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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: sysvinit: update to 2.9110:32
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pedja'Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL).' hm.18:45
pedjathat's part of the output of 'unbound-host -C /etc/unbound/unbound.conf'18:46
frinnstooh playing with dns?19:14
frinnstwhat are you trying to accomplish? just a resolver or are you serving zones as well?19:17
pedjajust a caching resolver for now. setting up zones, making vm's register automagically in them and all that jazz is on my TODO list :)19:22
frinnstmaking isc dhcp add entries to bind is pretty simple. not sure how compatible stuff is to unbound19:23
pedjafrom what I've read so far, unbound/nsd should be able to do it, but I have a *lot* of stuff to research before that19:25
pedjaI was offline for almost two weeks, I'll just enjoy the net for a while, before I dive in19:25
pedjaquite a few moving parts are involved. openvswitch, libvirt, unbound and, possibly, nsd.19:28
frinnsttry making it simple at first to get a working example. then make it harder on yourself19:28
frinnstthat's how I like it :D19:28
pedjathat's the plan :)19:29
pedjaextract the info, create zone, make unbound query nsd serving the zone. sound simple enough (famous last words)19:31
abenzpedja: what kind of environment do you do all this experimenting on?19:34
abenzwhen I use qemu (and start VMs with long parameter list) I feel a lot of time is wasted on those19:35
abenzso I'm tempted to install virtualbox so I click away and focus on the tests I'm trying to perform instead of figuring out all the VMs19:35
abenzso I'm wondering if there's a tool I'm missing to make setting up environments fast19:36
Anselmowhat sorts of environments ?19:38
AnselmoI usually keep qemu 'configuration files' as just scripts to execute with each flag per vm19:38
Anselmoand have a like, more complicated set of scripts to setup a small network of vms for when that's useful, so I dont need to manually reput that together each time I find it useful19:39
abenzAnselmo: I do the same19:39
abenznot with the set of scripts, I meant just keep the long parameter list in a file19:40
pedjaabenz, I use libvirt/virt-manager for a while now for VM's.19:43
pedjavirt-manager for initial setup, libvirt/virsh after19:43
abenzon crux?19:43
frinnstdid you package that yourself? how many deps did it require?19:44
pedjaquite a few :)19:44
frinnstI remember when I gave it a go.. gave up after dep no. #1019:44
AnselmoI feel like hugin was like that for me . .. .19:45
pedjaI have a virtualisation repo, with all of that. needs cleaning up, but works for me[tm] :)19:45
pedjaI already mentioned several times the issue with building libvirt update on a system that already has it installed19:47
pedjait's a PITA, and I still haven't figured out why is it happening19:48
pedjaI've asked on upstream ML, no replies.19:48
Anselmocould you contact like, people who package it for other distros ?19:49
pedjaI've looked at ways libvirt is packaged for several other distros, apart form official ones for RH/Fedora. no clues there, afaict :)19:50
pedjaI might try asking again on libvir ML at some point19:51
AnselmoI mean, I dont know how those are built, but its possible its not on systems where its been installed19:51
AnselmoI'd just assume the packager from some other distro might have run into the problem, or be interested :P19:51
pedjafrom what I can tell, they are built in a clean env, so no influence from the running system19:52
pedjaand the issue is that the new version tries to link with some libs from the existing version, if found, and fails miserably19:53
pedjaalways with the kvm driver19:54
pedjaand disabling kvm kind of defeats the point :)19:54
AnselmoI mean, you could add a line in your Pkgfile, something along the lines of 'prt-get remove libvirt' :P19:56
pedjaremoving libvirt removes also the conf files. and tweaking them form scratch every time ain't fun19:57
pedjahence the PITA comment19:57
AnselmoACTION sends sympathy19:58
pedjafrinnst, libvirt doesn't have *that* many deps. most of them are already in core/opt, iirc20:02
pedjaadded bells and whistles, of course, require more :)20:03
pedjaAnselmo, hugin? for making panoramas/photo-stiching? I think I packaged that few years back, for fun20:04
pedjait's always a balancing act. core functionality vs. more features20:05
pedjaand it requires several iterations, in my experience, to get to 'just right' stage.20:07
Anselmoyeah, that hugin20:07
