IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2018-11-13

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joacimfrinnst: does it takes a while for the .pub file to show up in /keys/? gives me a 40408:02
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ryuojoacim: maybe it takes its time to visit all the pubs.09:16
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joacimgotta be it09:18
joacimi know i like to finish my drink before i go to the next one09:19
john_cephalopodaTraveling pub-customer problem?09:19
joacimyeh. 404 problems =)09:25
ryuoi heard this just launched.09:25
ryuoit seems suitable for homebrew routers or other network equipment.09:26
joacimdecent price. does it come with a case?09:57
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frinnstjoacim: I only added it to the portdb listing, sry10:01
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frinnst1 sec10:01
joacimnp. thanks =)10:32
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joacimfrinnst: you uploaded githubs' html blob, not the raw text file11:17
john_cephalopodaDidn't somebody once work on making the portdb more informative?11:22
john_cephalopoda(By listing the version of the packages etc).11:22
joacimyeah. forgot who that was. dont think it is hosted anywhere anymore11:23
john_cephalopodaWas it jaeger?11:23
joacimdont think it was11:23
john_cephalopodaHmm. How is the portdb generated anyway? Couldn't the database be restructured to simply read out the package version?11:24
joacimwould be nice with categories too. so it was more visible which were official, contrib, and pure user contributed repositories11:24
john_cephalopodaThat might be a useful addition although it isn't that hard to find out, a look in the "Collection" column is enough.11:26
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graf_zahlfresh install crux 3.4; ports system is set up; prt-get sysup --prefer-higher bails out when upgrading rust; has someone made the same observation?14:01
frinnstquite possible that new dependencies were added during the lifetime. Don't remember14:02
frinnsttry running prt-get depinst $(prt-get quickdep rust)14:02
frinnstfirefox-bin has also been added after the 3.4 release. easier on the dependencies (no clang, rust deps)14:03
frinnstfirefox and thunderbird will be replaced by the binary versions for the next release of those programs14:03
graf_zahlthanks for the advice, I will try it out; because it's a slow machine it will last about 5 hours :(14:05
Anselmobut silly that thats needed x-x14:05
graf_zahlnice to hear about those binary versions14:05
frinnstif you just want firefox then I'd recommend installing firefox-bin instead14:05
frinnstnodejs dependency was my breakingpoint for firefox14:06
Anselmoyou can use lock also, to tell prt-get tp not update certain packages14:06
frinnstalso rust is a mess. thunderbird fails to build with new rust versions14:06
graf_zahl@Anselmo good to know14:06
frinnst^^ regarding firefox/firefox-bin14:07
graf_zahlfirefox-bin... that sounds good (compiling-wise)14:09
frinnstonly downside is that it requires pulseaudio if you want audio support14:09
frinnstbut pulse is quite nice these days14:09
frinnst(never thought i'd ever say that)14:09
graf_zahlperhaps I should give pulseaudio another try...14:10
frinnstusing it on rhel 6 back in the day was *not* a nice experience14:11
graf_zahlon gentoo it hosed my audio setup for blender, if I remember right14:12
AnselmoI've also not had a web browser with working audio in years and am perfectly happy ^_^14:13
graf_zahlno youtube-afficionado?? ;)14:14
AnselmoI occasionally download yt links that people send me, but often not :P14:17
Anselmoyoutube-dl is more than sufficient though14:18
graf_zahlyou are absolutely right14:18
graf_zahloh ah I must leave! many thanks for the insights hasta la vista14:23
