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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libusb-32: initial import12:20
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: libpcap-32: initial import12:20
pedjawhat could Crux and ubuntu-17.10 possibly have in common so blender build fails with the exact same error, I wonder12:48
john_cephalopodapedja: Both using libc?13:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: flash-player-plugin: update to
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ergo-well , installed crux on my laptop14:23
ergo-time to conquer nvidia and prime14:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: krb5: update to 1.16.214:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: geeqie: fix maintainer email address14:44
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joacimgithub broke their markdown parsing. sweet.15:43
joacimnot a big deal, but certain types of links stopped working15:44
joacimaccording to
joacim[an example] [id] should work, but you have to use [an example][id] on github15:45
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Ergo-so how do i recreate the initram in crux16:13
Ergo-after adding rules in modprobe.d?16:13
Ergo-or do i just reboot16:13
john_cephalopodaErgo-: You don't need an initramd.16:15
Ergo-so i just put it in modprobe.d and i reboot?16:16
john_cephalopodaErgo-: Wait, you are using an initramd?16:16
Ergo-im trying to install the prop nvidia drivers and set those up with prime16:17
Anselmoif you have the neccisary modules built into the kernel not as modules, you dont need any initramfs16:17
john_cephalopodaI guess rebooting should work.16:17
Ergo-maybe if i disable the nouveau driver from the kernel it will automatically pick up the prop drivers16:18
Ergo-hold up, lemme reboot real quick16:18
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ergo-ayee its using the nvidia drivers now16:20
ergo-now i just have to figure out this prime stuff lol16:20
Anselmoprime ?16:20
ergo-or optimus16:20
ergo-the dual gpu stuff16:20
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jaegerergo-: it's pretty easy since libglvnd became standard. install bbswitch, primus, bumblebee, and make sure bumblebeed is started in your services config17:12
ergo-jaeger: aye, i will look at it17:18
ergo-and that works with prop drivers right17:18
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ergo-ye that was my cat, sorry19:32
pedjayay, blender/blender28 build again. I just had to guess the right commit to build from :)19:37
ergo-oh i think i was asking earlier19:45
ergo-but i missed the answer19:45
ergo-was crux3.5 being worked on?19:45
jaegerIt is, though not with a specific timeframe in mind19:45
ergo-ahh yee sure19:46
ergo-any exciting things planned19:46
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jaegermostly around updated toolchain (glibc, gcc) but I think also newer openssl19:51
pedjadeprecating python2 maybe too19:52
onoderaoh that19:52
onoderas nice19:52
pedjanow if only xfce and claws-mail would finally switch to gtk3 :)19:54
pedjaxfce is almost there19:55
ergo-can i just host my ports on git or is that not recommended?19:56
ergo-im excited for 3.5 as well19:57
jaegeryou can, there's a git driver for ports19:59
ergo- found it :)20:01
onoderaTHe git port installs this driver iirc20:02
onoderait does20:03
joacimgit      etc/ports/drivers/git20:03
joacimindeed it does20:04
onoderaI made this driver a long time ago20:06
onoderabut tbh I don't know git that well, can anyone please check if all these git commands are necessary?20:06
ergo-i just put the repo online20:07
ergo-anyon who would mind trying out if it pulls everything fine20:07
ergo-with ports -u?20:07
joacimit is possible to use httpup with many git hosts too tho20:08
joacimi use httpup with my github repo20:08
ergo-how should i send over the ergo.git port file over20:08
joacimcould pastebin it20:08
ergo-oh right20:08
ergo-hmm, onodera's fish port is in there for some reason20:09
ergo-oh well20:09
ergo-onodera: is it also possible with git to not upload the tar files etc?20:10
joacimthere is a .gitignore or something like that20:11
