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pedjain hindsight, compiling both Blenders at the same time wasn't really a good idea12:25
pedjaspeaking of CPU workout, joacim jaeger, if you want to stress test your TR, try y-cruncher :)12:32
joacimuses a lot of ram that thing =)12:36
joacimi should get more12:36
pedjayou can set how much ram it uses, iirc12:37
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pedjabut as rationales for getting more ram go, 'I want to run a benchmark' is not half bad :)12:38
joacimDecimal Digits:       2,500,000,00012:39
joacimTotal Computation Time:     140.179 seconds  ( 2.336 minutes )12:39
pedjaif GN news is accurate, ram prices should drop a bit more in q1 201912:39
joacimthat's the 12ish GB option I think12:39
joacimI'd be happy if RAM prices dropped back to 2013 levels12:40
joacimpre hynix-fire12:40
pedjas/pre hynix-fire/ram cartel collusion/12:40
joacimsomeone had a smoke under the fire alarm12:41
pedjasome analysts think that the prices might drop ~20%12:41
john_cephalopodaUntil then they will rise 50% though :þ12:42
joacimi just need another kit of those i think12:42
joacimi have a kit sitting around from my ryzen last year12:43
joacimmaybe i should sell it, and buy new RAM again when prices drop12:43
pedjaflare-x is Zen-certified, right?12:43
pedjahow much ram in your tr box?12:43
joacim32GB for now12:44
joacimis cheaper to fill up some old ddr3 server that can take RDIMMs12:45
joacimRDIMMs are very cheap on ebay12:45
joacimdont think i can use RDIMM tho. but my LGA1366 server can12:46
pedjafrinnst, did I read correctly the other day that you'll be getting 10g network gear for home lan?12:47
pedjaafter CUDA kernels compile, blender build picks up. yay12:50
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joacimsomehow, the thing that uses the most ram on this system is mate-panel13:09
pedjaswitch to xfce ;)13:14
joacimtoo lazy =)13:24
joacimi like kde these days, but still think it is a bit messy, and was very unstable the last time i tried it13:25
pedjaopensuse has 2 kde live dvds, latest stable and bleeding edge, if you want to play with it13:34
frinnstpedja: yeah :-)13:37
pedjaoh. congrats :)13:37
frinnstbought 2 10gig nics cheaply from ebay - ~35€13:37
joacimgot neon in a vm13:37
joacimit is nice enough. seems kwin no longer crashes while you alt+tab during movies13:38
frinnsta 1M DAC cable came with the bundle but thats not much use. I'll need to pick up a 10gig switch. think i'll get a mikrotik13:38
pedjafrinnst, are 10g switches still pricey, or are becoming cheaper these days?13:40
joacimonly thing i dont like about kde is that the clock is too big by default13:41
frinnstwow. 1st world problem13:42
joacimalso scrolling was a bit inconsistent the last time i tried it. some applications had this touchscreen-like scroll behavior13:43
pedjayeah, mobile interface on the desktop seems to be all the rage these days :)13:48
pedjafrinnst, 400$ is not that bad :)13:48
joacimi think it was the widget configuration tool that was the most strange13:48
joacimbut i can live with that13:48
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pedjanice to see you suffer with grace ;)13:50
frinnstits about 300€ from our supplier13:50
pedjaeven better13:51
frinnstbut not in stock. I think i'll just run a long om3 MM cable. We have some spare 10gig MM sfp's at work i can borrow13:51
pedjait's ~450€ here13:56
pedjamm = multimode?13:58
pedjaholy shit, Amazon does a *lot*
pedjaafk (yay, bills to pay)14:08
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SiFuhMy brother is twit. I can't beleive he thinks that earth is flat.14:47
joacimofc it is flat14:48
joacimtry standing on a ball and see what happens14:49
SiFuhI told him, "If the earth is flat, then how can their be 24 hours of sunlight in Antarctica and 24 hours of darkness in the Arctic and visa versa".  His response is "Have you ever been to Antarctica?"14:49
Anselmosquishes out alot, doesnt it joacim ?14:49
SiFuh8 billion people standing on a ball, probably becomes flat.14:49