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Anselmociao graf_zahl14:24
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ergo-i should be able to optinrun WINEPREFIX=~/blabla right?15:16
joacimmight need the WINEPREFIX stuff first15:19
ergo-ohh right15:19
ergo-gonna try that15:21
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jaegerjoacim, john_cephalopoda: there was one a while back that I think was made by nrxtx? I can't remember exactly... but I made my own more recently than that15:26
joacimwindows 10 installer bsods in qemu if i use a cpu selection similar to my cpu :(15:58
joacimworks when i "downgrade" to c2d15:58
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ergo-did mu last message sent? about /etc/security/limits.conf?16:11
Anselmono dont think so16:12
ergo-well i was looking at this
ergo-but i cant find /etc/security/limits.conf on my system16:13
ergo-or is it a file i should make myself16:13
jaegerThat's a PAM file and CRUX doesn't use PAM16:14
Anselmoin linux-pam there is a file of that name16:14
joacimthere is linux-pam from contrib tho16:14
ergo-would you know of any way for me to accomplish the same?16:14
ergo-ah i guess downloading linux-pam?16:14
joacimbut i provide no warranties if your system breaks =)16:14
jaegerI would not recommend installing PAM unless you know what you're doing16:15
jaegerIt can touch a lot of other software16:15
ergo-but muh fps in overwatch :(16:15
joacimi wonder. would gpu passthrough work on such a laptop?16:15
ergo-was thinking of setting that up actually16:15
ergo-but im not sure if my gpu is strong enough16:15
ergo-jaeger: have you used this package before?16:16
jaegerI have not16:18
jaegerwell, if you mean lutris16:18
ergo-jaeger: nope not lutris16:22
ergo-i meant linux-pam16:22
jaegerI have in the past. Not recently16:22
ergo-is it a break your system risk16:22
ergo-or steal your files risk16:22
jaegermore the former but you could make it the latter if you configure something wrong16:23
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pedjaisn't using PAM on 'MAYBE' list for Crux for a while now? but no one volunteered to do the work :)?16:47
jaegerI did the work some time ago, not sure if I still have those ports around16:47
pedjais the upstream config usable ootb, or it requires tweaking?16:48
jaegerI don't recall the details but I think it needed tweaking16:48
pedjanever really played with it16:49
pedjait just works on distributions I run in a VM. and FreeBSD, iirc16:51
jaegerI had to fix PAM issues at work just recently16:52
jaegerhey, I found them -
jaegernearly 5 years old so don't assume they work still :)16:55
pedja'PAM Mastery' might come in handy :)17:00
pedjais PAM required to use smart card auth with ssh or?17:02
jaegerprobably so. and for things like yubikeys17:06
jaegerand for some software like lightdm17:06
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ergo-jaeger: did you manage to get bnet working btw?17:16
ergo-cause it seems like im missing some dependencies, since i cant login17:17
jaegerno, I haven't been able to17:19
ergo-jaeger: im trying to check for devs,
ergo-maybe you can spot some that are missing quickly17:27
ergo-missing on a basic crux install that is17:27
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joacimhis writing is mirrored17:44
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: iptables: update to 1.8.218:15
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nano: update to 1.8.218:16
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ergo-anyone who has set up gpu passthrough with crux before?19:00
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libjpeg-turbo: updated to 2.0.119:04
Anselmojust for wine, ergo ?19:07
ergo-Anselmo: no because i cant get OW to work lol19:07
ergo-or the game works, but i cant use the launcher so i can only play on NA servers19:08
Anselmoor, I have done some passthrough stuff, but with xen19:10
