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abenzfinally after years and years03:24
abenzthunderbird fixed the multiple "master password" prompts.. now its just one03:24
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abenzplaying an alert sound still doesn't work tho..03:49
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joacimi've settled on evolution for a gui email client09:30
joacimit is pretty nice i think09:30
frinnstoutlook wannabe :-)09:56
frinnstnot running it under crux?09:56
frinnstI used to use evolution when I ran rhel at work. was ok. better exchange integration at the time with regards to calendars etc09:57
joacimrunning fedora on this system10:00
joacimtried setting up mutt again on my laptop with crux, but ive been too lazy10:01
joacimwill probably try to make a port of evolution if i move my desktop back to crux =)10:01
frinnsthave fun creating its dependencies :)10:02
joacimi think the only thing missing from crux is gnome-desktop10:05
joacimlooks like the rest is already in opt or contrib, and some i can steal from mate10:06
joacim"gnome-desktop support is optional with --enable-gnome-desktop"10:06
joacimmaybe it can be built on a plain opt/contrib system10:06
ryuofrinnst: how do you know outlook sucks?10:44
ryuofrinnst: just ask the magic 8ball. it'll say "outlook not so good". =p10:44
joacimoutlook is pretty ok if you dont ever store anything locally10:46
joacimbut, there is always this one customer that shows up with emails from 1998, and he uses pop310:47
joacimwith the default setting in outlook to delete emails older than 14 days from the server10:47
joacimactually, there isnt that one customer. they're almost every single one10:47
frinnstoutlook is unstable shit10:55
frinnstits incredible its used in businesses at all10:55
joacima recruiter asked if i knew office 36510:58
joacimand i didnt know what to say10:58
joacimis that a skill?10:58
joacimwhat are they really asking for?10:59
abenzyou elitists!12:37
ryuofrinnst: your HPE ilo's up to date? I recently updated my ilo4.12:46
ryuosneaky bastards. lol12:46
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frinnstno, we dont update unless we need to13:03
ryuofrinnst: i see. why not? they carry security updates typically.13:24
jaegerMy work email got migrated to o365 this week. Hope it doesn't suck too much13:40
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joacimnever had any issues when using o365 for email and school. it worked and was stable enough for me.16:48
abenzif schools and universities used libreoffice instead..16:50
abenzhow many would grow up to recommend it to their organizations'16:50
joacimnever was an issue to use not-ms word when i went to school16:50
joacimturned in my assignments as pdf16:51
joacimand nobody complained about that16:51
joacimand ms word can open odt files without big issues (it might complain a bit tho)16:51
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jaeger <- heh, this is amusing18:33
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joacimsomehow this makes me want one =)18:53
joacimi had a teacher that used to do stuff like that. figure out ways to break into business networks, then contact the sysadmins there telling them how he did it and how they could fix the issue18:54
joacimsome of them got very angry18:55
ryuojoacim: doesn't sound like they were very bright.18:58
ryuocould get yourself in legal hotwater.18:58
joacimyeah idk18:58
joaciman email address under the domain of one of the biggest universities in norway, not that bad tbh18:59
joacimor maybe he used a throwaway address18:59
abenz"over 420,000 show signs they've been infected with cryptocurrency-mining scripts."19:09
abenzon those embedded systems how much could this possibly generate I wonder19:09
joacimprobably wouldnt be worth it if you paid for the device and electricity yourself19:09
john_cephalopoda"This wouldn't be an issue, but MikroTik is one of today's most popular router brand. There are over two million MikroTik routers around the globe."19:13
john_cephalopodaOnly two million routers? "Most popular"?19:13
john_cephalopodaNearly every household has a router.19:13
joacimi hear some people dont consider those to be a router19:15
joacimbut. 1 in 5 infected is a lot19:16
john_cephalopodaIt's "only" 2 million.19:24
john_cephalopodaThey don't even have a wikipedia site.19:28
joacimseems completely random if something gets to have a wikipedia page or not19:33
joacimcertain "youtube personalities" that very few people have heard about gets one, but not big and well known brands like mikrotik19:34
joacimthey do have a page in spanish19:35
frinnst nice19:54
frinnst"The Illustrated TLS Connection"19:56
john_cephalopoda160 employees...19:57
frinnstmikrotik is awesome21:58

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