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abenzis there any reason to use cp when rsync is available?00:37
abenzI use it primarily for the --progress but given you can continue a transfer when its interrupted etc00:38
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jaegerabenz: sometimes it's less to type, I guess :) I use rsync for most copies, myself04:43
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frinnstwhy is mongodb a thing?11:40
frinnstunstable p.o.s11:40
frinnst***aborting after fassert() failure11:41
frinnstGG motherfucker11:41
joacimshred it11:49
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ryuofrinnst: because, it's hipster compatible.12:32
Romsterbecause it's nosql12:41
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NecrosporusI think CRUX should really have /etc/version or /etc/crux_version or whatever12:59
NecrosporusI have a crux installed but I don't know what version it is13:00
joacimtype crux13:00
joacimand hit enter13:00
Necrosporus cat /mnt/usr/bin/crux13:02
NecrosporusThanks. Though the system was offline, just as I said13:02
joacimyou didn't say it was offline13:02
NecrosporusYeah, i should have said it. But nevertheless it worked13:02
NecrosporusIt's on an old flash drive13:04
Necrosporussystem rescue CD is a bloatware13:10
NecrosporusI should install CRUX to flashdrive probably instead13:10
Necrosporusperhaps I can run CRUX install script in chroot then copy kernel binaries from a different distro or something13:11
dbrookethere's but I've not tried it and don't know if it would do what you want13:23
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nullspoonHey all. I'm attempting to do the unsupported. :)20:53
nullspoonI'm putzing around trying to get crux to boot various ways on a running debian system.20:53
nullspoonMy first test was to manually extract the iso contents, mount proc, sys, etc and chroot in.20:54
nullspoonOf course, the original system resources were still in use, so I couldn't re-partition the disk.20:54
nullspoon(oh, I extracted cd contents into a ram drive)20:54
joacimi think i've seen some tricks about that with VPS services20:54
Anselmoyou can do cool things with loopback devices, not sure how that would work on bootup though20:55
nullspoonSecond up, I tried switch_root and pivot_root, and ran into various issues there. Finally, I tried booting the crux iso from the installed debian grub. The crux initramfs doesn't look in the right place for the cdrom contents though, so boot fails partware through.20:55
nullspoon...and that's exactly why I'm here. Anyone have any solid pointers I haven't tried yet?  :)20:55
Anselmouhh, why are you using the iso and not a system image20:55
joacimdont know if the crux iso boots entirely from ram20:56
Anselmoand what quite are you trying to get in the end out of this, like, do you want a working crux install without reinstalling grub or a kernel ?20:56
nullspoonCrux isn't installed yet anywhere. The idea I'm going for is similar to the arch bootstrap tutorial where you can install crux over a running linux system, reboot, and crux!20:56
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nullspoonNo data preservation is expected here. To be honest, I'm attempting to sidestep the "we don't have that iso available" VPS providers often give.20:57
nullspoonThat, and the cool factor.  :)20:57
joacimramnode can upload an iso for you if you send them an email20:57
joacimbut crux might not be too popular due to the resource usage of compiling20:58
joacimmaybe with buyvm since resources are dedicated on their platform20:58
nullspoonThe vps I'm with right now will actually upload ths iso if I request. However, during researching, I found a large number that won't upload non-standard isos. This is really just a test project.20:59
Anselmocould you create a 'safe' chroot with a working root filesystem, chroot into that, mount the root filesystem, and then dump a crux system tarball ontop of it20:59
nullspoonI wanna know if this can be done, and if so, I'll write a wrapper script around the process.20:59
Anselmoand then copy the /lib/modules from debian ontop of that21:00
joacimcould you shrink the filesystem and partition, and dd the iso to a partition at the end of the drive?21:01
Anselmoor, perhaps an important question is: what is your current partition / FS layout21:01
nullspoonAnselmo: current layout is just one partition. The default layout for this vps host at least.21:03
Anselmoand thats in . . .ext4 ?21:05
jaegernullspoon: should be doable, though I've not tried that specifically.  There's a statically-linked pkgutils on the ISO for situations like this21:26