pedjaadd them to .gitignore, perhaps?20:11
Anselmoif you dont have git added to something shouldnt it skip them ?20:11
ergo-ahh sure20:11
ergo-nah the tars are in the repo20:12
onoderaI store all my non port files in different directories20:12
joacimyou can also set in pkgmk.conf to store source and package files elsewhere20:12
Anselmoor you could keep seperate branches with and without tarballs20:12
joacimsame for work dir20:12
onoderaif you add *.tar.gz or something your gitignores there is a big chance you accidentally forget to commit local source or something20:13
joacimergo-: the git driver worked fine. just need to clean it up and remove those packages and sources20:14
ergo-joacim: ayye thanks for testing20:15
joacimid ont know about listing git repositories on portdb, but you can use httpup with github without any big issues20:15
pedjaI did some git surgery on one of my repos a while back, to remove tarballs I foolishly committed to it. history was *huge*20:15
ergo-i will check it out inabit20:15
ergo-i will also look into the httpup thingy20:15
joacimhttpup requires a second step with httpup-repgen before you add and commit20:16
ergo-yee i saw that20:16
ergo-its just doing httpup-repgen20:16
ergo-and then making the file to ignore the pkgfiles right20:16
onoderaCan anyone help me with a code-thingt (it is for a package manager for crux)?20:16
onodera -- it uses a go git library to download repos (like the git driver), but when a repo has new files the Fetch() function gives me back a `object not found` err....20:17
Anselmouh, what language ?20:17
joacimi'm not hipster enough to be a coder20:17
joacimmore of a lumberjack type hipster. entry level stuff20:18
Anselmooh, go, hrm20:18
pedjaACTION is not smart enough to be a coder20:18
onoderathe git library is supposedly a copy of the c one20:18
joacimpedja: you can still be al umberjack. get some redwings and wear flanell shirts20:19
AnselmoACTION somehow got a job as a professional coder X_X20:19
joacimi'm starting to wonder if i should just add a bunch of programming languages to my cv, and apply for programming jobs, since i cant land a sysadmin job :(20:19
pedjajoacim, fun fact: I wore flanell shirts all thru high school, centuries ago20:20
Anselmobut onadera,I dont know go, but what is the issue with this20:20
Anselmoor oh you explained. . . .20:20
pedjagreat, now I can't get The Monty Python Lumberjack song out of my head. thanks a lot, joacim :)20:21
joacimnp =)20:22
pedjathat reminds me. I need to watch HolyGrail/Life of Brian again. and again. and...20:23
joacimonly seen their stuff a few times tbh20:25
ergo-talking bout shows20:25
ergo-anyone seen brooklyn nine ine?20:26
ergo-im normally not into police shows or comedies in general20:26
ergo-but that show actually kills me20:26
joacimi think the last police show i watched was pacific blue20:26
ergo-never heard of it20:27
ergo-but like b99 is super funny20:28
joacimlast show i watched was freaks and geeks. love that show20:31
pedjaonodera, can't you use the debugger to see what is going on?20:32
onoderapedja: I mean it's git giving back that error20:39
onoderaI assume I'm doing something wrong20:39
pedjaah. sorry :)20:39
ergo-joacim: damn that looks old asf20:41
joacimthink it aired on tv during the mid-late 90s20:42
joacimit is not that good =)20:42
ergo-mid late-90's20:43
ergo-might be older then me20:43
joacimmost important years of my youth. born in 8520:44
ergo-yee i was born in 9520:44
ergo-exactly 10 years younger20:44
pedjajoacim, no sysadmin jobs where you live, or no Linux sysadmin jobs?I presume that's what are you looking for20:47
joacimi'll take anything tbh20:47
ergo-i wonder if i could be a linux sysadmin20:47
ergo-or rather waht you would need to know20:47
joacimlinux and windows. even first line support if thats what i can get20:47
joacimthere is a steady supply of jobs to apply for where i live, but i guess they find other fancier people to hire20:48
joacimand im never invited to interviews in oslo :(20:48
joacimi hear nobody wants to move north, so im applying for jobs up north too20:48
ergo-thats smart20:48
pedjahere it's the developers market. they can pick and choose as they wish20:48
