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Workstermake: the '-j' option requires a positive integer argument00:22
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john_cephalopodaHow often does the portdb site update?08:20
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pedjaRomster, why is npm disabled in nodejs port?09:38
pedjabuild fine for me, btw09:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: i3: update to 4.1611:55
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ronin7zanyone here any experience with amd and prime on desktop?17:44
ronin7zi wanna start using my igpu cause my r9 290 is a powerhog17:45
joacimprime is graphics switching?17:47
joacimdont think that would work on a desktop system. laptops implement that kind of stuff a bit different17:48
ronin7zi guess i could also just undervolt the gpu17:48
joacimmaybe if you had one of those funky desktop systems with mxm graphics cards17:48
ronin7zthis should probably help17:49
joacimthats what i did with my r9 290 (mostly to keep it from throttling)17:49
joacimlowered the power limit by 20% or so.17:49
ronin7zyee and i feel like it should still perform adequatly17:50
ronin7zperformance still is suprisingly good for such an old card17:50
joacimyeah i was very content with mine. but mine was a bit too loud17:53
joacimonly reason why i upgraded was the noise level17:54
ronin7zi also kinda wanna upgrade17:54
ronin7zbut its like, the card is still so good17:54
ronin7zand i can also use that money for a new monitor and keyboard17:54
joacimnew cards that perform about the same isn't much cheaper than the r9 290 was at before it was replaced17:55
joacimi think i paid about the same for my r9 290 as a brand new rx 570 would be17:55
ronin7zyee probably17:55
ronin7za 580 would prolly cost me around 20017:55
ronin7zwhile i would get like a 100 for my 29017:55
ronin7zi wanna get one of those drevo keyboard, they look amazing17:56
joacimi hope the next round of mid range will show a bit more of a performance increase.17:57
ronin7zyeee same17:58
ronin7zhmm i wonder how that keyboard is gonna function with linux17:58
ronin7zman someone fix my net18:02
Anselmouhm, there isnt a listed Maintainer for the contrib package  xerces-c, but the download it lists is 40418:12
Anselmoneeds to be changed to be version 3.2.218:13
frinnstits unmaintained18:17
AnselmoI assumed so18:18
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: xerces-c: updated to 3.2.2. Port is unmaintained18:22
frinnstcontributors are welcome :-)18:24
Anselmowell, I'd be willing to maintain some things if needed18:24
joacim"Accept input and suggestions from other maintainers." do you have to accept bad ones too?18:25
frinnstduh. ofcourse!18:26
frinnstwe only accept bad suggestions18:26
joacimthat explains a lot :318:26
Anselmouhh, uhm, re xerces-c you might consider just updating it to version 50.0, so you remain ahead of the game18:27
Anselmoactually, we should do that for aaaaall the packages18:27
joacimi'd apply but i've been lazy about test environments18:27
joacimi should figure out some container or vm system i guess18:27
pedja'test environments'? push the port, wait to see if anyone screams?18:30
Anselmomy test environments are the computers of users18:31
joacimdunno what i'd maintain tho. the one crux machine i care the most about is perfectly fine with just ports from core and opt18:31
Anselmoanything more is a waste of time :P18:31
pedjaACTION has almost 1500 ports installed18:34
frinnsta pro tip is to NOT maintain something you don't use :-)18:35
joacim260 packages on my system18:36
joacimtop tip: let someone else maintain it for you18:37
pedjaAnselmo, sw that I play with tends to have a shitload of dependencies usually, hence the number :)18:37
Anselmoabout 600 here but I dont clean up too much18:37
Anselmopedja, yeah, all the like, fancy photogrammetry and such ?18:37
pedjapretty much :)18:38
joacimi think thats how i keep my personal repo so small. i dont care too much about maintaining stuff that i dont use18:38
john_cephalopoda755 packages on my system.18:39
john_cephalopoda134 on my server.18:39
john_cephalopodaXorg and games :รพ18:40
pedjaI get interested in something, package it up, use it for a while, then find something else to play with, then get back to the first one. over time, repos grow18:40
pedjaand I have a lot of shit accumulated over the years on the system.18:42
pedjaif I ever upgrade, I'll start from scratch :)18:42
AnselmoI have some things that are useful . . .that I always use x-x18:44
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joacimi dont know when i first started with crux19:06