nullspoonSorry all, phone call.21:27
nullspoonAnselmo: I'll have to try that next I think. Just boot the iso from /dev/vda221:28
nullspoonjaeger: I haven't inspected the contents of that pktutils package. Does that contain setup as well?21:29
jaegerNope, just pkgutils21:29
jaegerpkgadd, pkgrm, pkginfo21:29
nullspoonokay. Still, might be able to fanangle that onto debian somehow since it's statically linked.21:30
jaegerI imagine the iffy part is replacing the running system with a new one, but installing crux into a dir using the static pkgutils is pretty easy21:30
nullspoonI'll give that iso dd idea a go here first. I'm hoping to keep the install as close to standard as I can.21:30
jaegeryou'd create <target>/var/lib/pkg, touch <target>/var/lib/pkg/db, then pkgadd -r <target> for each package in core21:31
nullspoonHerm. True.21:31
nullspoonWould still need to find a way to safely wipe the running system so I could install the core utils over it.21:31
nullspoonI don't know for certain, but I have a suspicion that systemd from debian is getting in my way with the switch_root stuff.21:32
jaegerAnd when you do that, you no longer have useful utilities :)21:32
nullspoonI'm going to try that partition idea here real quick. Seems like it might be a bit easier than getting an intermediate system working first and wiping the running system.21:34
jaegerIf you have room to add a new partition, that way is much easier21:35
Anselmoand be sure to keep the /lib/modules ^^21:35
nullspoonI'm hoping I can just tweak grub to boot from /dev/vda2:/boot/vmlinuz21:36
Anselmoaaah hmm21:36
nullspoonWhen they say 'debian-minimal', they really aren't kidding.21:38
nullspoonNo curl, no parted21:38
nullspoonYou know, come to think of it, I could just boot the debian installer iso, download crux, mount, extract, and chroot in.21:40
nullspoonDunno why it took me so long to come to that. lol21:40
Anselmogood luck and tell us how it turns out :P21:42
nullspoonWill do!21:42
nullspoonIf this does the trick, I'm going to suddenly have so many more VPS hosts I can use! haha21:42
jaegerIf your VPS provider supports uploading an image or tarball that's a good option, too21:43
jaegerI think that's how I did it for my crux VPS on linode, though it's been a long time now21:43
nullspoonThis particular one does actually. I just thought I'd like to know how to sidestep the situation for vps providers who don't offer custom vm images.21:44
nullspooner, custom installer isos I mean.21:44
nullspoonGranted, if I ever do need to sidestep their requirements, I suppose they probably won't be happy with me since they usually build in all kinds of performance tweaks for their infrastructure.  :)21:46
Anselmoehh, they give you bandwidth, how you use it doesnt matter21:47
nullspoonYou say that.... lol21:47
nullspoonThough, I suppose if they did care, that's a provider I don't want to be with.21:47
nullspoonnet neutrality!21:47
Anselmoexcept I mean, when you're doing illegal things and they hand over all their server logs, . . ..21:48
Anselmobuuuuut thats a question for after you install :P21:48
nullspoonFortunately, nothing illegal happening here. Just trying to evade at least somewhat my country's surveillance state21:49
nullspoonI've got nothing to hide. Doesn't mean I still don't want my privacy.21:49
nullspoonlol. Dang. Debian's recovery mode doesn't have xz. Can't extract root.tar.xz.21:50
nullspoonLet's try centos 721:50
jaegerMaybe you don't need rootfs.tar.xz21:50
Anselmohoo gosh21:50
jaegerif you can use the pkgutils at least21:50
nullspoonTrue. I was just thinking I'd extract root and chroot in.21:51
nullspoonincidentally, centos 7 installer has xz. Good to go it looks.21:52
nullspoonherm. i/o errors on this ram drive in centos.21:59
nullspoonPerhaps it's selinux.22:01
Anselmotrying to access a ram drive, that you created on the centos ?22:02
nullspoonYeah. Oddly.22:02
nullspoonIt's got seclabel, which is evidently added by selinux. Unfortunately though, no setenforce available on the rescue medium.22:02
AnselmoI feel like there was some other way to do setenforce, but I forget22:03
nullspoonah ha. Found it. I knew there had to be a /sys/ equivelant for setenforce22:03
nullspoonerm. That's no good. Cat /sys/fs/selinux/enforce shows 0.22:04
Anselmouhh, what did you use to make the ramdisk22:04
nullspoonmount -t tmpfs -o size=2G none /mnt/installer22:05
nullspoonalso, mount | grep installer shows it's mounted as rw22:06
Anselmoand you do have 2G of free memory I take it22:08