Anselmoand qemu,19:10
Anselmobut the latter not in a while,19:10
Anselmowait, are you able to hand the entire display over to the <whatever> you're trying to passthrough too ? if the host system's using it then you can't passthrough usually,19:11
ergo-i would use my igpu19:11
ergo-and maybe use something liek looking glass19:12
ergo-i think there is a way to switch the display between gpus as well19:12
ergo-but im not sure19:12
ergo-never done it on a laptop before19:12
joacimi did it with crux before. kvm and qemu19:14
joacimthis was when the issues with ryzen and threadripper hadnt been fixed yet, so it wasn't very useful for me19:14
ergo-yee makes sense19:15
ergo-if i can get the bnetlauncher to work19:15
ergo-im completely fine19:15
jaegerI did passthrough on a haswell and later a skylake system, worked well... but I think that's a lot of effort just to play OW19:17
Anselmotypically internal and external graphics cards have different output plugs,19:17
joacimdont think laptops are like that. they do some kind of internal switching19:17
Anselmoah, I was assuming this was a desktop system, perhaps wrongly19:18
jaegerpassthrough will NOT work on a laptop that uses a '3D controller' type GPU instead of a real discrete one19:18
ergo-im just gonna be installing a ton of deps , hoping i magically find the dep needed to get bnet to work19:19
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Anselmobest of luck19:21
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ergo-is no vulkan on primus a crux or a nvidia thing ?19:38
ergo-i assume the latter right19:38
joacimi assume an nvidia thing19:38
joacimas vulkan works just fine if your card is supported by amdgpu or intel drivers19:38
joacimnewer than sandy bridge is supported by intel19:39
ergo-unlucky then19:39
ergo-that nvidia is shitty19:39
pedjawhat do you mean? vulkan works fine on nvidia19:40
ergo-it does normally ye19:41
ergo-but doesnt for primus/dualgpu19:41
pedjaah. well, that whole another issue19:41
ergo-gonna try this19:43
ergo-i will make a port of it if it works19:44
jaegeryeah, it's not crux-specific19:45
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ergo-is /proc/acpi/bbswitch a file i should have after installing bbswitch20:00
jaegerIf the bbswitch module is loaded20:01
ergo-thats odd then, since it doesnt load for me unless i modprobe nvidia20:02
ergo-but thats bumblebee, not bbswitch20:02
jaegeryou should not need to do ANY manual loading20:02
jaegerthat's what bumblebee is for20:02
ergo-did you ever have a look at nvidia_xrun?20:03
jaegernot so far20:04
ergo-might be that figuring this out on crux is beyond my capabilities, but it seems like something you would be interested in20:05
ergo-allows us to have vulkan with optimus20:05
jaegerI just use wine-pba on my laptop currently20:05
ergo-oh right, you dont need dxvk etc20:11
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pedjathat's a *lot* of effort to play a game :) but, then again, I am not a gamer20:17
ergo-pedja: its just in general20:18
ergo-seems nice to have20:18
ergo-i wonder why my system is so broken, cant even install bumblebee20:18
jaegerwhat error(s) do you get building bumblebee?20:19
ergo-im getting a log20:19
jaegerso virtualgl is what's failing, not bumblebee... contrib/bumblebee doesn't depend on virtualgl so where is that coming from?20:20
ergo-ohh i will try that then, this is romster's port20:21
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ergo-well bumblebee installed20:22
ergo-but im still having some trouble with bbswitch20:23
ergo-i think thats the last thing i need to fix20:23
jaegerusing contrib/bbswitch?20:23
ergo-the package u gave me worked20:23
ergo-as in i installed it20:23
ergo-but i keep getting kernel problems or something20:24
jaegerwhat problems, specifically?20:24
pedjathat virtualgl version is 3+years old20:24