joacim2009? same install is still on my server19:06
joacimupgraded over the years ofc19:06
frinnstfucking chinese ebay'ers. its like crack19:06
frinnstACTION just ordered 2 more 10gig nics19:06
jaegeryou may need the bigger switch soon19:07
AnselmoI bet some chinese ebay seller has one for cheap though19:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: scummvm: fix footprint, closes FS#169419:43
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pekka20is the fakeroot package broken?20:12
pedjabroken how?20:20
pekka20version 1.22 is removed from ftp server20:21
pekka20cant download source20:21
pedja1.23 is the port version20:22
pekka20Indeed it is. My bad.. :/20:24
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Ronin7zAnyone here using btrfs with subvolumes?20:36
joacimmy use is simple, but i do use subvolumes20:37
Ronin7zYe I just tried to create a sub volume but I got some error20:37
Ronin7zOnly use I want is to backup root from time to time and maybe a directory which has my school papers etc20:38
AnselmoI have a setup similar, with like,cloned subvolumes for backup purposes20:38
Anselmowhat error did you get ?20:38
Ronin7zError while loading shared libraries20:39
Anselmouhh, oooooh yeah yeah btrfs-tools hasnt always required zstd20:39
Anselmoit should20:39
Anselmobut if you install that I think it should be happier20:39
joacimmustve installed before doing a ports -u20:39
joacimidentify missing dependencies and install those20:40
Ronin7zOhh can I do that before being chrooted?20:40
Anselmoyou're on the ISO ?20:41
Ronin7zDid you create subvolumes before or after install?20:41
Anselmouhh, mine I've had forever and dont recall how exactly I've setup20:42
joacimi made mine after, since i only use btrfs for storage, not for root20:42
Ronin7zI mean I don't really need it for root20:42
Ronin7zBiggest thing is some backup for uni related stuff20:42
joacimis it the btrfs on the iso that gives you that error?20:42
joacimwhich iso? updated one?20:42
Anselmobut if you're trying to do it on root, uhh20:42
Anselmodoesnt the ISO have the zstd package?20:43
Anselmo you could install that onto the installer-operating system20:43
Anselmoand then maybe it would work ?20:43
AnselmoI've not messed so much with the crux iso in years so I dont remember all the things that are easy to manage -_-20:43
Ronin7zI will just do it normally20:45
Ronin7zAnd just use a subvolume for important stuff20:45
joacimRonin7z: are you using an updated iso? or the older one straight from the crux website?20:48
Ronin7zI tried using a updated iso once20:48
Ronin7zBut it didn't work for some reason20:48
joacimand which are you using now that you get the error?20:48
Ronin7zJust the regular 3.4 iso20:48
Ronin7zWhich has kernel 4.1420:48
AnselmoI'm fairly certain this isnt a kernel issue, and just one of not having a package installed20:49
Ronin7zYee it is20:49
Ronin7zOr I assume it its20:49
Ronin7zI might try again next week20:49
Ronin7zMy laptop charger is broken so I just have my phone now20:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gitolite: fix footprint, closes FS#168920:53
joacimRonin7z: the package for zstd is on the iso. in /media/crux/opt20:57
joacimmkdir /var/lib/pkg and touch /var/lib/pkg/db, then you can simply use pkgadd to install the missing package20:57
Ronin7zI might look into it tomorrow20:58
Ronin7zOdd im trying to install the latest kernel which I have to verify21:07
Ronin7zBut my chroot doesn't have gpg21:07
joacimcan install anything you wan in a chroot =)21:09
Ronin7zIt's also not in the ports repo21:11
Ronin7zJust thought it was odd lol21:11
joacimwhat isnt?21:31
joacimyou're probably looking for gnupg21:32
joacimif you know the command, but not the name of the package, you can use prt-get fsearch21:32
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ronin7zthankss for that tip joacim22:24
ronin7ztyping this from my fresh crux install :)22:25
ronin7zis there a way i can adopt some of the old 6c37 ports?22:26
ronin7zor should i make em from scratch22:26
Anselmothey're still up I think, on the github page for 6c3722:37
ronin7zthe github page gives me a 404 unfortunately22:38
Anselmo ?22:40
ronin7zAnselmo: welp, i was looking at the wrong places22:40
ronin7zthankss :)22:40
Anselmoha yeah :322:40
AnselmoI'm not sure if anyone is making any organized effort to move them, onadera might know, but they're not in right no22:41
ronin7zohh rightt22:41
ronin7zyee i would do like maim and slop to start with22:41
ronin7zmaybe polybar i guess22:41
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ronin7znothing too complicated, i will leave that to smart people22:42
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