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nullspoonGot it!00:03
nullspoonTurns out, amazingly, debian is more up-to-date than centos. It's new enough (4.9) to do the chroot.00:03
nullspoonI'm chrooted in. Had to do a few extra bits to get things working, but it's installing now.00:03
nullspoonNext question - will it boot. It's a kvm vps, so it might blow up when I try to boot my own kernel, depending on how they have it configured.00:05
Anselmoho yeah00:06
jaegerI'm going to give it a firm 'maybe'00:06
nullspoonThis is like inception. I'm chrooted into a chroot.00:07
ryuoSeems MongoDB just screwed the pooch.01:16
Anselmogoogle had been trying to pressure people off agpl hadnt it01:20
AnselmoI imagine other folks might have, too01:20
Anselmoaaaa everything a mess01:21
nullspoonAnselmo and jaeger: We're all good to go over here. That did the trick. I'm running crux 3.4 now!02:16
nullspoonJust runing a sysup and I should be ready to rsync my data over.02:16
nullspoonThat was a lot of work. However, moving forwards, I know debian can do it now. Debian 9 comes with xzcat. As long as you keep the entire install process in memory, you won't hit any snags.02:21
nullspoonI just did mkdir /tmp/crux/, and proceeded from there. Worked like a charm.02:22
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Necrosporusjoacim, I think  you can just copy CD to partition, then configure grub to load this image, it should be possible if crux supports loop mount04:54
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Necrosporusby the way it's a bit annoying that crux.md5 is not named crux.iso.md5, I somehow learned to expect md5 suffix to be appended to filename05:10
NecrosporusWhat if we had crux-3.4-73bf4d301e2dcfb0636cb7fc2a9e8fde.iso  filenames?05:13
NecrosporusNice, I was looking for solution to duplicate bootlogs to serial and screen linux /boot/vmlinuz console=ttyS0,38400 console=tty005:17
NecrosporusHowever why 38400 instead of 11520005:18
Necrosporus# cat crux-media // 3.4-20180512 nice release date. I wonder if that's on purpose05:23
tilmanwhat exactly do you mean? don't feel like guessing05:31
NecrosporusThat's 2⁹05:31
tilmanyou already called it "release date". now you insist on parsing what can only be the month + day part as one number?05:34
nullspoonHey guys, quick question. I'm building my new server on 3.4 here. It barfed on building lvm2. Compile errors show libaio missing. I see that's a missing dependency on the pkgfile. Am I missing something, or should I email the package maintainer to add that dep?05:38
nullspoon(ps: it builds fine after manually installing libaio)05:38
nullspoon*sigh* And that's why I double check.05:40
nullspoonI swear I checked and didn't see libaio on there. Oh well. False alarm. Sorry all.05:40
tilmanstuff that's in core may not get listed as a dep05:40
tilmanor that05:40
nullspoonAlright. bedtime for me. Goodnight all!05:41
Necrosporustilman, there is pi day in 14 of march, so this is similar06:01
Necrosporustilman, I'm also wondering about one thing. Why do you need rootfs.tar.xz as separate entity? The crux can instead of rootfs.tar.xz unpack all package from core to memory and thus reduce iso size06:03
NecrosporusWould it give different result?06:03
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xf86-input-libinput: update to 0.28.108:09
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: wine: 3.17 -> 3.1812:14
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Necrosporuscrux rootfs.tar.gz has a kernel in /boot12:44
darfoi though rootfs.tar.gz established the directory structure so things like /tmp don't get removed when a package is removed12:46
darfoand it has some files in it12:47
NecrosporusIt seems like that's a more or less complete crux syste12:48
Necrosporusdarfo, rootfs.tar.gz is used by CRUX as installation to populate live environment12:59
darfoyou are right. the package named filesystem provides the directory layout for an installed CRUX13:07
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joacimcrux supply is back on massdrop. run and buy =)14:57
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john_cephalopodaCrux supply?15:23
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john_cephalopodaThe website is a bit too JS-15:28
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jaegeraren't they all, these days?15:29
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AnselmoACTION sighs at the web15:41
joacimdistro with the guaranteed clear skin15:45
AnselmoI want lotion with the crux penguin on it15:46
jaegerIt rubs the linux on its skin or else it gets the hose again15:47
jaegersilly reference, feel free to ignore :P15:49
Anselmoahaha, to one of those movies I havent seen15:51
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Abin5ur 16:45
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: alsa-lib-32: updated to version 1.1.717:32
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-32: updated to version 410.6617:32
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john_cephalopodaFix for CVE-2018-1093318:26
john_cephalopodateK_: ^18:27
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