ergo-module bbswitch not found in directory /lib/modules/4.19.120:24
AnselmoACTION yawns20:24
jaegerAh, so you're on a different kernel version than the package now. So you'll need to rebuild it20:25
ergo-i wonder if i screwed something up during my crux install but seems unlikely20:25
jaegerAnything like bbswitch or nvidia that installs a kernel module will be tied to your kernel version unless you involve DKMS20:25
ergo-jaeger: should i update the bbswitch version number then?20:25
jaegerno, you should just rebuild bbswitch if you can20:25
ergo-that also errors out lol20:25
jaegerThen, ideally, you should track down what's causing it to error out and fix that20:26
jaegerBecause I cannot duplicate that error on any system I have20:26
ergo-yee still this20:26
jaegerout of curiosity, can you pastebin your pkgmk.conf and prt-get.conf?20:26
ergo-suree thing20:27
ergo-this is pkgmk
ergo- and prt-get.conf20:27
pedjaI wonder where does 'cc1: some warnings being treated as errors' come from. haven't seen that when I tried to build bbswitch20:28
ergo-it seems like its trying to change something in my kernel config20:29
ergo-but gets kicked out?20:29
ergo-im not sure20:29
jaegerwhat does your 'gcc -v' say?20:30
jaegerI don't see anything wrong with those20:31
ergo-maybe its how i updated my kernel?20:32
ergo-i just followed this20:33
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jaegerthat seems alright20:40
ergo-maybe i should rebuild all packages on my system lol20:41
ergo-revdep also doesnt gimme anything20:41
pedjadoes the build fail with any other out-of-tree module? like nvidia?20:42
ergo-you mean after i load nvidia?20:42
ergo-currently its not loaded20:42
pedjabut since you have it, I presume it built fine :)20:42
ergo-nvidia did20:43
ergo-but i need bbswitch basically20:43
ergo-you think switching kernel versions would maybe solve anything?20:43
pedjanot really20:43
jaegerok, copy_from_user that the error complains about comes from include/linux/uaccess.h in your kernel source tree. can you pastebin that file?20:45
ergo-jaeger: that file uhm20:46
ergo-doesnt exist20:46
ergo-both in 4.14 and 4.1920:47
jaegerok, how about the output of 'find / -name "uaccess.h"' ?20:47
ergo-in kernel source tree20:48
ergo-or just enter it in home?20:49
jaegeranywhere, the / tells it to search everything20:49
ergo-this might take a while right20:49
jaegera few seconds, not terribly long, unless you have a REALLY slow drive20:50
jaegeror network shares mounted20:50
ergo-well its a ssd20:50
ergo-it shoulld be fine20:50
ergo-butt its still going lol20:50
ergo-oh right, its also searching my hdd20:52
ergo-jaeger: ye here we go
joacim"where vda1 is your boot partition" <- is that an error in their documentation? on my server, root= points to my root partition, not my boot partition20:53
jaegerok, lines 35 and 63 look to me like you do have the file20:53
jaegerergo-: how about the output from 'ls -la /lib/modules/$(uname -r)' ?20:54
jaegerjoacim: does seem like an error20:54
joacima smarter man would've just set the disk image to sata mode, instead of virtio20:56
joacimbut no20:56
joacimcan't just do it easy for myself20:56
ergo-this whole thing has given me a new appreciation for wgetpaste lol20:58
jaegerno doubt20:59
jaegerAnyway, I'm out of ideas, I have no idea what's wrong20:59
ergo-well atleast its not just my own stupidy then20:59
ergo-thankss for the big effort tho20:59
jaegerI *do* think something is wrong with your installation that is causing it to fail but I don't know what else to check21:00
ergo-i wonder if i installed a wrong kernel module or something21:00
ergo-but that file is huge21:00
pedjajoacim, in my opensuse.xml thingie for libvirt, vda is set as a target device, fwiv21:01
pedjawindows7 too. both using virtio21:01
joacimyeah other distros work, but not when i want to punch up a config on my own =)21:02
pedjavirt-manager ftw :)21:02
