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joacimjaeger: did you post pics of your rack? =)00:18
jaegerI did back here, 2 of them:
jaegerI have 2 more sets of rails ordered, should get them this week00:37
joacimnice. how much stuff will you put in there?00:39
jaegerTimB_: tested 4.19 just now, it works fine with my RX 58000:41
jaegerjoacim: the 3 1U servers in the picture, plus a unifi switch, and maybe my NAS and UPS on a shelf at the bottom00:41
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SiFuhI'd like to remove everything kde4 from mimeinfo.cache. Any ideas without manually having to do it?10:16
frinnstno clue here11:29
SiFuhMe too, sick of KDE apps being first to launch.. Better off uninstalling it11:38
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][_R_][Can you post what that looks like?12:36
][_R_][Mine is blank12:36
SiFuh][_R_][: This is for a slackware machine. Mine is blank in CRUX also. I was looking into installing slackware with everything as they recommended but having mimeinfo not use kde4 by creating my own .local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache12:40
SiFuhIn the end I just thought fsck it and removed everything kde and kdei ;-)12:41
][_R_][sed -ei '/kde/d' ~/.local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache12:46
][_R_][That should get rid of most of it12:46
][_R_][Oh, wait no, that'd be more destructive than necessary12:48
SiFuhyeah it will kill every kde line12:49
SiFuhbut I like it ;-)12:49
][_R_][SiFuh: could you do: head -2 mime | tail -1 | xxd13:29
][_R_][Where mime is the mimeinfo.cache file?13:29
][_R_][I specifically need to know: 00000020: 3b0d 0a                                  ;..13:29
][_R_][Is that 0d there in your version too?13:29
][_R_][(Because it's fucking up the parser I'm writting for you)13:30
][_R_][ <-- if you don't have it, then that should work, reads a file called "mime" and outputs the fixed stuff to standard output13:34
SiFuh00000000: 6170 706c 6963 6174 696f 6e2f 616e 6e6f  application/anno13:45
SiFuh00000010: 6465 783d 7869 6e65 2e64 6573 6b74 6f70  dex=xine.desktop13:45
SiFuh00000020: 3b0a                                     ;.13:45
][_R_][Alright, so it's something pastebin added13:49
][_R_][Eitherway, that script work for you?13:50
SiFuhhold on I will check it13:51
SiFuhyeah it did13:52
][_R_][It probably misses a bunch of stuff, but it'll clean up the bulk of it13:53
john_cephalopodaMIME is black magic.13:53
SiFuhhold on13:54
][_R_][I have to leave for work pretty soon13:55
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SiFuhyeah it worked13:57
SiFuhit even deleted lines that were empty13:58
SiFuhpretty cool13:58
SiFuhso in other words if a line had    video/x-ms-wax=kde4.desktop   that line would be completely erased13:59
SiFuhif it had video/x-ms-wax=kde4.desktop;xine.desktop13:59
SiFuhthen the line would become video/x-ms-wax=xine.desktop;13:59
SiFuhthis is perfect13:59
SiFuh][_R_][: thanks14:00
][_R_][No biggie14:01
][_R_][Just be glad I've been doing a ton of bash-based parsing lately14:01
pankeriniXine, that's a name I haven't read in a long time.14:02
SiFuhstill going14:03
SiFuhI read the name  kfm today  ;-) hadn't seen that since the late 90's14:04
SiFuhnetscape too ;-)14:04
pankeriniThere are modern projects that remain closer to Netscape than current Firefox like Classilla and RetroZilla14:11
pankeriniAlthough, to be fair, they are aimed for older systems14:12
SiFuhkind of cool though14:15
pankeriniIt is, I've also know people who uses modern Linux and xmms as their audio player.14:22
SiFuhhaha I have xmms14:28
SiFuhI know people who use IRC ;-)14:31
pankeriniIRC is timeless14:32
SiFuhso is fetchmail and mutt a14:33
john_cephalopodaIRC is not timeless when you use /CTCP <user> TIME. :รพ14:33
joacimi wouldnt mind giving seamonkey a go14:37
pankeriniSeamonkey is still alive but it doesn't have enough developers to keep on track with Firefox14:38
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Anselmouhh, just to be clear /var/lib/pkg/db is the file that is used to find things when you're removing a package, and to decide if there are conflicts on install, correct ?14:39
SiFuhpankerini: I also love seamonkey14:43
SiFuhParagraph 415:13
SiFuhSorry for being blunt ;-)15:15
Anselmohehe, it works15:16
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TimB_jaeger: about the rx580, weird :) I did more then double check, and it never worked, even though the exact same config is working with 4.18.16 right now.17:19
TimB_do you use amdgpu as a module or built in the kernel?17:20
jaegerbuiltin, with firmwares specified17:20
TimB_okay, same17:20
jaegerwant a copy of my config to test?17:20
TimB_sure, why not17:20
TimB_I'll try my latest config too, to be sure, I didn't check if the firmwares stayed in place17:21
TimB_I'll report back :)17:23
TimB_now this is getting better and better. I take my currently running config, do a make proper && make oldconfig, and the result boots up fine, displays my login manager and then all input fails17:34
TimB_nevermind, I forgot to install the modules ;D I'll let myself out.17:39
TimB_But: suprisingly, it works. Dunno what happend for me earlier.. thanks though!17:39
jaegerNo problem :)17:48
jaegerglad you got it sorted17:48
TimB_one thing tough, does tty work for you? mine here doesn't with amdgpu.dc=117:50
jaegerI'm not specifying dc=1, is that required? TTYs do work17:51
TimB_jaeger: not sure actually. I think it's the default anyway. But it works with dc=0, then again, then a lot of amdgpu features don't17:52
TimB_maybe I got borked up framebuffer settings17:52
jaegercould be. is it just blank?17:53
TimB_no signal17:53
jaegerdoes it work with 'vga=0 nomodeset' ?17:54
TimB_is the vga switch active by default? I thought that were for the old fb api?17:55
TimB_i haven't checked with vga=0, but nomodeset does a similiar trick for me17:55
jaegerI believe they are separate, I just mention both to be sure17:55
TimB_I'll give it a go in a minute17:56
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TimB_no idea, it won't work without breaking amdgpu perfomance. I checked over with your config, but nothing suspicious on my .config as far as I can see18:52
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TimB_I'll keep an eye on that, for now, as long as I know how to get a working tty, it's managable. for me, it boils down to dc. if I switch to dc=0, tty works. X kinda works18:54
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frinnstwhat gpu?22:27
frinnstsounds like a bug22:27
joacimi think they said rx 580 further up22:28
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joacimthe definition makes it seem like both fit22:30
jaegerI'd say farther in this case since you're talking about lines up in chat22:33
joacimaccording to the definition i found, further can refer to space, but maybe it is more suited for volume and length, than distance22:34
jaegerfurther is generally for figurative or metaphorical distance22:34
jaegerfarther for physical distance22:34
joacimidk. at some point, the meaning of both will merge according to the dictionary, due to numbnuts like me22:35
jaegerI think most people probably don't care and would understand :)22:35
joacimthat explanation is nice. easier to understand than the dictionary definition that i read elsewhere =)22:36
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