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joacimoffice 365 sales guys seem dangerous. "replace your file server with office 365!"01:37
ryuojoacim: not too off the mark, if you're someone that uses email attachments as a way to host files.01:37
jaegerI like it when people who do that identify themselves01:38
joacimnow you get to trust that your employees actually know hot to store files on onedrive or whatever. instead of having complete and snapshotted backups for user profiles and home dirs01:38
jaegerhelps me avoid them01:38
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TimB_is there somebody here that can help me figure out why my amdgpu kms fudges up framebuffer? :/ only way I can boot to console is with "nomodeset" on the kernel line so far09:22
TimB_says switching to amdgpudrmfb from EFI VGA and after that it turns blank. the line after that says "Console: switching to colour dummy device 80x25"09:29
TimB_amdgpu module loads fine after that though.. weird09:30
TimB_nevermind, seems like current -rc has something to work out.. :)09:52
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jaegerTimB_: I was going to guess missing firmware, maybe14:37
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TimB_jaeger: I read on phoronix that others are experiencing the same since -rc3 if not vega. Haven't really dug into it. Boot log looked fine with no obvious errors. No clue what I could've done next to debug the error14:58
TimB_4.18.14 works with the same .config like a charm though. Impressive, coming from an gtx 770 :)14:59
jaegernice :)15:00
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TimB_indeed :) AMD seems to put a lot of effort into amdgpu and it shows. Triple head worked ootb, compared with nvdia...17:51
joacimnot tested tripple head yet17:52
joacimi could test it if someone could donate a few monitors =)17:52
TimB_joacim: with my gtx770, it was a real pita. I didn't get the config to stick, so I had to readjust after every reboot17:52
joacimi'm not good at using more than one monitor tho.17:52
joacimnever had to readjust my dual head. everything is where i want it17:53
joacimprimary on left, secondary on right17:53
joacimthinking about getting a tall monitor arm for my old monitor, but have no idea what to use it for17:53
TimB_haha :) I got a good deal after one of my old monitors broke and went for the triple head alternative. it's nice if you have a lot of windows in your workflow - i barely need to minimise anything anymore ^^17:54
TimB_then again, with 27" each, these are somewhat a trouble for your neck if you are not adjusting to it17:55
TimB_didn't really think this one through :D17:55
joacimmine are 25". bit of an annoying size since finding matching monitors is harder17:55
joacimboth of mine are within the field of my glasses =)17:56
TimB_he :)17:56
TimB_a goodie is triple head gaming. you have to love the fov17:57
TimB_about the tall monitor arm: log viewer, rss feeds viewer, 'media playing central'? :D18:02
joacimbest use i can think of is an irc client18:03
joacimand email maybe18:03
TimB_if it can free valueable space on your working desktop and you have the physical space for it why not18:04
joacimmy main monitor already have a dedicated spot for the irc client and music player next to my browser18:05
TimB_what resolution are you running?18:06
joacimmy third monitor is 1920x1080. some 23" monitor18:27
TimB_uh, that's nice though :) mine are 1080 too18:53
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