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brian|lfsJust installed Mint don't think I've ever tried ti before so far I'm liking it05:03
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Ergo-oh im sorry, i wasnt aware the channel would be spammed09:07
ryuoErgo-: Achievement unlocked: "Apologetic Spammer"09:17
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NecrosporusRegarding CRUX09:56
Necrosporus# Create device-mapper device nodes and scan for LVM volume groups // if [ -x /sbin/lvm ]; then09:56
NecrosporusThis is from /etc/rc09:57
NecrosporusMay I suggest to change the condition to checking if there LVM volumes in fstab maybe?09:57
NecrosporusI have LVM installed because I want to mount external HDD occasionally but I don't use LVM for the system09:58
joacimwhich drives have and don't have lvm wouldn't show in fstab. you mount the volume, not the underlying drive.09:59
Necrosporusjoacim, if fstab has something like /dev/mapper then it's likely LVM, if it has /dev/sda1 then it is not10:00
joacimi am aware10:02
joacimnot every volume is mounted through fstab either. i dont think the current system needs to change10:03
joacimthe current lvm.conf that scans all of /dev is also from upstream. there is no specific crux config10:10
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Ergo-is there some kind of tool which gives you a template for a port?11:38
Ergo-or other general documentation on starting your own ports repo11:39
Ergo-found it :)11:41
Ergo-if i want to make a port of something that needs deps not in the official repos, am i expected to put them in my own ports collection?11:56
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pedjaErgo-, yes.12:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: util-linux: update to 2.3316:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: sqlite3: update to 3.25.316:10
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.11016:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: tevent: new maintainer16:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: talloc: new maintainer16:19
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Ergo-what was the command to see pkgcount again17:57
][_R_][Of available packages, or intalled packages?17:58
][_R_][`ls /usr/ports/*/ | wc -l` for the former17:59
joacimcould pipe prt-get listinst through wc18:00
joacimim sure it isnt the only way18:00
][_R_][`ls /usr/ports/*/ | sort -u | wc -l`18:00
Ergo-i think there was another way18:00
Ergo-but im not sure18:00
Ergo-joacim: i think its what u just mentioned ye18:01
pedja'pkginfo -i | wc -l' ?18:01
Ergo-yeee thats it18:01
Ergo-444, more then i expected tbh18:01
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john_cephalopoda"prt-get listinst | wc -l" also works18:08
john_cephalopodaI got 755.18:08
ergo-yee im on 44418:09
ergo-but this is a fresh install18:09
Anselmo187 on one of my machines .. .18:09
ergo-is it a server?18:10
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Anselmouh, mostly yeah18:11
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ronin7zhmm i broke my llvm stuff18:36
ronin7zdoes the wine port not include vulkan bits if you dont have the vulkan-loader installed?18:37
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ronin7zhad to reboot18:42
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pedjaiirc, wine ships with its own minimal vulkan loader18:58
ronin7zhmm ye it really seems llvm is broken, its in slop and other stuff18:58
pedjabroken how?18:59
pedjaspeaking of broken, I wonder if the nvidia driver is to blame for dispcal not registering my monitor19:01
ronin7z$ glxgears19:02
ronin7zglxgears: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:02
ronin7zbroken like this19:03
pedjarebuild mesa after llvm update19:03
joacimdid you update llvm and didnt run revdep?19:03
ronin7zdoesnt seem like there is a update19:03
joacimalways run revdep after sysups19:03
joacimpart of some package. prt-get fsearch revdep19:04
joacimidentifies what is broken (not everything), so you can rebuild what is broken19:04
ronin7ztells me only glu is broken19:04
pedja'prt-get readme llvm'19:04
ronin7zalso i did exactly that pedja19:04
ronin7zlol, prt has so much more functionaly then i tought19:05
pedjaglxinfo is shipped in mesa-demos19:05
ronin7zyee iknow19:06
ronin7zits especially wine which i want to get working19:06
pedjawhat is the issue you are having exactly?19:06
ronin7zi get some error about vulkan stuff19:07
ronin7zi had this the last time i tried crux like 3 days ago19:07
pedja'some error' isn't helpful :)19:07
ronin7zsame for slop, and it also was fixed after some llvm stuff19:07
ronin7zpedja: i will get you the log19:07
pedjarun vulkaninfo as a sanity check19:07
ronin7zi need to install that first19:08
ronin7zis it in vulkantools?19:08
ronin7zmight it matter that im on kernel 4.14 still19:09
pedjawhy would it matter?19:09
ronin7zive been trying to upgrade but im having some trouble there which i wanted to ask about after this19:09
ronin7zi have no clue19:09
ronin7zbut im psure it has to do with llvm19:10
joacimrebuild glu, make sure all dependencies are installed19:12
joacimand be verbose about errors and which command you ran (pastebin)19:12
pedjahard to tell without actual logs/errors19:12
ronin7zpedja: oh right19:13
ronin7zhere is the log for wine
ronin7znvm that was slop, im a idiot19:13
ronin7zhere is the one for wine -
pedjawhat is slop anyway?19:14
ronin7zits this thing which can select a part of your screne19:14
ronin7zpeople use it for screenshots or like drawing terminals19:14
joacimi use scrot for that19:15
ronin7zye scrot cant do parts of a screen tho19:16
joacimscrot can19:16
ronin7zor one monitor out of two, one of the two19:16
ronin7zthere was something it couldnt do which i needed it to do19:16
joacimcan do full screen, whole windows, and selections19:16
ronin7zanyways, slop isnt what takes the screenshots19:17
ronin7zit selects the area and pritns it to sdout or whatever that means19:17
joacimdid you rebuild mesa and glu?19:17
ronin7znot yet19:17
pedjaronin7z, that's an issue with dxvk, so open the issue there19:17
ronin7zits not an issue with dxvk i believe19:18
ronin7zmaybe if slop etc werent broken as well19:18
pedjahow can you tell?19:18
ronin7zbecause exactly the same thing happened last time19:18
pedjalast time?19:18
ronin7zye like 4 days ago i was using crux, then switched back to void and now switched back to crux again19:19
ronin7zlast time on crux i had the same issue and i just tinkered around and it fixed itself but i forgot what i exactly did19:19
pedjaupdated dxvk? rebuild wine?19:20
ronin7zsudo nope, none of those two19:20
ronin7zwhoops wrong c/p19:20
ronin7zthats the vulkaninfo log19:20
pedjano it isn't :)19:21
ronin7zthis is :)19:22
pedjanothing wrong there, afaict. install vulkan-tools-32, and try vulkaninfo-32. you are using 32bit wine, right?19:24
ronin7znope 64bit19:24
ronin7zis there a command to rebuild all my installed packages?19:25
pedjadid you rebuild the ones shown in revdep output?19:26
ronin7zoh right i havent updated lvm2 yet19:26
ronin7zif that matters19:26
ronin7znot sure what that does19:27
ronin7zkeyutils fails to update for some reason19:28
ronin7zfatal error : profile.h no such file or directory19:42
pedjaheh. libvirt now builds with the previous version installed on a system, but it is broken because it still links to some libs from it20:09
ronin7zpedja: joacim thanks for the help , i managed to fix it :)20:32
joacimnice =)20:32
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