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frinnst<web dev> please disable php memory limit11:47
frinnst<me> i dont recommend it but fine11:48
frinnst[1926157.986765] Out of memory: Kill process 19271 (php-fpm5.6) score 559 or sacrifice child11:48
abenzfrinnst: then what happened?12:09
abenzdid he contact you again?12:09
joacimblame the sysadmin ofc12:15
pedjawell, it *is* easier to just throw more hw at the problem then fixing it12:32
joacimneed 64 cores and 2TB RAM12:32
pedjaexactly :)12:33
joacimthen the dev makes something that only ever uses one single thread12:33
pedjamultithreading is hard12:33
pedja32core TR2 breaks Windows :)12:34
pedjain a video about fluid simulation(mantaflow), he had to pin it to just 8 cores12:35
pedjaby default, 32 cores were mostly used 5-7%, at best12:36
pedjawhich, for a complex simulation, means it takes a while :)12:37
pedjaand that's just insane12:37
joacimseen people buy the 2990wx mostly for video games12:38
joacimi guess they never saw the news12:39
joacimi dont know how it happened, but my bond0 got deleted12:41
joacimhappened over night i think. not even sure what did it, if network manager messed up, or if it was docker, lxc, libvirt12:42
pedjamy money is on nm :)12:44
joacimi'm sure someone is going to go unabomber about network manager soon12:46
pedjatbf, networking on linux is a bit of the mess12:48
joacimthe tools illumos uses for network management seems nice12:49
pedjaSolaris legacy, I guess12:49
pedjaas the saying goes, BSD/Solaris were engineered, Linux sort of grew :)12:50
pedjagrew organically, that is12:51
joacimi see a lot of complaints about bad ideas and clunky implementations about solaris too tho12:51
joacimbut they did have some nice stuff. zfs is such a breeze to manage12:52
pedjaall software sucks. some just sucks less12:52
pedjazones, zfs, dtrace12:52
joacimi think it helps to have good documentation too12:53
joacimbad documentation can make software seem harder and more complicated than it really is12:53
joacimseen a few "guides" that help you configure and start some service, but they never tell you why you have to run certain commands, just that you must run them12:54
pedjaiirc, postgresql has some nice docs. ansible too12:55
pedjawriting technical docs is a skill12:55
ryuofrinnst: wow. talk about the hack approach. i only disable limits sometimes as a temporary measure.12:56
pedjabut it's not as sexy as writing code, so12:56
pedjasomeone at HN thread said that most tech docs is 'and now draw the rest of the owl'12:58
pedjapassable/good as a reference, sucks if you don't actually know what are you looking for13:00
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pedjacynics might say that is to help the authors sell more books on the subject :)13:01
joacimyeah im not going to buy a book about some random router firmware or whatever13:04
joacimmight buy the cartoon tho13:04
pedjalike selinux coloring book?13:09
pedjaarchwiki is a pretty good resource, modulo systemd stuff13:10
pedjasuse/opensuse docs have some nice general information, too13:12
pedjabut tinkering and taking notes seems to be the most common approach13:13
joacimis this legit?13:17
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mayfrostsorry for the ignorance, but the footprint and signature files are autogenerated the first time I use a homemade port?18:57
jaegerpkgmk will create the footprint when the build finishes. as for the signature, you create one with pkgmk -us19:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird: updated to 60.3.123:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: thunderbird-bin: initial import23:34
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