Anselmoergo, I mean, I think it depends horribly on who you're sysadminning for20:49
ergo-would you need a degree to be a sysadmin?20:49
ergo-guess i have a backup plan if i drop outta school lol20:49
pedjaneed? no. would it help? yes20:49
ergo-resume : i build crux ports and riced my system20:49
Anselmohaha, I dropped out its pretty fine :P20:49
joacima lot of the linux sysadmin listings that i see tend to ask for networking and libvirt/kvm experience20:49
joacimsome cisco/xen stuff too20:49
Anselmoxen is pretty fun :P20:50
joacimi think i mixed up some brands now. whichever big brand that promotes xen a lot20:50
pedjanetworking is one of my many weak points :)20:50
Anselmocitrix ?20:50
joacimyeah thats the one20:50
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AnselmoACTION spent much of today setting up some weird xen things with lots of pci passthrough and stuff20:50
joacimi like citrix, since it sounds like "skitriks"20:50
pedjaWife of Asterix?20:51
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ergo-damn, bat died lol20:51
ergo-i did see the kvm message20:51
ergo-would setting up a vm with gpu passthrough count?20:51
AnselmoI tend to pronounce it (english ish) ''chih trick''20:51
joacimergo-: i also mentioned citrix/xen20:51
pedjakubernetes are the new hotness20:51
ergo-ahh never heard of that before20:51
ergo-but it does seem like it would be possible to get into if i had too20:52
joacimAnselmo: which sounds like skitriks in norwegian (ski tricks in english)20:52
AnselmoI dont know norwegian20:52
joacimoh yeah i see kubernetes mentioned a lot too20:52
Anselmoand docker these days . . .20:53
pedjayou have more than enough machines for k8s cluster, joacim :)20:53
joacim10A breaker :(20:54
pedjaansible, salt, openstack, k8s20:54
joacimi need to leave enough headroom for my toaster and certain appliances too20:54
Anselmoyou can use a heatsync as a toaster20:54
joacimi could do a RPI cluster, or just do everything with virtual machines20:54
AnselmoI used to do networking fun with great piles of qemu vms :P20:55
joacimi could redo my r9 290 for boiling water and toasting bread20:55
ergo-mfw im still using a r9 29020:56
ergo-that gpu is actually so amazing20:56
pedjaAnselmo, GNS3?20:56
ergo-considering its capabilities for the age20:56
ergo-actually one of the best gpu's ever made20:56
ergo-no memes20:56
Anselmopedja, nah, just like, ip and brctl and tuntap and all that fun :P20:57
Anselmoactually never used any of those graphical network things20:57
pedjaah. the hardcore way :)20:57
Anselmothe only way I understand ;-;20:57
Anselmobut I'm not that good at networking and just know enough to get by a bit20:58
joacimright now libvirt is pissing me off since i cant get the it to use my bond0 as a host device21:00
joacimso i can have the virtual machine as as part of my regular lan21:00
joacimi love the card itself, but the cooler on mine is absolute shit21:00
joacimgigabyte made a cooler that is far too weak for the card itself. it throttles unless i undervolt the gpu21:00
joacimonce i get the networking to work the way i want it, i'll make a vyos router and run all my machines through that21:00
joacimso i dont have to fiddle with the networking on the host machine anymore21:01
joacimi know some of the theory, but i dont know what im doing with linux outside of basic (give ip to workstation)21:01
pedjaI use openvswitch with libvirt21:03
pedjasome drool-worthy hw here
joacimwell that was backwards. make a bond1 with virtual machine manager, made the bond0 interface show up for use with virtual machines...21:19
joacimit stays when i deleted the bond1 again21:20
Anselmobleah, I dont really have any desire to get more computers . . .21:20
Anselmohave too many as it is, and I only have like 3 working ones21:20
joacimthinking about getting rid of some of mine21:20
Anselmoone mobile, one workstation, one server, who needs anything else :P21:20
joacimi can play games in a virtual machine, so i dont need the i5 anymore, dont really use the mac mini, tho having a 14W machine as a host for something on my network would be nice21:21