nullspoonYep. 4 GB total.22:10
Anselmowhy do you even need that in a ram disk22:10
nullspoonOdd. Free -m though does give me an input/oputput error.22:10
Anselmowhy cant you just like, make a new partition on the installer's disk and stuff22:10
Anselmoor you can also mount ISOs and just copy the contents straight from there without need for an intermediary22:11
nullspoonI could. I figure on reboot though a ramdisk is a bit easier since I don't have to do cleanup after the install.22:11
Anselmothis is the centos installer, right ?22:11
AnselmoI reckon you're already in a ramdisk22:11
nullspoonTo jaeger 's point, I could just do pkgtools22:11
nullspoonYeah, I am22:11
nullspoonOdd that it's doing it. However, /tmp/ is writeable and it's a tmpfs.22:12
nullspoonI could just mkdir /tmp/installer and use that, since the default max size is half ram.22:13
nullspoonor not. input/output error on calling tar22:13
nullspoonwtf is wrong with this rescue disk. lol22:13
Anselmook thats definitly broken then x-x22:13
nullspooncan't gunzip pkgutils either22:14
nullspoongonna re-download the crux iso.22:14
nullspoonIt may not be selinux, but I'm still gonna blame it. Every problem on centos is selinux. That's a fact. :D22:14
AnselmoI havent used centos in a while. . . . .22:15
Anselmobut that sounds about right22:15
nullspoonA good life choice.22:15
nullspoonI love how in the kernel menu, the SELinux section says it was developed by the NSA.22:16
Anselmothough some distro's install disks are just, a bit screwey to be honest22:16
nullspoonIt's a little like saying "I'm not saying it's aliens, but it's aliens"22:16
joacimdisabled selinux on fedora for being annoying22:16
nullspoonIsn't that part of the install process? 1.) install fedora   2.) disable selinux.22:17
joacimit would make simple stuff like a disk migration a chore22:17
Anselmoehh, its useful in some contexts22:17
nullspoonIt's like windows. 1.) open internet explorer   2.) install a real browser22:17
Anselmoin a single user system its probably not useful22:17
Anselmoor not thaat useful anyway. . .22:17
nullspoonagreed. I keep meaning to lear it a bit more. Nearly everywhere I've worked we've disabled it by default.22:18
nullspoonOne of these days I'm going to need it.22:18
nullspoonIt'll be good to at least know more than "setenforce 0". haha22:18
nullspoonAlrighty! Let's move away from centos now and go over to
nullspoonI'm tempted to go back to debian to see if I can just do an install with plain pkgutils like jaeger said.22:20
joacimon windows my first action is to tap shift a few times22:25
joacimthen disable sticky keys and its shortcut22:26
Anselmogosh I havent used windows in a while22:27
Anselmoweird to try and think about it now22:27
nullspoonDo you folks not ever need it for work?22:32
jaegerAmusingly, I use windows at home for various things but we have zero windows installs at work22:35
AnselmoI had a job where I needed it, some years ago22:37
Anselmoor s/needed/used it out of convenience/22:37
Anselmopresently no, last time I touched a windows machine was probably over 2 years ago22:38
nullspoonI wish that were my situation. Everywhere I've worked, it's been "you must use our windows image that's poorly designed". I just wait a few weeks until I get comfortable with the environment, then run my own linux distro on an external bootable harddrive.22:39
nullspoonworks well. :)22:40
Anselmoyeah, I dont know22:40
AnselmoI had a friend who worked at a company where he was like, a linux developer22:41
Anselmoso aaall his work was about doing things on linux22:41
nullspoon...but he did it all on windows? :)22:41
Anselmobut by company policy all workstations / laptops were windows22:41
Anselmoit sounded just like, blatantly silly, but I think they had security things to make useing other systems difficult too . . .22:42
Anselmobut he left :P22:42
nullspoonThat's my big gripe. you hire me to admin and automate all your linux systems, you can't gripe at me when I want to run linux.22:42
Anselmoyeah -_-22:43
nullspoonFor some reason, everyone thinks of linux as a server os only.22:43
Anselmoyeeah its silly22:43
AnselmoI dont know,22:45
Anselmoalso my present work is remote so perhaps I'd deal with it more if I worked in an office22:45
nullspoonPossibly. I think the assumption is if you're in office, you will use their hardware and by proximity, their software. I've worked with consultants from out of office and they all used their own laptops.22:47
nullspoonWell. Got centos working, but chroot reports "Kernel too old"23:02
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