joacimwhat im using now =)21:02
jaegerergo-: I guess if you're really bored you could try my kernel config21:03
ergo-jaeger: well im out of ideas lol21:03
pedjawhich distro are you trying, joacim ?21:03
ergo-soo im willing to try almost anything lol21:03
joacimpedja: crux21:03
jaegerok. I'll grab the laptop and upload the config. Can you paste your lspci output again? or if you still have a link to it, that's fine21:04
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joacimbuilding a basic crux system that i can image and use for port testing21:04
ergo-you meant this right21:04
jaegeryes, thanks21:04
pedjadocker image is way less work for port testing, imho21:05
joacimpretty sure i enabled all the relevant VIRTIO options too21:05
pedjakernel on the iso has them enabled, iirc21:05
jaegerfrom my laptop where bbswitch/bumblebee/primus work21:13
pedjajoacim, so what's the issue you are having? it won't boot?21:13
ergo-jaeger: ahh thankss aloottt21:13
ergo-im gonna try that out right now21:13
ergo-jaeger: does this config include the relevant efi bits btw?21:14
joacimpedja: yeah the typical VFS kernel panic. just compared the config on the iso and my own, and the big difference is that i've enabled more stuff21:15
jaegerIf you're not using efistub, yes21:15
joacimill cheat and make olddefconfig against the iso config anyways21:15
ergo-jaeger: ye i just enabled it21:15
ergo-because i use refind bootloader21:15
pedjas/cheat/be lazy and smart/ :)21:16
jaegerthat's fine, efistub isn't needed for refind or any other separate loader21:16
joacimtime it too, to see how fast it can build =)21:16
joacimtho i only gave 8 cores to this vm21:16
ergo-22:16 now21:16
ergo-joacim: thats more then my laptop has smh21:17
ergo-i have 421:17
ergo-4 real cores tho, i5 6600hq21:17
joacimpedja: the server i found in a dumpster has 4+4. i can upgrade to 6+6 cheaply =)21:17
jaegerfujin/jaeger ~ $ nproc21:17
joacimpairs of 6 core processors on ebay for about 20-30 dollars21:17
ergo-jaeger: the heck is that cpu21:17
joacim[joacim@athena ~]$ nproc21:17
jaegerThreadripper 2950x21:17
pedjajoacim, pretty nice dumpster21:18
ergo-ye i have 4 :(21:18
jaegerstill enough to get things done21:18
joacimthink it came with 24GB RAM too. when i get a job, i'll definitely get an apartment with a 16A breaker! =)21:18
ergo-yee 4 is okay21:19
ergo-wanna buy a ryzen laptop tho21:19
ergo-i wonder if sidegrading my 6700k to a ryzen5/7 would be worth21:19
ergo-i guess 5 is a downgrade21:19
joacim16 cores was a bit overkill. 8 would've been more than enough for me. and I'd be perfectly fine with 421:20
pedjayeah, right21:20
joacimi blame black friday21:20
joacimthis year i'll be looking for
joacimapparently its not that great for thermals. but i think most reviews didn't add more fans, and didn't populate the bottom slots behind the power supply21:21
ergo-i wonder how much i can still get for my 6700k21:21
joacimprobably a lot. i7 hold their value well21:21
joacimif i had to guess, 200 dollars or more just for the cpu21:22
ergo-i dont think i have warranty th21:22
ergo-but still21:22
joacim250 USD after checking21:22
ergo-yee i should be able to get 250EU21:23
ergo-maybe 300 if im lucky21:23
pedjajoacim, nice case21:23
pedjano side window?21:23
ergo-i also need a smaller case21:23
ergo-but i dont think i can sell mine21:23
joacimyeah. i like the convenience of solid panels (no finger prints to care about)21:23
ergo-cause the panel is a bit scratched21:23
ergo-i have a NZXT h440 v221:24
ergo-its so big21:24
pedjajoacim, for which system?21:24
pedjacan noctua fit in it?21:25
joacimthe i5 gets to keep its case. not something i care about pimping much anymore21:25
ergo-i can sell my 6700k for 250 and then buy a ryzen 7 1700x for 20021:25
ergo-man that seems pretty enticing21:25
joacimyeah. those bequiet cases are really thick21:25