john_cephalopodaOne desktop, one laptop, one server (RasPi), all running CRUX. And a phone running Android.21:23
Anselmothat's my setup, but no phone and my laptop is running the distro-of-the-week21:24
joacimsounds like my setup, except i'd +1 for a file server21:26
john_cephalopodaA RasPi is pretty nice. It runs CRUX-ARM just fine and doesn't need much power.21:29
john_cephalopodaI use it to serve my website, https://thecutecuttlefish.org21:29
john_cephalopodaIt also serves my CRUX repo.21:29
joacimmine runs alpine atm. i stick with binary packages on such a "slow" system21:29
AnselmoI was considering switching my desktop to alpine and using it as a xen server . .21:30
joacimto me, alpine doesn't feel like a good general purpose distro21:31
joacimit is really nice, but they strip out man pages and such21:31
john_cephalopodajoacim: Quadcore, doesn't take long to compile most things.21:32
joacimthere are packages just for the man pages tho, but i dont think all software get those packages21:32
Anselmoyeah I dont really like it either, but easy lightweight thing to plop on21:32
Anselmoand would mostly use crux on top of it in that case21:32
joacimordered a power supply for my alix recently. have to think about something to do with that system too21:34
joacima small textboard maybe. doom server =)21:35
jaegerI just hooked up my zotac zbox pi330 that I'd completely forgotten about... had debian 9 already installed but I don't remember doing that at all :P21:35
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abenzdo you know of any small "appliance" that has at least a single 10gbps port?21:47
abenzembedded territory I mean, nothing big21:47
abenzI suppose one could setup bonding but it requires a switch that supports that, and it wont be as near throughput of 10gbps21:48
jaegerI'm not aware of any but haven't really looked21:53
pedjaanyone hit by this?
TimB_pedja: I am22:03
frinnstI had some major issues with dc a year(?) or so ago22:04
frinnstbut actually not sure if I have it enabled right now.22:04
jaegerpedja: I've not seen it yet22:04
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frinnstprobably dont hit that due to older HW22:05
joacimabenz: something like a NAS? I think synology have some units that have 10 Gbps NICs. might be expensive tho23:17
joacimpedja: is there a software check to see if dc is enabled? currently on fedora defaults23:17
abenzjoacim: no, more like router-type devices23:19
abenzie at least 3 ports..23:20
joacimoh. havent seen anything like that.23:20
pedjajoacim, idk, never played with it. jaeger and frinnst have the hw, perhaps they can help?23:21
joacimi just have a rx550. think thts a different firmware23:22
joacimunsure tho23:22
joacimcompared to their rx570 and 58023:22
jaegerI thought that .dc was 1 by default but maybe that's only for vega? Not sure. I've got a 58023:22
pedjaafaik, it can be passed as a kernel option, so grub, or module option, so, I guess, modinfo?23:23
joacimi greped for amdgpu in dmesg, and didn't see any mention of dc23:23
joacimdefault is -1 which is auto23:25
jaegerwith that said, I just booted it with amdgpu.dc=1 and it worked fine.23:25
jaegermy /proc/cmdline: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.19 root=PARTUUID=5ca3d6a8-e274-4104-9651-28fcd7e83603 rootfstype=ext4 ro quiet amdgpu.dc=123:25
pedjajaeger, anything interesting in sys/module/whatever ?23:33
pedjamaybe some parameters/settings23:34
jaegerwell, there's: $ cat /sys/module/amdgpu/parameters/dc23:35
jaegernot sure what else would be interesting23:35
pedjasomething like that was what I was curious if it exists :) thanks23:36
pedjaso, joacim, check that path to see if dc is enabled, I guess?23:38
joacimmine says -123:38
joacimso still auto =)23:38
joacimso i guess it is only confirmed as enabled if it says 123:39
pedjamaybe it's on by default for Vega, has to be explicitly enabled for other?23:40
pedja-1 would mean 'leave the decision to the kernel', maybe23:41
pedjacheck the docs :)23:42
pedjaafk (zzzz)23:42
joacimdifferent distro tho. so i guess different defaults23:42
joacimnot going to reboot my computer to test with =123:44
joacim <- I ran vkmark23:45
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