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jaegerwow.. ordered a 15U 4-post rack for my home lab today... it shipped already02:17
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jaegerand yay, got pfsense setup to automatically update a bind server with dhcp hostnames04:18
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abenzjaeger: pfsense to update a bind server with dhcp hostnames?10:36
abenzdid you do this for a special setup? I'm assuming you use bind just as a dns server, why not have this provided by pfsense?10:38
abenzI'm playing with dns setups (using dnsmasq mostly tho)10:39
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jaegermainly just to tinker. pfsense has 2 different dns servers available14:55
jaegerpartly because I ran into a weird issue with both dnsmasq and unbound while connected to my work VPNs15:14
abenzI see16:13
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joacimpeople tell me i should use static ips for my stuff, but having the dns server support dhcp hostnames is really nice17:00
joacimfor stuff i do want a specific IP on, I make the dhcp server hand out specific IPs to specific machines17:01
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jaegerjoacim: yeah, I do the same. For home network stuff it seems perfectly fine to me. In an enterprise environment maybe not18:33
][_R_][<joacim> i had a teacher that used to do stuff like that. figure out ways to break into business networks, then contact the sysadmins there telling them how he did it and how they could fix the issue <-- gotta love the people who get mad about that19:16
][_R_][1) "Okay, so... you'd be fine if someone who actively wanted to cause you harm found the way in?"  2) (more applicable to peeps who enter home systems) "How else am I supposed to contact you other than leaving a text file on your desktop.  You /want/ me snooping through your email so I can find out what your address is?"19:17
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john_cephalopodaHeh, I think I heard a story some time ago in which some guy broke into a network and left a note like that. The company wrote him something along the lines of: "Hey, we want to hire you as security expert, come by!". When he arrived, police was already waiting for him and he got a fine for entering an IT system without permission :D20:32
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: not too bright i take it.22:00
john_cephalopodaryuo: I heard that some companies actually hire people breaking into their systems because those are obviously good at ITsec.22:04
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: how do you tell the difference?22:04
ryuoit could be a trap, like it was here.22:04
john_cephalopodaLet them send you an "I won't sue you" letter, pre-signed by them, then let them hire you.22:05
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