joacimso a 140mm cooler should fit without issues. my 120mm will have no problems in there21:26
ergo-i wonder if a r5 2600 would be enough for me21:26
joacimif you sell the motherboard + ram and cpu as a kit, you might get away with what you paid for it intitially, if you got the ram prices were low when you bought it21:26
ergo-yee i got my 16gigs21:27
ergo-for like 6021:27
ergo-2666mhz tho21:27
joacimif i buy a quad core i3 with more or less the same performance as my i5 haswell-r today, i'd end up paying just as much as my old system, simply due to the RAM prices21:27
jaegeryou would need to replace your motherboard, too, and probably want to replace the RAM21:27
jaegersince ryzen benefits more from the higher speeds than intel21:27
ergo-wonder if there is a tool to verify my cpu health21:27
ergo-if that makes sense21:27
ergo-gonna reboot the new kernel21:28
joacimi used prime95 back in the olden days. i still use that to check if my cooler can handle my cpu at full blast21:28
*** ergo- has quit IRC21:28
joacimon linux you would use mprime instead of prime9521:28
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Ergo-Mfw kernel panic21:31
Ergo-And I don't have my install cd on me21:31
Ergo-Guess I will have to fix it when I get home lol21:32
jaegeryou can probably tell refind to look at  the previous kernel21:32
jaegerAh, you're not in front of it21:32
Ergo-Oh I am21:32
Ergo-I'm at a friend21:32
Ergo-I also might be in the bad habit of removing old kernels lol21:33
Ergo-Lessons learned21:33
joacimsame happens with the config found on the iso21:33
jaegerjoacim: what's the module/driver used for that storage device? It's probably just missing from the kernel config21:34
joacimthe virtio driver. supposed to be in the block device section i think21:34
Ergo-This is mine21:35
joacimext4 is built in. vda2 is ext4, vda1 is ext2.21:35
Ergo-Maybe its because I use btrfs?21:35
Ergo-Seems unlikely tho21:35
jaegeroh, didn't think to ask that21:35
jaegerI use ext4 and didn't have btrfs support in the kernel21:35
joacimCONFIG_VIRTIO_BLK is set to y21:35
jaegerso yeah21:35
joacimErgo-: you could try to specify rootfstype=ext421:36
jaegersorry about that21:37
jaegerjoacim: not if he uses btrfs :)21:37
joacimi mean btrfs21:37
joacimi just copypasted and forgot to edit21:37
jaegernah, because my kernel config doesn't have btrfs enabled, it's module21:37
Ergo-That's on me for being lazy21:39
Ergo-I thought it was build in the kernel standard21:39
Ergo-Or rather it's pre selected21:39
joacimSCSI system is a module in the default config. i guess that could be why i have issues21:40
joacim <- it was user error all along.21:44
pedjajoacim, what was the issue?21:49
pedjaACTION checks the irc backlog21:51
joacimSCSI stuff being modules. I think I might have forgotten to enable virtio within the SCSI system too21:52
joacimthinking the block device was enough21:52
Ergo-I wonder if reinstalling would be a good idea21:52
Ergo-If jaeger s kernel still doesn't fix it21:53
pedjatweak the config until it boots :)22:00
Ergo-Oh that shouldn't be hard22:03
Ergo-I mean my bbswitch problems22:03
joacimthat should be fixable. often you learn a lot from fixing rather than giving up22:13
joacimpedja: do you have a port that contain qemu-guest-agent?22:21
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pedjano, I build it as part of qemu. but there is qemu-agent in opt22:22
joacimoh right. somehow i went straight for your repo22:23
pedjaI am flattered :)22:23
pedjanever really thought of making it a separate port, tbh22:26
joacimif it is already in opt, i dont see a reason to make a dupe22:26
joacimunless you aim to have that repository replace everything virtualization in opt/contrib22:27
Ergo0pedja: if your repo has qemu stuff etc22:28
Ergo0hook me up22:28
joacimstill thinking about making a fonts repo. since there are so many different fonts out there, especially if you package noto fonts22:28
