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Ergo-jaeger you here?01:28
Ergo-Seems like between my kernel config and yours my WiFi broke while I did reenable the driver for my setup01:29
Ergo-Which is qualcom atheros01:29
joacimbroke how? do you still see the interface when running "ip link", Ergo- ?01:45
Ergo-Which is what's weird01:47
joacimi think i used that as reference when I configured my laptop01:48
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joacimit probably is, but make sure CONFIG_FW_LOADER is enabled too, and linux-firmware is installed02:01
joacimwish wifi cards werent blacklisted on this laptop. 15 Mbps isn't much for a card that should support 802.11n02:15
joacimthink those should be around 100 Mbps somewhere02:16
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jaegerIt has a few more deps than just glibc but still, pretty reasonable14:29
ergo-im still using wpa_supplicant lol14:30
ergo-which is annoying14:30
ergo-i also have to still try and get my kernel config working14:30
ergo-with my wifi adapter14:30
pedjajoacim, it's 'iNet wireless daemon', so I would guess no :)14:53
joacimpedja: is libvirt the kind of thing that fails in horrible ways if you delete the first snapshot you made of a vm?15:02
joacimi think hyper-v can fail horribly if you delete the first snapshot15:02
pedjajoacim, let me check the docs, haven't used snapshots yet15:05
pedjajoacim, afaict, if you delete the snapshot, you lose the rollback feature, nothing else15:09
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pedjayou could pass '--disk-only' to snapshot-create, that won't touch the vm15:13
pedjajoacim, what do you use snapshots for?15:15
pedjaif you want multiple independent copies of the domain,'virt-clone' might be a better solution15:18
jaegerWell, I'm connected with iwd now. It seems ok so far15:18
jaegerI was using networkmanager before but don't really like it, so will try this for a while15:20
joacimi use them to roll back15:21
joacimcant thnk of anything else to use snapshots for15:21
joacimtest port, roll back when im done15:21
pedjaah, ok15:21
joacimor install update, roll back if it broke15:21
pedjapoor man's snapper of sorts :)15:23
joacimthe fish?15:23
joacimwouldnt say poor mans. it is a nice way to roll back vms15:24
joacimespecially when testing15:24
joacimthat seems better for other stuff15:27
joacimnot what im doing15:27
pedjaimho, vms are just too heavyweight for most testing purposes. containers are much more convenient15:27
joacimthey are15:27
joacimdepends onw hat youre testing tho15:27
joacimi'd do containers, but i dont want to jump on some hipster bullshit bandwagon, so i dont know what to choose for my own stable use15:28
TheCephalopodWhat are even "containers"?15:28
TheCephalopodAnd why is it ok to just execute a random docker on your computer while you would be super-cautious about any other executable?15:29
pedjalxc, docker, there are a few more15:29
TheCephalopodIf you need a docker for your software to be deployed, then your sw is probably shit.15:30
joacimi rather be the lumberjack hipster15:30
joacimTheCephalopod: too many npm packages to be maintainable =)15:30
TheCephalopodjoacim: The worst programs are the ones that either say: "Download our binary and use <random containering thingie> to run it." or "Just install it with npm install".15:31
TheCephalopodWho had the crazy idea that running JS on the server is totally fine?15:32
joacimi like it when the install instructions tell you to run a random install script like they do here15:34
jaegerFor testing CRUX ports in docker, I made my own docker image, so I know where it came from15:35
jaegerAnd yeah, I don't like that about brew... but it's so useful15:36
jaegerAt least you can download and read the script15:36
pedjaI regularly make one from your updated one15:36
pedjaupdated iso*15:36
joacimyeh, what i usually do. check through it to see if it is legit15:36
jaegerpedja: did you know about ?15:37
jaegeralso automated, could save you some time15:37
pedjaoh, nice :)15:38
joacimthat guy seems shady15:38
joacimi'd read the dockerfile first15:38
pedjajaeger, did you consider pushing it to DockerHub?15:38
jaegerI did, but that requires a lot of work I haven't felt motivated to do15:39
pedjaah, ok15:39
jaegerIf you (or anyone else) wants to take on that job, feel free15:39
pedjalousy ul15:39
jaegerThe Dockerfile is really simple :)
TheCephalopodWhat's the difference between that Dockerfile and a chroot environment?15:40
pedjathis is my fork
jaegerWell, this uses docker and a chroot doesn't :)15:40
joacimthe base image is just a basic installed system?15:41
jaegerYou can certainly use chroot if that's your preference15:41
jaegerjoacim: yeah. I'll paste the script that creates it, sec15:41
jaegerer, pair of scripts15:41
joacimi've used chroot before, but i always neglect it15:44
joacimhave to look into docker. automating .footprint creation would be convenient15:45
jaegerchroots and docker both work for this kind of use case. I kinda like docker more for it because of the ease with which you can spin up and tear down containers quickly15:45
jaegerIt takes a bit more work to spin up a new chroot, even though it's trivial to automate15:46
joacimi made my own simple script for starting and shutting down a chroot, but i dont remember if i made it untar the base image yet15:47
joacimno not yet, but that wouldn't be too much effort15:47
pedjasince pkgutils on the iso are static, I could in theory build the image on Bitbucket and push it to DockerHub from there, which would use their bandwidth15:48
pedjabut since I am still stuck on 17.11.0, I rarely use docker anymore15:50
pedjamaybe lxc? libvirt can manage those too15:51
joacimmaintaining the script isnt much effort, but the base image would get outdated quickly15:52
joacimmight as well save time and let someone else do the work (docker)15:52
pedjaupdate the base image, snapshot it, promote it to new base image?15:54
pedjathat's what I do with docker containers. saves time building llvm over and over again15:55
jaegerI keep one tagged 3.4-builder and one tagged 3.4-builder-x (which has xorg installed), pretty convenient15:56
jaegerperiodically update both of them and commit15:56
pedjayes, something like that15:56
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jaegerThey both have fakeroot/sudo configured for pkgmk with a builder user15:57
joacimnewgrp did nothing... i dont want to restart my session...16:01
jaegerI wonder if I could make iwd notify with dunst for a network change or something16:03
jaegerDoesn't look like it has hooks but I guess alternatively I could put something into i3blocks16:04
jaegeror patch it16:05
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frinnstjoacim: finally fixed :-)17:09
joacimlol. thanks =)17:10
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jaeger <-- the name made me chuckle22:40
joacimanimated zsh prompt too :D23:03
Anselmooh ha23:04
AnselmoI just have `cat /proc/loadavg` to show cpu use on my tmux :P23:04
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