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jaegerwoot, making the TR box work a bit running neural networks16:49
jaegerabenz: # Depends on: libdaemon dbus gobject-introspection intltool16:51
abenzjaeger: sounds fun! what comes out of running those?16:52
jaegerThe one I'm currently working on is an already-solved(ish) problem but I'm new to it so still learning. This one uses the EMNIST data set to recognize written letters and digits16:53
abenzI see16:54
jaegerI need to run it several times, too, because I want to compare the time it takes to fit the model on my laptop CPU, TR CPU, TR with GPU, and EC2 instance with GPU16:56
abenzit can be accelerated?16:59
jaegeryes, it uses keras and tensorflow17:12
jaegertensorflow supports GPUs17:12
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abenzI see17:18
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jaegerSo it looks like the GPU (GTX 1080 8G) runs this CNN 10 times faster than the Threadripper 2950X CPU20:50
jaeger47s per epoch vs 470s per20:50
jaeger~5% CPU usage during the GPU run, 85+% usage for the CPU run, load of ~38 :P20:54
joacimapparently people are upset because someone doesnt want to dualboot, and doesn't want to use GNU/Linux due to their work and workflow21:34
ryuothis should be interesting.21:42
ryuogetting SYS arm server running crux arm.21:43
jaegersomeone expressed an opinion on the internet! IT'S WAR22:08
joacimI could disagree, but then you would kick me22:24
john_cephalopodaCould just use Linux in a VM.22:28
joacimfor what purpose. could learn something, but if there is nothing you want to learn about gnu/linux...22:38
joacimcould have one to do something useful, but if there is nothing useful for you in your daily life...22:38
joacimfor me it works out well enough to use GNU/Linux. for someone else, they might want to use os x or windows instead.22:39
john_cephalopodaI just mean that dual-booting and setting up two environments might be a big hassle, so if Linux is really needed, a VM will do.22:48
john_cephalopodaI don't really see much use in trying to convince Windows or macOS fans to use Linux. To each their own.22:49
john_cephalopodaAnyway, night22:49
jaegersome people just like to argue and prove others wrong22:55
joacimseen a lot of "you're using it wrong" also22:56
joacimi remember when i was a kid, this random guy just walked up to me to tell me my bike was bad. because the screws rust inside the head22:57
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joacimi like the subtitles on this one23:09
joacimthe automatic subtitling doesn't work at all (for norwegian)23:09
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