joacimdont have to go much northerer than the arctic circle to get 24 hours of darkness, or 24 hours of sunlight14:50
jaegerIf the earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off it by now.14:53
joacimmy cat used to do that with my watch14:53
joacimfigured it was best to just leave it on the floor14:53
SiFuhHe always says he has proof and he has proven it to me, and yet he only thinks he has. For instance, Airplanes cannot fly from Australia to South Africa because the distance is too great. I then show him Quantas on flight radar flying to South Africa from Melbourne. He says impossible! That website is lying.14:55
jaegersome people wear dumb/ignorant like a comforting cloak14:57
SiFuhThing is he is quite intelligent. The moment he started reading the bible he got transported into the realm of stupidty14:57
joacimi just assumed most of the people into flat earth theories are just doing it for the mental gymnastics14:58
SiFuhHe says Science means Knowledge. How stupid does it sound when they say  Knowledge says....14:58
joaciminstead of a crossword puzzle or whatever14:58
pedjarecently, someone sent me a link about some boy, apparently reincarnated pilot from Mars...14:58
joacimgive him a plain ticket to Tromsø for newyears14:59
SiFuhI said science comes from a group of words over time. You can just pull one word out of the etymological history of a word and say that is what it means!14:59
pedja'scientists are baffled' no, they are fucking not14:59
SiFuhHow nice is this guy from Bosnia. I ordered 3 Gieger-Muller Tubes Phillips ZP1400 and 1 of them doesn't work. I then said I don't want a free replacement because I don't care, it is not your fault it is faulty, however I want to order 5 more. He then sells me 5 ZP1452's includes 2 free ZP1310's and a DR-M3 counter. Holy crap!15:01
pedjaSiFuh, going to Chernobyl on a field trip :) ?15:05
SiFuhNo I a Terrap from Ukraine that I carry with me when I work overseas.15:05
SiFuhI am just building some for some people who want to purchase from me15:06
pedjayou work at some weird places if you carry something like that15:07
SiFuhMine are similar to Safecast bGeigie kit. I use the Arduino, OpenLog, OLED and their actual main board. However I use metal filament resitors, Phillips Tubes and an Israeli made HV board with zero feedback.15:08
SiFuhpedja: I have had to work in some weird places near former Soviet Radioactive  dump sites.15:08
pedjaany super powers yet?15:09
SiFuhso far safe. Although their was one incident in Malaysia. Someone in my apartment block stole Radioactive Cobalt (I think it was cobalt) from the back of a truck to sell to a metal collector.15:09
pedjabusiness opportunity: necklaces with radioactive cobalt sold to desperate married man to give as a gift to mother-in-law15:13
pedjano money-back if she turns to She-Hulk15:14
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frinnstflat-earthers are popcorn-eating-fun!15:43
SiFuhHe gives me a headache15:44
SiFuhpedja: what you think of the new Lethal Weapon lead?15:44
joacimI can't remember a single interview with RMS where the interviewer does not seem annoyed15:49
pedjaSiFuh, I stopped watching it half-way thru the last season, after all that drama. didn't bother with the new, apparently final one15:49
pedjaMagnum P.I reboot is much more fun15:50
SiFuhI never even saw the 80s series15:52
joacimrecently watched season 3 of the expanse. thought it was very nice compared to 215:54
joacimthink the ending was decent enough for a final season too15:54
joacimi hope the new owner doesnt mess it up tho15:55
SiFuhjoacim: I did not like the language in that series but it was very boring, and then very cool15:57
SiFuhOzark for example was just a headache, I cringed everytime they opened their foul mouth. But the series was watchable and the ending of each season was good.15:58
joacimi see them get praise for this, but the space travel itself bothers me a lot in that show15:59
Anselmoit seems reasonable to say that they made more effort than 90% of other space shows15:59