joacimqemu-agent depends on sdl and xorg, so will try to build with only glib as a dependency first22:29
joacimdont wnt too many deps on a vm intended for testing ports22:30
pedjajoacim, wrt font repo, something like a desktop-stuff repo would be cool. fonts, icon themes, gtk3 themes, that sort of thing22:30
joacimfonts can be 100 or more ports on its own tho22:31
joacimtho you usually want fonts if you want gtk stuff22:32
pedjaone thing I was meaning to do is to make a minimal qemu port, like ClearLinux has22:32
Ergo0you could make ports of stuff like this -
joacima video game repo would be nice too, but i have only 3 video game ports. 4 if i add dhewm322:33
Ergo0make a big fat ricing port22:33
joacim6 if i add the bfg version of dhewm3 and gzdoom-legacy22:33
pedjajoacim, I have 8, I think22:34
joacimwould need to figure out a way to share assets with similar engines like vkquake and quakespasm too22:34
john_cephalopodaI ship various KDE frameworks and could easily ship them all.22:34
joacimnquake i think can access such assets too22:34
Ergo0what kinda games are those tho22:34
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: kde4?22:34
Ergo0old ones i imagine?22:34
joacimyes very. quakespasm and vkquake is for playing quake from 199622:35
joacimgzdoom is for playing the even older doom and doom 222:35
joacimdhewm3 is for playing doom322:35
pedjaI sense a theme here :)22:35
john_cephalopodajoacim: "jmf" collection.22:35
joacimjust make it the idtech repo?22:35
Ergo0do you still play those games?22:36
Ergo0and do they have alive player bases22:36
john_cephalopodaI only ship what I need to compile krita. Will eventually ship krita itself but didn't feel like it until 6c37 stopped existing.22:36
joacimjohn_cephalopoda: i always forget which irc nicks belong to the people posting on the mailing list and on the portdb22:36
john_cephalopodajoacim: I am "jmf". I rarely write anything on the ML.22:36
joacimErgo0: i sure do play quake and doom. they're fun and simple. mostly single player these days, but there zandronum and nquake for doom and quake multiplayer22:37
pedjawhy not22:37
joacimthere is*22:37
joacimErgo0: are you running weechat from crux?22:37
joacimif you are, my repository has a newer version22:38
joacim2.1 instead of 1.9.122:38
pedjaisn't 2.2 latest?22:39
*** isidore has quit IRC22:39
joacimmine is 2.3. I just have a bad memory22:39
*** kujira has quit IRC22:39
pedjaah. time to update. don't use it, but like to have it, as backup to hexchat22:40
joacimi want to switch back to irssi, and be even more hipster with tmux+irssi22:40
joaciminstead of the typical tmux+weechat and screen+irssi22:40
joacimmaybe dtach+bitchx22:40
joacimi usually lag behind a week or so with my weechat port. im trying to stay more up2date now with rss feeds22:41
joacimannoying how many blogs dont have rss feeds22:42
pedjaset ck4up?22:42
Ergo0joacim: yeee i am22:42
Ergo0how did you know i was using weechat22:42
joacimyour quit message22:44
joacimpedja: i already use that, i just never check it =)22:44
joacima cronjob that send me an email when such things show up would be nice22:45
Ergo0joacim: ohh that actually seems like a smart idea22:45
pedjaapparently, Amazon is opening a zone in Stockholm. I though they already have presence there22:47
Ergo0what the22:47
Ergo0tmux can keep sessions even if i log out22:47
Ergo0whoever made this is a genius22:47
jaegeryes, tmux is awesome22:49
Ergo0i dont use it for anyting else tho22:51
Ergo0outside of not constantly relogging in weechat22:51
Anselmotmux is nice ^_^22:52
pedjadoes it have native session save yet?22:52
pedjalike tmuxp22:54
Ergo0im not suree22:57
joacimthe guest agent works ok it seems. see if i can strip it further for dependencies23:23
joacimcan shut it down and reboot with virsh, but it still captures my mouse23:24
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