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joacimpedja: think you asked for a picture last year
pedjanice. that's a big cooler :) noctua?00:32
joacimyeh. their nh-u12s00:32
ryuojue: you manage the PHP for crux's website?00:33
ryuojue: do you have any advice for how to approach learning PHP?00:33
pedjajoacim, any issues with that Saphire gpu?00:34
ryuojoacim: i hear it gets the blues easily. =p00:34
pedjaafaict, Saphire is considered a pretty good value for money00:35
joacimnone at all. it works great. not that fast tho, but good enough for the simple desktop stuff i make it do00:35
joacima nicer card isnt much more expensive tho00:36
pedjawhat's the build quality?00:36
joacimgood enough. not flimsy, but it does have a cheap intel stock-like cooler00:36
joacimbut thats good enough for this kind of card00:36
pedjathat's which one, rx 560, iirc?00:36
joacimthe noisy part of my system is the case fans00:37
joacimrx 550. the older higher clocked version00:37
joacimit is also the 2GB version00:38
pedja8gb rx580 are expensive af here00:38
pedjamy gt640 is 2gb00:39
joacimyeah. if i didn't have this laying around, I would probably get an rx 570 for it. for the displayports00:39
pedjathese days, buying AMD cpu is a pretty easy decision. amd gpu, otoh00:42
joacimwith the mid range theyre decent00:42
joacimvega is just too crazy for me. think nvidia makes more sense with those types of cards00:43
pedjathe trouble is cuda. few apps I use use it/depend on it00:43
joacimI don't really care enough to spend 600 euro on a graphics card tho00:43
joacimrather get a nice one for 200-30000:43
joacimwill there ever be anything like coda built on opencl or similar?00:44
pedjawell, there are a few projects for cuda->opencl translation00:45
pedjanvidia still has an iron grip on that part of the market00:46
pedjaon the bright side, apps that I use are open source, so someone 'just' have to add openCL to them :)00:47
pedjaand I don't use them that much, anyway, so losing cuda isn't a deal breaker00:48
pedjaI'd *love* to get my grubby hands on some rx580 :)00:48
joacimthose cases with vertical gpu mounts. all i can think to use them for is serial ports00:49
joacimor maybe a voodoo 3 + vortex 2 on a pcie to pci bridge00:49
pedjabut unless there is some giveaway I win, nothing going to happen any time soon, unfortunately00:49
pedjavoodoo 3. haven't heard that name in a while00:50
joacimbeen wondering if that kind of stuff would work with pcie passthrough00:51
joacimsince qemu supports those old chipsets, think a win98 guest could work ok00:51
pedjawin98? are you making a honeypot :) ?00:54
joacimthose old systems are nice for old games00:54
joacimsince not everything works on a modern system00:54
joacimor works as well as it did on old systems with the proper hardware00:54
joacimill try to get a better picture when i insert one of my old graphics cards.00:55
joacimalso tempted to get one of the bequiet silent base cases. since theyre so simple looking00:56
AnselmoI should get a case that fits my computer x-x00:57
pedjaFractal Design has some nice ones, imho00:57
Anselmothose are pretty yeah00:58
joacimyeah. i think the meshify or define c would work well for me00:58
pedjaclean lines, good build00:58
joacimtouched their pure base 600, and that one feels nice, decent build quality00:59
joacimbut the front panel is a bit "retro"00:59
joacimhave to open the side panels to reach the clips for the front panel00:59
joacimannoying to reach the dust filters01:00
ryuoanyone here use water cooling?01:03
pedjajaeger does, iirc01:04
pedjacustom loop, all that jazz :)01:04
ryuoalways wondered how well that works in practice considering the risk of leaks.01:04
joacimevery time i see one of the big youtube peoples fiddle with water cooling, i just see them spill all over their system =)01:05
pedjathe pump dying is the bigger issue01:05
pedjarare these days, afaik01:05
ryuoyea... i'd probably prefer passive or air cooling.01:05
Anselmoseems like just, a large risk for probably limited benefit . . .01:06
Anselmobut then I've never been into overclocking and all that stuff anyway01:06
pedjabut it does require more maintenance01:06
ryuoi only see it making sense for high end hardware.01:06
Anselmomaybe if I ran a btc farm :P01:06
ryuoOr where noise is a major concern.01:06
pedjafor HEDT, Noctua has some pretty awesome coolers01:06
ryuoAnd passive isn't good enough.01:06
joacimcould be fun to build a loop. have a block for my r9 290 that i could use01:07
joacimbut i wouldnt on a system i use every day01:07
joacimi rather that system be convenient01:07
joacimthan show01:07
pedjaEK is the vendor of choice for custom loops, iirc01:08
joacimi forget who the other ones are. my block is by ek01:08
joacimi'd just need one of those beginners kits, and some extra tubes to include the graphics card01:09
jaegerI've done a few custom loops, though not running one right now01:09
jaegerThe risk is low if you're careful. I'm not an expert and I've never had a leak or destroyed any components01:09
jaegerI loved the way the custom loops looked but they are a lot of work01:09
pedjahow about AIOs? are they worth the trouble?01:10
joacim"How about AIDS?"01:11
joacimi need new glasses01:11
ryuoi thought it was asynchronous IO.01:11
jaegerAIOs are fine, in my opinion. Not amazing but nothing bad.01:12
joacimget copper tubes and start soldering my own loop would be neat01:12
joacimbut soft tubing would be a lot easier01:12