joacimtoo fast, months go by, but in the show it just seems like a couple of hours15:59
Anselmobut they still sort of made it weird :P16:00
joacimthere is this constant burn thing too. sometimes they show maneuvers, other times they just completely ignore everything16:00
joacimsomehow, firefly is more believable to me, than the expanse =)16:01
joacimthe expanse is a bit uncanny i guess16:03
Anselmohaha, hrm16:04
Anselmowell. . . why isnt constant burn plausible ?16:04
AnselmoI mean, if you have the fuel for it16:04
joacimyou have trajectories and gravity to think about16:05
joacimthe show makes it seem more like flying than gliding16:06
SiFuhSpace: Above And Beyond16:08
SiFuhIt was a shame it didn't last past the first season16:08
Anselmomeh, I mean, I feel the way present spacecraft trajectories are its based on the premise that dV is precious16:10
joacimwhy i like stuff like dark matter so much. they're not trying for realism, so nothing about it seems wrong16:10
AnselmoI feel a premise of that show is that its not16:10
Anselmomodern spacecraft generally are going for the cheapest reasonable route, those people are just probably going for the fastest possible route where wait time is a factor and engines are overpowered . .16:11
joacimi think the part that shows best how travel works in that show is the racer types16:12
joacimwith the way they configure the route, and have burns at set times to adjust the course16:12
Anselmothis re: darkmatter or re: expanse ?16:12
joacimthe expanse16:12
joacimother shows are mostly a side note so far16:13
AnselmoACTION tries to remember16:13
Anselmocause I saw a bit of expanse but. . . some time ago x-x16:13
Anselmobut I mean, that is consistent with how modern things work. . . if you're able to do a perpetual burn, you wouldnt need to do slight different burns at set times, you'd just adjust your angle slightly16:14
Anselmomeh, I dont know.. .. .16:16
joacimsure. doesn't seem too realistic tho16:17
joacimthats more star trek territory16:17
Anselmofair enough16:18
joacimidk it just bothers me. im not going to stop people liking it =)16:18
Anselmoit seems silly that people praise a thing for realism, where it hinges on accepting something clearly fantastic :P16:18
Anselmothat's like saying ''this book has a very realistic take on magic''16:19
Anselmoit cant, cause magic is like, not realistic -_-16:19
SiFuhI prefer Babylon 516:20
joacimthats a good show16:20
joacimi love how much of it was planned out from the start. and wasnt forced to run forever just to milk some more money from it16:20
joacimdark matter was planned out like that, but canceled two seasons too early i think16:21
AnselmoI should watch babylon 5 eventually . . .16:21
SiFuhI watched babylone 5, 3 times16:23
SiFuhit is brilliant16:23
joacimonly 2 here16:23
SiFuhthe crusades was shit  but I watched them too16:24
SiFuh(small spin off of babylon 5)16:24
SiFuhOpera has VPN built in  hmm16:50
pedja'So how does the Epstein drive work? - Very well. Efficiently.' :)17:00
pedjajoacim, this might be interesting to you
john_cephalopodaLol, xorg is already updated :D20:41
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frinnstSiFuh: space above and beyond was awesome!21:01
frinnstwatched it in the 90s. always stuck with me21:01
ryuoACTION watches frinnst go to infinity and beyond.21:06
pedjaACTION will from now imagine frinnst looking like Buzz Lightyear21:09
ryuopedja: the astronaut that's always buzzed?21:10
pedjahaven't you watched Toy Story?21:10
john_cephalopoda"You got a friend in me"21:10
ryuoI do!? I better get them out.21:11
john_cephalopodaI was quoting.21:11
pedjawell, that was confusing. the reason my blender-2.8 build had no import/export plugins was the wrong submodules branch21:27
pedjamistakenly I expected that the upstream script will check out the proper branch before making the tarball21:29
pedjabut I learned a bit about submodules, so it was not time wasted21:31
pedjaapparently, 'git submodule update --remote' is the key21:31
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