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mayfrostsomething funny with libgomp, imagemagick says it was moved02:37
mayfroststill compiled tho02:37
mayfrosthow do I solve "could not determine name and/or version of .........: Invalid package name"03:50
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mayfrostand now with ladspa03:59
][_R_][What command did you actually issue?04:07
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mayfrostprt-get -is depinst android-tools04:13
][_R_][Try removing the blank depends line04:22
mayfrostit downloads a zip file under the name platform-tools-latest-linux.zip04:22
][_R_][Yeah, I'm looking at the Pkgfile04:23
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elderKHey guys, I finally managed to build nodejs.05:43
elderKWeirdly, I was able to build it using fakeroot pkgmk05:43
elderKBut not via prt-get05:43
elderKI also checked whether my /tmp being noexec had an effect. It didn't seem to change anything.05:44
elderKSo, if anyone else has troubles building the latest nodejs, give it a shot via fakeroot pkgmk.05:44
mayfrostyou need packages tohave the hashtag to work with pkgadd07:06
mayfrosthow can I make sure ports put the hashtag to the package?07:07
Anselmohow are you building things ?07:08
mayfrostusing "prt-get -is depinst PACKAGE" first07:10
mayfrostthen renaming "package-numbers.tar" to "package#numbers.tar"07:11
mayfrostthen using "pkgadd -f package@numbers.tar"07:11
Anselmo. . .why ?07:11
mayfrostbecause pkgadd doesnt work withouth hashtags in the package?07:12
mayfrostat least I don't know how to make it work07:13
Anselmoor, I mean, why are you doing this ?07:16
Anselmowhy do you want packages that follow a different naming scheme ?07:16
mayfrostI don't understand, is something wrong with it?07:17
mayfrostthey are downloader from ports but fail at installing07:18
mayfrostmeant *downloaded07:19
AnselmoI mean, its just like, the system itself works, and it uses a scheme and doesnt work if that scheme is broken . . .07:19
AnselmoI'm not sure any other package manager would be happy if you go and start renaming things inside of it. . .07:19
mayfrostbut why the package manager is downloading things renamed wrong?07:19
][_R_][It's not07:21
AnselmoI'm sorry, I'm rather tired and not completely following07:21
Anselmobut it downloads source packages, builds them, and then makes its own packages07:21
][_R_][prt-get downloads the source, then it compiles it and makes the package that pkgadd will use to install it07:21
AnselmoI think the # symbol comes in in the compiled and installed version that pkgmk assembles07:21
mayfrostprt-get did downloaded the source07:21
][_R_][If you're not getting that package file, then it didn't compile07:21
][_R_][Which means you should actually read the output and fix the error07:22
mayfrostmmm yeah, my eyes slide past the output, I think is time to go to sleep07:41
mayfrostthanks for the clarification07:42
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frinnstjaeger: got my mikrotik switch \o/12:39
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jaegerfrinnst: woot!13:31
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: php: update to 7.2.1113:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: cups: update to 2.2.913:35
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frinnstthe mikrotik interface feels.. very odd14:05
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jaegerodd in what way(s)?14:14
frinnstin all ways :D14:20
frinnstnever played with mikrotik at all before14:21
jaegerNor have I14:21
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frinnstuh so to "upgrade" the firmware you upload the file to the switch14:23
frinnstthen reboot14:23
frinnstno confirmation or nothing14:23
frinnst$ ftp
frinnstConnected to
frinnst220 MikroTik FTP server (MikroTik 6.43.4) ready14:24
frinnstsuper secure by default :D14:24
frinnstbut i'm sure it will be fine once i wrap my head around it14:26
nwefrinnst: which mikrotik model do you have?14:31
ryuofrinnst: you have any experience with PHP FPM?14:43
jaegerI'm no expert but I've used it once or twice to set up a zabbix frontend on centos with nginx14:53