ryuojoacim: LTT did a video on that recently.01:12
AnselmoI just want a squirtgun to shoot at my cpu01:13
Anselmois that too much to ask01:13
joacimbut coffee in the loop, to keep it warm01:14
pedjasoldering copper tubes is PITA, last time I saw someone doing it. granted, it was in the machine shop :)01:14
joacimlooks like fun to me01:15
joacimflux, solder, a torch01:15
Anselmooh, bleh actually yeah I've had some horrible experiences soldering copper. . .01:15
joacimthe torch is the best part01:15
jaegercustom loops are, no question, in enthusiast "because I can" territory01:15
Anselmoseems there have to be ways to do it but I dont know them01:15
Romsterflame on!01:15
jaegerDefinitely look cool and can be fun, but a lot of work and you can't go lower than ambient anyway, unless you're doing something crazy like ln201:16
Anselmoehh, I mean, air isnt getting lower than ambient either01:16
jaegerAlso, a custom loop is generally not going to be quiet01:16
joacimanti freeze01:16
jaegerYeah, but some people claim water cooling does (incorrectly)01:17
joacimand keep the radiator outside01:17
joacimshould be nice during our -10C winters01:17
joacimright about now someone from maine shows up to tell me -10C is nothing01:17
joacimi guess01:17
AnselmoI've spent some nice walks in -22c01:17
joacimthat temp is nice. the river gets a bit foggy01:18
joacimvery nice when there is a good layer of snow outside01:18
Anselmouh, yeah,01:18
AnselmoI like the cold,01:18
Anselmolast winter though I saw for the first time frozenlakes, it was qquite interesting01:19
pedja-22c isn't 'cold', it's 'fucking freezing my ass off' :)01:19
joacimcoastal norway is mild. most of the time my temps are around -5 to 0C01:20
AnselmoI imagine seas normalize temperatures somewhat ?01:21
AnselmoI've never lived on a coast, the closest I've been was near some inland lakes01:24
joacimyeah. the gulf stream helps too01:24
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pedjait's getting weaker, thou, so you might get to 'enjoy' low temps in a next 20 or so years01:26
joacimryuo: ofc, there was a leak in that video too =)01:28
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joacimwas a nice video tho. nothing too crazy like some of their other projects01:31
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Romster    Openssl 1.0.2 is LTS. Node should be able to build against it.10:33
RomsterIt is LTS, yes, but it is close to its end-of-life. OpenSSL will only support 1.0.2 for another year while we need to provide support for Node.js 10.x for more than two more years. The upcoming OpenSSL 1.1.1 release will be the next LTS version and should be mostly compatible with OpenSSL
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john_cephalopodaHey, I want to change the location of my repo listed in the portdb. Who do I have to ask to have it changed?14:09
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joacimemail the same list you would when you first added your repo i think14:40
john_cephalopodajoacim: Thanks, jaeger already said they would look into it on #crux-devel15:36
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jaegerfirst bill from amazon for gpu instance neural networks: $1.87 US15:49
jaegerI'd better be careful!15:49
joacimcan you afford rent this month?15:49
jaegerIt may be tight but I'll manage15:49
john_cephalopodajaeger: Use it to uncensor hentai, sell the uncensored stuff to get in the money again :รพ15:52
jaegeras a side note, I could buy a tesla K80 from ebay for $700, which would come out better after 33 days of using the amazon instance15:54
jaegerI think I'll just stick with aws for this... and my own GPUs15:54
john_cephalopodaIs AWS AWSome?15:56
joacimi can azzure you it isn't15:56
jaegerIt's certainly handy for some things... but I haven't used it a ton15:57
pedjajaeger, any thoughts on ?15:59
jaegerprobably a smart idea16:02
jaegermight be annoying as a customer if you get in a bid war with someone but it's smart for the company and competition is good16:03
pedjatimeshare model is interesting16:04
pedjafor longer runs16:05
pedjagetting deleted with 2min warning might get annoying after a while :)16:05
jaegerBut if the amazon instance I use is $.90 per hour, there are a lot of smaller increments that could be bid at packet16:06
pedjaunless some jobs can be resumed? never played with ml16:06
jaegersome can, as far as I know16:07
jaegeryou can also save and load a model mid-train with keras and probably others16:07
jaeger2 minutes would be plenty of time to save a model to disk unless it's ridiculously huge, I think16:07
pedjaI was thinking of using this for cuda-intensive part of the photogrammetry process16:08
pedjameshroom cashes every step in the process16:08
jaegercould be a good option16:08
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pedjaof course, with the machines this powerful, it would make sense to run the whole pipeline on them16:14
pedjathey are couple of orders of magnitude more powerful then my potatoputer :)16:15
pedjaand alicevision/meshroom can be packaged so they are self-contained. just unpack, import images, and go16:16
pedjagaiasky/openspace are gorgeous, if you have gpu powerful enough :)16:24
pedjaand d/l 30-150gb of hq data for them16:24
pedja5 million objects, 1080ti isn't breaking a sweat. nice.16:28
pedja(openspace developer demonstrating it has one)16:29
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