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RomsterRonin7z> i tried rebuilding mesa after installing llvm <- you also have to exit xorg and startx again00:19
Romsterand checking with revdep is a good idea00:20
Romsterand rejmerge if you did a prt-get sysup/update00:20
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ronin7zis there any backup mirror for openal? seems like the site is down that has the files00:32
pedjathis openal
ronin7zim not sure how to use that sdk, i noticed it when trying to dowload the wine-staging and steam ports00:34
pedjacould pkgadd be modified to use them, or other servers, as a backup d/l?00:38
ronin7zohh that would be pretty cool actually00:38
ronin7znow to figure out how to use this package lol00:41
ronin7zi just edited the port00:43
pedjaI love when the site geolocates me and sends me to a mirror 'near' me that doesn't have the actual source :)00:43
pedjamirrorbrain having a stroke00:44
jaegertake a look at pkgmk.conf00:46
jaegerit has mirror options00:46
ronin7zoh right, i can just update ur wine port to latest wine by editing version number right00:47
joacimronin7z: i like to use gentoo distfiles when i need a file. they often have them00:48
ronin7zhmm yee, i will have to look into that00:49
ronin7zseems like cairo , a steam dep is also down00:49
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ryuopedja: you mean, you hate mirror roulette?04:48
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ronin7zkay, this is gonna sound crazy08:07
ronin7zbut i updated my kernel and now my left onitor is having issues08:07
ronin7zwere it it says cant display video mode08:08
john_cephalopodaronin7z: Maybe some driver issue?08:09
ronin7zoh right to fix it temporarily08:10
ronin7zi have to disconnect my second monitor, switch the hdmi cables on my primary monitor08:10
ronin7zand only then can i plug in the secnd monitor08:10
ronin7zits so weird08:10
TimB_if it runs with display port, take it of the ac for a minute or 508:10
TimB_happend to me this week, drove me mad as hdmi worked fine, turns out the capacitors need to uncharge or something?08:11
ronin7zit works on uhm08:11
ronin7zmy gpu also suddenly has started overheating and crashing08:12
ronin7zim not sure if this is a crux issie or kernel issue tho08:12
ronin7zim using a amd r9 29008:12
john_cephalopodaSounds like an issue with a kernel driver.08:15
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john_cephalopodaOk, dropped jue a line regarding the i3 port and its temporary, local building of build-time dependencies.11:02
TimB_john_cephalopoda: regarding pulseaudio?11:42
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john_cephalopodaTimB_: No, this one is about jue shipping all the build-time dependencies with i3, installing them in a build directory, building i3 and then just removing the deps, even though most of them are already in contrib or opt.12:02
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pedjaryuo, nah, it adds a level of excitement :)12:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qtwebengine: 5.11.1 -> 5.11.212:40
TimB_john_cephalopoda: oh I see.. too bad. thought there might be reasonable way to not need pulseaudio with it..13:28
john_cephalopodai3 doesn't need PA13:28
joacimi3status does, but there is no helping that13:33
joacimi3blocks does not tho.13:33
TimB_sounds about right13:48
john_cephalopodaYeah, I'm using i3blocks for that.14:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-setuptools: 40.4.3 -> 40.5.014:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-setuptools: 40.4.3 -> 40.5.014:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python3-pip: 18.0 -> 18.114:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: python-pip: 18.0 -> 18.114:12
Romsterzzz almost 2am14:45
pedjaRomster, meson is at 0.48.1 now. any issues with that, so no port version bump?14:49
Romsterlooking into the new dependency enforced on meson. see #crux-devel14:52
pedjaah. sorry about the noise, then :)14:53
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SiFuhweird, i can connect to Freenode, and some times passes then it says  ssl hand shake failed: connection refused15:56
onoderahmm never had that15:56
onoderamaybe try a different server?15:56
onoderaas in host15:57
SiFuhwell I was then klined at 13:00 for 280 minutes. Slackware and OpenBSD banned me for spamming :-P15:57
joacimyeah you should stop that =)16:02
SiFuhof course16:02
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SiFuhDid it again. I think I found the reason16:09
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john_cephalopodajoacim: "I can't remember a single interview with RMS where the interviewer does not seem annoyed" + <-- I just saw that and it's great xD16:52
john_cephalopodaHe is _so_ annoyed already after two minutes.16:53
john_cephalopodaAnd RSM is _so_ right.16:55
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frinnsthe always is17:00
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frinnstI struggle to think of an example where he was wrong. well, except for hurd :-)17:01
onoderajohn_cephalopoda: he is wearing a green shirt??17:02
onoderathis must be an impersonator17:02
onoderaRMS really can't think pragmatically17:04
frinnstwell that's his "job"17:04
frinnsthe's an example for a ideal world17:05
joacimi think the only of wrong one can think of with him is personality quirks like picking stuff from his foot17:05
onoderaYeah I agree, but it seems just to meaningless to me because the fight he is fighting has been long lost17:06
frinnsthow can you say that? free software has never been bigger. sure "open source" is more popular, but still17:06
joacimoften big for the wrong reasons :(17:07
joacimlike closed information hoarding services that claim to support free software17:07
onoderaPeople just don't care. I'm pretty sure that personal computers, such as smartphones and "IOT" are here to stay17:07
onoderaand will never become free17:07
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pedja'free' in what sense? completely open hw/sw?17:28
pankeriniI want things like RISC-V or LibreM to succeed but they probably will remain a niche thing17:53
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SiFuhI want QT to be flawless, but it is the biggest pile of crap ever coded ;-)18:07
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john_cephalopodapankerini: Nvidia actually wants to use RISC-V for something.18:24
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: virtualenv-clone: 0.2.6 -> 0.3.019:56
jaegerwoo, converted my docker storage over to overlay220:20
jaegerdon't remember with whom I was talking about that20:20
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