AnselmoI use it occasionally,20:07
pedjaphotogrametry is much more interesting to me20:10
pedja(3d model from photos of the object)20:10
AnselmoI had, tried to get into that but sort of got irked at all the softwares I had tried :P20:11
pedjaif you have CUDA-capable card, COLMAP is pretty good20:16
jaegerspeaking of CUDA, I'm installing my NN stuff on a p2.xlarge EC2 instance now :)20:29
pedjak80 GPU, with 12Gb RAM. nice :)20:33
pedjathat would make a nice Blender render node20:33
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jaegerinteresting... the EC2 instance with the K80 is running this network about half as fast as my 108020:50
jaegerI expected the K80 to be faster but I didn't realize it's older tech20:50
pedjajaeger, 1080 or 1080ti?20:59
jaeger1080. I've not tested it on the 1080Ti yet21:00
jaeger <-- 1 and 2 are my TR system, 3 and 4 are my laptop. 5 is the amazon EC2 p2.xlarge instance.21:03
jaegerone interesting takeaway is that even the lowly MX150 in my laptop beats the pants off the threadripper CPU for this workload21:04
jaegerunrelated to that, finally got a real rack for my home lab :)21:12
jaegerok, just testing now on the 1080Ti... ~39s per epoch there vs. ~47s on the 1080 and ~90s on the Tesla K8021:26
jaegerOK, ~36.8 after it finished all 10 epochs21:35
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frinnstjaeger: pics or gtfo! :D22:00
jaegerI still need to order rails for the other 2 servers and mount them as well as the switch, but it's a start:
abenzis that a G5?22:10
frinnstwe have a small rack at work that we dont use. might steal it :)22:10
jaegerNah, it's a 2010 so intel22:11
jaegerfrinnst: the price is right :)22:11
abenzthose razer thin rackables sound like vaccum cleaners!22:11
frinnstdont have a good place to put it :/22:11
jaegerabenz: they're not nearly as bad as they used to be, fortunately. These are R610s, the older style (1950s and such) were FAR louder22:12
frinnsti will need some sort of rack when I get my 10gig stuff22:12
frinnstguess my ikea lack-rack will have to do the job :)22:12
abenzI see22:12
jaegerShould work fine :)22:12
jaegerabenz: when you first turn them on or before the DRAC boots, they're pretty loud... but not after22:13
abenzjaeger: the tolerance differs highly between people. I had a relatively good quality corsair PSU (oem is seasonic).. the gold series or so22:14
abenzand it suddenly started having this very faint whine, so very faint. Like if you had airconditioning on you wouldn't hear it22:14
abenzbut it drove me crazy. And I bought another PSU, and all noctua fans22:14
jaegeryea, all subjective, definitely22:15
abenza friend of mine has a whiny cpu cooler and when I suggested a noctua fan he'd laugh/dismiss it as a waste of money22:15
abenzie not bothered at all by the noise22:15
frinnstnice pi-stack btw22:15
jaegerThanks :)22:16
jaegeryou can see the side of my NAS box as well, the microserver22:16
abenzrunning freenas?22:17
jaegerrunning CRUX22:17
jaegerhere's a shot with the server slid out a bit:
abenzon laptops too? I'd run crux on my laptop but sysup takes ages (I had crux on it once, but changed to debian)22:19
AnselmoI run crux on just about all my things22:20
Anselmothough on my laptop I play around too much so it can have any random distro on it at any given time -_-22:20
Anselmobut raspi/desktop have it consistently22:20
abenzperhaps when I finally replace my 2012 laptop I'd run crux22:22
abenzone of those ryzen laptops perhaps22:22
jaegerI'm typing on a crux laptop now, very happy with it22:23
Anselmoone thing I've sometimes done is just, build packages one place and share the built ones22:23
jaegeri5-8250U, 4c/8t @ 1.6GHz22:23
Anselmoif its too slow to do otherwise22:23
jaegerI've run it on a lot of laptops in the past, too22:23
abenzso distcc kinda setup? many guys here offer binaries too so its not that bad actually.. just22:24
abenzjaeger: and you sysup/build locally on it?22:24
jaegerI do. It's very rare that I need things in such a hurry that I can't wait for it to finish22:25
abenzI see22:25
jaegerAnd if there's some reason I don't want to wait, I've got the home lab and a threadripper box :)22:25
abenzhah. touche22:25
jaegerAFK for a while22:27
Anselmouhh, for me this usually just works out to like, centralized /usr/ports directory that gets checked if it has a built package before trying to build locally22:29
abenzAnselmo: interesting22:35
abenzwhat does centralized mean? a remote mount?22:35
Anselmoyes exactly22:35
abenzI see22:37

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