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ryuojaeger: did you ever have reason to modify the default php.ini?15:01
ryuojaeger: i'm trying to learn PHP and i also need to learn about a deployment method.15:02
jaegermaybe only to edit the memory_limit setting, I don't recall exactly. I'll see if I have anything in puppet related to it15:03
jaegerthere are some things to edit in the fpm pool config, though, if I remember right15:03
jaegerok, looks I didn't do anything special with the php.ini15:04
jaegers/looks/looks like/15:14
ryuojaeger: yea, i can see that. probably related to permissions.15:15
ryuojaeger: i tried an experimental deployment and it runs with the permissions of the FPM daemon.15:15
ryuoso, it could be an issue with newly created files.15:16
jaegeryeah, I have mine configured to run as nginx:nginx for example15:16
ryuojaeger: honestly thinking of just making any web roots be rwx for the web's group and set the web roots to setguid.15:19
ryuofor simple web servers, there's not much point in complicating the web root thing.15:19
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frinnst[  5]  31.00-32.00  sec  1.09 GBytes  9.39 Gbits/sec    0   1.08 MBytes16:34
frinnst[  5]  32.00-33.00  sec  1.09 GBytes  9.40 Gbits/sec    0   1.08 MBytes16:34
frinnst[  5]  33.00-34.00  sec  1.09 GBytes  9.40 Gbits/sec    0   1.08 MBytes16:34
frinnst[  5]  34.00-35.00  sec  1.09 GBytes  9.39 Gbits/sec    0   1.08 MBytes16:34
frinnstswitch looks OK16:34
frinnst38-39C cpu16:37
pedjashowoff :)16:37
pedjafrinnst, is that your new Mikrotik?16:42
Anselmois there, something you're doing with all this bandwidth ? :P16:44
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frinnstno plans yet. but will probably build a nas16:46
pedjafreenas, or you'll stick with btrfs?16:47
pedjaI played a little with FreeNAS, and I like that it's, afaict, appliance-like. set it and forget it.16:49
pedjahaven't tried on the actual hw, thou16:50
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pedjaafter every power on, it takes some time for unbound and network to stabilise.17:49
pedjatemperamental NIC driver, I guess17:50
pedjaat least it works now, was broken for a couple of kernel releases :)17:50
pedjatbh, kernel *minor* releases17:51
pedjaheh. I ddg '-Wno-class-memaccess',first result is Motorhead video17:54
frinnstdepends if I wanna run iscsi or nfs17:56
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pedjawhat are the use cases for both?18:05
pedjanfs is similar to smb, right?18:06
frinnstfiles, yeah18:06
frinnstsmb is a dirty word :-)18:06
pedjacifs, then? :)18:06
AnselmoI've occasionally used gluster, which has generally seemed fine,18:09
Anselmotoo many network filesystems x-x18:09
pedjaisn't glusterfs removed from the kernel?18:10
Anselmoit uses fuse usually, and can also work with nfs clients18:11
Anselmobut thats the extent of it18:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: bison: updated to 3.2.118:28
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frinnstbison might not yet be on all the gnu mirrors yet19:35
frinnstyet yet19:36
pedjafrinnst, you like UK sitcoms, right? did you watch Not Going Out, with Lee Mack?19:50
frinnsti try to stick to the panel shows :-)19:51
pedjaah. ok :)19:51
pedjaso no GBBO, then?19:51
pedja(Great British Bake Off)19:52
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pedjawell, this is PITA. NIC stalls every 10-15min, so I have to restart net. wth20:35
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onoderais firefox-bin from mozilla21:39
onoderaoh it is, i didnt look at the url21:39
onoderais it statically build or something, no dependencies at all21:39
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frinnstits the official build wrapped in a port :-)21:57
frinnstthere are a couple of deps21:57
crash_maybe i should try the firefox-bin, rust takes forever to compile when a new firefox cames out..22:01
frinnstI will drop the source based ports once firefox 64 gets released22:02
frinnstso might as well get started22:02
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