IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2018-10-23

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ryuoI got Ubuntu Bionic booting on the ARM SYS server.22:49
ryuoIt's not even offered by OVH right now.22:49
ryuoshould be trivial to get CRUX ARM booting.22:51
ryuoMight be of interest to anyone that likes these servers.22:51
ryuoBut right now the CRUX ARM site is down.22:56
ryuoAt least I found out why I couldn't get it to boot.22:56
ryuoI should be able to create a minimal ext4 boot partition...22:56
ryuothe uboot they're using doesn't support 64 bit ext4.22:57
ryuoAt least it's not like being stuck with ext2. :D22:57
ryuoI always did wonder why they never thought to extend libreboot to support storing grub's configuration in the NVRAM that the BIOS would normally use.22:58
ryuoAll I can say is... maybe they should start a business customizing Linux PCs.23:38
joacimthe modification probably cost more in time and effort than a cheap used workstation =)23:59

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