuff13:45
joacimdont even know what they're doing. they released the 2012 macbook pro which was amazing13:45
joacimsingle lid, and easy access to almost everything13:45
joacimonly annoying part was the odd screws for the battery13:46
joacimthey're working real hard to convince me not to give them any more money13:47
joacimhope their mac pro is any good. shame if its another turd13:47
AnselmoI used some mac things like, ~6 years ago but never got much experience with any of their . . anything really14:03
joacimi have one of their access points still running14:08
joacimbought it in 200814:09
joacimgot a spare one for free in case my current breaks14:09
joacimonly thing that sucks about it is the config tool14:09
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frinnstI use a shitty weak tp-link ap that gives terrible range14:36
frinnstperfect for my apartment :-)14:36
abenzfrinnst: tp-link actually makes decent hardware14:46
abenzits the software that is bad14:46
abenzso if you flash openwrt it could become very stable14:46
abenzwhats the model?14:46
abenzI search for "small phones 2018" and get a list with "Iphone Xs, google pixel 3"..15:09
abenzare these considered small nowadays?!!15:09
frinnstthere are 2 versions of the ap I use. one that supports custom firmware15:13
frinnstbut mine doesnt15:13
frinnstnot that I would bother anyways - its just a dumb ap15:13
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joacimi think 5" became the new small15:49
joacimi just decided to settle on that, instead of seeking out even smaller ones15:49
jaegerI just want my phone to fit in my pockets with keys and wallet. Otherwise not too picky :)15:52
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Anselmojust use like, an old filphone :P15:54
joacimi wouldn't mind an old siemens s45i15:56
joaciman ericsson t28 would be neat too =)15:56
frinnstt28 was useless16:18
frinnstI had to charge mine twice per day16:18
joacimjust buy the massive battery pack =)16:18
frinnstand the latency on buttonpresses were horrible16:18
frinnststill, it looked sweet as fuck16:18
john_cephalopodaSmartphones are not built to last any more.16:20
john_cephalopodaYeah, it's nice to have a glass screen because they don't scratch, but they shatter instead.16:21
joacimi rather have glass16:21
joacimthan something that scratch up from the fabric in my pants pockets16:21
john_cephalopodaI'd prefer to have a plastic screen cover that I can replace myself for 5€.16:21
joacimi dont know what material the screen on my nexus 5 is, but that is fine16:21
joacimlooks ok 4 years later16:22
john_cephalopodaThere must be a material that is strong and transparent.16:22
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joacimi just bareback my phone. dropped it once or twice while groggy in bed. nothing too serious16:23
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john_cephalopodaI don't care if the screen is small and the phone is thicker than usual. Actually I dislike the super-thin smartphones, they are not very comfy to hold in the hand.16:24
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john_cephalopodaI just want a proper phone that runs apps, has battery runtime for a few days, a replaceable battery and holds a few years.16:25
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john_cephalopodaAND doesn't cost the world.16:25
AnselmoACTION sighs at everything16:26
joacimpaid about 300 euro for mine16:27
joacimi dont use my phone enough to justify one more expensive16:27
john_cephalopodaThat's a reasonable price.16:27
AnselmoI dont use my phone to justify one more expensive than 30 euro :P16:27
john_cephalopodaAs long as it does the job...16:27
joacimhoping the pixel 2 gets cheap around newyears16:27
joacimlike the first pixel16:27
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crash_i remember when i had a ericsson GA628 and i bought a bigger battery for it so it lasted longer19:27
joacimi bought an antenna for my phone, that had a led in it19:41
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frinnst2x10gbit mellanox connectx-2 10gbit + a dac cable for �39 incl shipping22:18
frinnstgotta love chinese people on ebay22:18
jaegernice :) Building some infiniband?22:18
frinnstnot sure what Im gonna do yet :>22:19
frinnstits ethernet tho, not inifiniban22:20
jaegeroh, I thought the connectx-2 cards were infiniband, never mind :)22:22
frinnstlooks like they support infiniband, ethernet, fcoe & vpi22:24
frinnstbut its sfp+ on the hardware so22:25
frinnstmaybe pair them with one of these? :D
frinnstugh.. just found a openvpn appliance running on debian squeeze22:28
frinnstOpenVPN Access Server VMWare ESXi Appliance v1.8.4.400 (64-Bit) Debian 6.0 Squeeze Updated: June 20, 201222:29
jaegerI've thought about building an infiniband backend for my vmware home lab but haven't done the research22:30
joacimi want a nice home lab, but i'm going to trip my breaker switch if i try :(22:33
joacimit is only 10A22:33
frinnstsame here22:38
frinnstmaybe one of these?
joacimlooks nice, has fans tho22:42
joacimaccording to the picture22:42
joacimoh right. 10 GbE. I expect fans on those =)22:42
frinnstThe unit has dual redundant power supplies and passive cooling case, so it’s completely silent - for hot environments two redundant fans will automatically keep the system cool if needed.22:43
joacimthe suggested price isnt bad either22:44
frinnst mmm infiniband22:44
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