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NecrosporusI did read CRUX init script from install media initramfs, it turns out that it does not check init=... variable in cmdline sbin/init is hardcoded, even though /proc/cmdline should be checked12:00
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frinnstwhat are you trying to accomplish? or just looking around?13:11
Necrosporusfrinnst, yes, I did a look-around crux install media13:25
NecrosporusIt's pretty simple, so I think, I understand how it works13:26
NecrosporusNow, I have questions, why there are duplicate tools with pkgtools package in tar.gz which has identical content to pkgtools.tar.xz (I did unpack both and run diff -r), and why rootfs.tar.gz is used, if theoretically initramfs could just install whole /core series to itself or something13:28
NecrosporusAnd also I wonder if rootfs.tar.xz is useable as means of bootstrapping, like you simply unpack it to partition and then install missing packages13:28
NecrosporusPerhaps there are some design documents which I didn't see13:29
frinnstNot sure, stick around and wait for jaeger13:51
frinnstWhen I did my x86_64 releases it used the old iso format13:51
jueNecrosporus: rootfs is trimmed down to reduce memory usage, e.g. it contains no man-pages etc.13:54
jueNecrosporus: look at the makefile to see more ->;a=blob;f=Makefile13:56
juethe two packages for pkgutils have historical reasons, IIRC13:57
jaegerI think at some point in the past the pkgutils in tools/ was statically linked and the other was not... but now they both are14:00
juein the past all packages on the ISO are gz compressed and we switched to xz to reduce the ISO size14:00
jaegerAnd then gz vs. xz14:00
jaegerMaybe we don't need both now. xz is pretty much ubiquitous now14:01
jueyeah, we added the gz-compressed pkgutils because xz-compression of packages was newly introduced in that CRUX version14:07
jueor something like that ... :)14:08
NecrosporusIs it possible to use rootfs.tar.xz in the root for bootstrap?14:26
NecrosporusLike you upload it onto server, extract to a partition, configure kernel root= and reboot, then just install all from core/ and stuff14:27
Necrosporusin other words, is rootfs.tar.xz a subset of all /core packages extracted?14:27
frinnstyou wouldnt have a bootloader for example14:28
frinnstits not really designed that way :-)14:28
frinnstand would have unintended issues. I imagine when installing stuff like glibc14:29
frinnstnot to mention most of core would complain that files it tries to install already exist but not in the (non existant) portdb14:29
Necrosporusfrinnst, bootloader is usually already present or can be installed separately14:35
NecrosporusLook at CRUX arm distribution. You don't need an installer you just unpack rootfs.tar.gz on a partition and there you go. You are free to add a kernel and loader as you wish14:36
jaegerYou would end up with a rather minimal and no package database but if you wanted to start there, you probably could15:06
mayfrostI second rootfs.tar.xz, sounds cozy16:01
joacimsounds suited for container use16:14
frinnstah understood it as the iso rootfs, sry16:21
frinnstthe arm tarball is just a tarball of the filesystem after a "core" installation16:23
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